Day 18

9.48am – Ray is about to have his luxury breakfast again as part of the YES/NO task – blueberry pancakes which are being cooked by Angie and Ben (who really don’t like Ray). There are still housemates in bed so Big Brother plays rave music into the house, causing almost all of the housemates to dance around. Ray seems to dance the hardest with a very Jersey Shore-esque fist pump. Afterwards, Angie and Benjamin are trying to work out with two mysterious liquids on the food preparation table is. Angie thinks it smells like sour cream, but they’re not allowed to taste the food to test. Ironically pre-empting a backfire situation, Ryan is in the bedroom telling some of the housemates he will “do something to pay you back” for having eaten luxury food all week while the other housemates are on staples.

Benjamin is explaining to some of the housemates in the kitchen:

“When I die I’m going to come to a gate and there’s going to be god or some form of whatever that is and they’re gonna be like ‘hey Benjamin, the reason you’re not coming to here and you’re going to hell is you made pancakes for Ray'”. All the HMs laugh. Ray enters and Angie sits him down, revealing his breakfast. It’s a giant stack of pancakes which Angie explains is 2kg of pancake batter which is slightly burnt. Big Brother suddenly asks Ben and Angie to repeat the rules of the YES/NO task in preparing Ray’s food. Big Brother then says he noticed Benjamin putting his finger in the butter milk and then licking it.

Ben: Oh thank god, I’m sorry people but I’m glad he doesn’t have to eat this. I didn’t know what it was (referring to the mysterious liquids from before).

Big Brother announces it was a clear violation of the rules and counts as a NO. If they say one more NO they fail the task.

11.07am – Ray is still trying to eat the pile of pancakes and he’s struggling. Angie suggests he eats it throughout the day – eating all of it at once and then vomiting would be a bad idea. Angie goes to leave and suggests they leave Ray alone. Ben says no I’ll stay with Ray for a while. Ray looks surprised.

11.07am – Ben is ready to confront Ray about their sour relationship. He says it’s the first time he’s had a chance to alone, but obviously I’ve been annoyed with you for quite some time.

Ben: To be perfectly honest when I threw a glass of water on Bradley’s face multiple people had come up to me and told me about how you were expressing your opinion and at that particular point I felt like you were a friend of mine and you decided to have all these opinions about me behind my back, then out of nowhere I get all these people telling me (differently). Then when I would say things in public I can see mirrors, I can see you roll your eyes at me so I’m like why are you rolling your eyes at anything I say? Why when you’re so opinionated, would just not just come and have that conversation with me?

Ray: I wasn’t upset that you threw a glass of water at Bradley I was upset you threw a glass of water. It could have been on anybody and I just think in terms of table etiquette I don’t want it to get to the stage where we throw food at each other.

Ben: Did you see what happened afterwards, when I went and spoke to Bradley?

Ray: I understand that 100%

George enters and the two others ask him to step out for a moment. He doesn’t for a while.

Ben explains he thought Ray was a nice person but then the day of nominations you didn’t even look me in the eye. Ray says he didn’t have to make any effort at nominations because he thought it was clear who was Ben’s enemies. Ben replies his issue is that Ray continued to have an opinion without talking to him.

Ray: I can tell you’re upset but whether you’re trying to be nasty or not, it doesn’t come across that way.

Ben then explains that Ray was the first person male to come and talk to him when he first entered the house and it stripped away Ben as being “the gay housemate” but then on the other hand Ray has called Ben a poof during jokes and then didn’t apologise for doing that. Ray says he was meaning to apologise, but Ben explains for not apologising in front of everyone else in the room it made the whole thing worse. “Why have you grandstanded the fact that you said this word and not apologised for it?”

Ray: It was a joke ok, I thought you’d laugh it off. I’m sorry about it.

They wrap it up by saying sorry and Ray thanks Ben for breakfast.

2.19pm – All housemates are called to the living room where BB reminds them they have said no three times already for this week’s YES/NO task. They have one last activity to complete.

Big Brother: Bradley, would you like to receive your first real kiss from one of your fellow female housemates?

Bradley: Yes, Big Brother.

All the housemates laugh. The female housemates are then reminded of the rules of the task yet again, and one is to step forward. Estelle is instantly egged on by the housemates and she reluctantly does it. Bradley looks really nervous and Ryan looks a little weird about it. They kiss, and BB announces they have passed the task. Everyone cheers for not having to eat staples next week “you don’t win friends with lentils”.

Later on the HMs are all in the kitchen to arrange this week’s shopping. Ray wants ten cans of smoked muscles. Stacey wants muesli. Ryan wants scotch fingers. Josh wants bananas. Angie wants Tim Tams. Stacey wants vita-wheets. Layla wants ice cream cones, 24 pack. Bradley wants top deck chocolate and cocopops.

Layla leaves the kitchen and is excited about how cheap the ice cream cones were – 24 pack for $2.50 or so. Zoe asks if Layla got ice cream with it and Layla suddenly looks mortified – she doesn’t realise it’s just the cone and runs inside to amend the shopping. Ray jokes they shouldn’t have told her.

There’s some aftermath after the kiss. Ryan is feeling a bit weird about it but George tells him to chill out – lucky it wasn’t any of the other guys because they would have “full pashed her like nothing hey”. Sarah explains Bradley didn’t open his mouth at all. Meanwhile Bradley is being called to the diary room to talk about his experience. He says “it was quite good I got really shaky and nervous, I don’t know why, probably because I’d never really kissed a girl before and it was a really bizarre experience. The kiss didn’t mean all that much but meant more coming from her than another female housemate”.

“It was quite nice it was a good feeling. I guess I would sum it up as a good but weird feeling.”

6.30pm – Ben is getting a haircut from Stacey using Ben’s beard trimmer. Ben is shocked at how short it is on just one side (pretty much a number 0). He screams “I’m bald, so bald!” He screams and everyone laughs. Stacey reassures him “it will grow tomorrow”. Ben continues to jokingly scream and act psycho. “Don’t look at me I’m hideous!”. Stacey chases Ben through the house while he screams.

Ryan has come to the diary room and says “nice game today Big Brother with Bradley and Estelle, but a games a game and we won”.

Big Brother reminds Ryan that he didn’t select Estelle. Ryan looks stumped, “yeah.. you’re right”.

Estelle is going to bed early without Ryan. George comments to Layla it appears as if Ryan has been kicked out of Estelle’s bed. Ryan says “goodnight babe” to Estelle. Bradley jokes “gaaaaaay”, “super gay”.

Ryan: Stop taking the crumbs Bradley

The housemate jeer.

Stacey: Brad one person can only take so much and it was Ryan’s turn to dish it out.

Ryan: Thank you everyone.

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