Day 17

8.16am – Angie is telling some of the other housemates in the bedroom that she really wants to win the task this week because Ray has tantrums when he is hungry and she doesn’t want to have to deal with it. She says she doesn’t want to be in the house next week if they are on rations. Benjamin says that when they were in the Man Cave Ray would delve in to his opinions of the girls and that it was really offensive. He’s decided he’s no longer talking to Ray.

Ray is in the Diary Room. He says that he’s having a hard time dealing with Benjamin and that the other housemates might think it’s weird that the two most friendly housemates can’t get along with each other.

9.32am – Big Brother has given Estelle the details of this week’s Captain’s Quarter task and she’s telling the housemates that they all have to embrace their inner flower child. They’ve been given 70s outfits – mostly tie-dye. The first task is to stand in wind tunnel filled with rubbish – the housemate to collect the most rubbish in 30 seconds wins that round. Ryan collects 22 pieces, Bradley gets 19 and George 21. Stacey’s dress is blowing up Marilyn Monroe style but she doesn’t seem to mind. Angie stuffs her bra with the rubbish, then Zoe follows suit.

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9.56am – The top six scorers from the rubbish round now have to hug trees – the ones who last the longest win. Zoe is first out, followed by Josh, then Michael, then Angie. Ray’s shoes come off and he falls, which makes Sarah the winner of the Captain’s Quarter task. The girls go crazy – Sarah just looks started. She picks Zoe as her First Mate and Big Brother opens the doors to the Captain’s Quarters. On their way out, Stacey whispers to Sarah to steal the toiletries and bring them back to the rest of the house.

Michael’s been called to the Diary Room, where Big Brother asks him “would you like to wear this electric shock suit?”

Michael: “Yes Big Brother… is this legal?”
Big Brother: “Would you like a shock, Michael?”
Michael: “Yes Big Brother…”

In the pool, Bradley is learning about a love triangle with Estelle. He jokingly says that he and Ryan despise each other because of the way the other feels about Estelle.

In the Diary Room, Benjamin is telling Big Brother that his mission this week was to get to know his fellow nominees Bradley and Ryan better. He thinks he’s done a good job with Bradley but it’s impossible to get to know Ryan because he has nothing interesting to say about anything.

Big Brother has delivered Ray’s next meal, which the housemates must cook for him and he must eat all of.

4.36pm – Benjamin is in the bedroom sewing Stacey’s disco pants when Big Brother asks him if he would like to shock Michael. “Yes Big Brother…” Michael writhes on the ground

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4.17pm – Ryan is telling some of the housemates outside about someone he knows who studied Philosophy at uni, and after six years the final question on his final exam was “what is the purpose of life?” He says that his friend drew a question mark and got 100% in that exam. Bradley says he thinks that the purpose is to be happy. George says his is to be successful and help his family. Estelle says hers is to help others find their purpose.

Ryan: “Over the years, when I’ve been at school, a lot of the… smart, intelligent people would look at me as… thinking that I’m stupid, that I can’t hold a conversation, that I can’t hold a strong conversation and ou know what, I hope they’re thinking that ‘Ryan’s actually a smart guy that can have a conversation be it about the purpose of life… or Batman movies or whatever’.” Estelle says that he should just forget about them.

In the kitchen, Angie says that Ray scares her sometimes. Benjamin, mimicking Ray, says over and over: “guys, I don’t wanna go on about it, but I’m getting to eat this food. But I just don’t wanna go on about it, but, I’m gonna get to eat this food.” Layla, Josh and Angie giggle along.

In the garden, Ray is returning fire on Benjamin with George and Ryan.

Ray: “How long is it going to take him to build a bridge and get over it? The thing that I’m concerned about it is that he’s able to turn everyone against me because he’s a very manipulative person. I could tell that his attitude was that he thought he had everyone around his finger and that he would win.”

Back in the kitchen, Benjamin thinks that Ray has clued on to the fact that he calls him Tom Cruise and it’s not because he makes blockbuster movies.

Back in the garden, Ray tells the others that he’s not going to be able to stand it is Benjamin doesn’t go home at the eviction. George agrees. He thinks Benjamin is bullying him. Ryan says “I can’t stop farting, hey.”

Later, Ryan and George are in the kitchen.

George: “How are you going with Estelle? Progressed any further?”
Ryan: “Nah we’re just having fun. Chilling out. I’ll catch up with her outside the house and if things go well you know, you never know, probably… you know, I’ll see how things go. She’s cool man. I’m falling for her I reckon. She’s hot man.”
George: “You got a sparkle in your eyes big boy!”
Ryan: “Nah I like her man. She’s definitely girlfriend material. Yeah. Yeah.”

The girls and Ryan Gosling are in the bathroom when Big Brother tells Ryan that he must go to the naughty corner for wearing his microphone in the pool earlier today. Stacey leaves him in the naughty corner and Big Brother tells him that he must remain silent until further notice. Stacey pretends to get upset and slides down the glass between them.

Later, in the Diary Room, it’s Layla’s turn to be tempted in the Yes/No task. There is a phone on the side table.

Big Brother: Pick up the phone and ask who it is. Do not say anything else at all.

Layla does it – it’s her Aunt in Spain on the other end.

Big Brother: Is Aunty Gail your favourite Aunty
Layla: Yes Big Brother.
Big Brother: Would you like to hang up on your favourite Aunty Gail?
Layla: Yes Big Brother.

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5.19pm. Sarah and Zoe are relaxing in the Captain’s Quarters. They both love each other and hug in the spa. Meanwhile, in the Kitchen, Josh tells Bradley and Estelle that he thinks it’s more relaxed in the house now. They both agree. Bradley says that he thinks Sarah is the Mum of the group, and with her gone they are able to have more fun and “just be kids.” They say they don’t hold it against her but sometimes it’s a bit much.

Stacey and Benjamin are in the bedroom. Benjamin says that he needs to go and have a conversation with Ray and get it over and done with. He says earlier in the week he caught Ray giving people glances when he spoke, and over time he felt alienated from him. He thinks Bradley, Ryan, George and Estelle have a posse and he can’t join because they don’t like him.

Stacey: Don’t let it get to you babe.
Benjamin: I already have.
Stacey: I just thought I would be better at this.
Benjamin: You are really good at it. You’re the only person that kicks up your heels and says “I’ve done something wrong and I need to sort it out rationally.

Later, in the kitchen, the housemates (minus Zoe and Sarah) are eating dinner – chicken mince. In the Captain’s Quarters, Zoe and Sarah are about to start eating when Big Brother asks: “Zoe, would you like to trade your place in the Captain’s Quarters with Ray?” “Yes Big Brother…”

Ray can’t figure out why Big Brother likes him so much. Zoe is shattered that she doesn’t get to enjoy the fillet mignon.

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8.07am – Sarah and Ray are eating – they cheers to Sarah for winning. Back in the lounge room, Zoe says that she just wanted to have a delicious meal. Benjamin thinks that if they could just go in there and have a glass of champagne they would be able to solve all the problems in the world.

Ray: I want to jump up and down but this is just not right… it’s not right.

Later, Ryan Gosling’s punishment is over and Stacey must go and retrieve him from the Naughty Corner. When she collects him, Big Brother tells her to check the hatch – he has left something for her. It’s a pair of scissors and she must cut Ryan up in to exactly 50 pieces. When she’s finished cutting, she tells him that she loves him and she is sorry.

In the bedroom, Josh and Angie are chatting in bed. Sarah and Ray are talking about them in the Captain’s Quarters and whether or not there’s more going on than either of them want to admit to.

Sarah: No matter what ya say, if there’s affection involved there’s emotion involved because you’re human. I can’t go and hug Josh now because I’d get a few looks.

Angie and Layla are called to the Diary Room. There’s a single cup cake on the side table.

Big Brother: Angie, would you like a cupcake
Angie: Yes Big Brother.
Big Brother: Layla, would you like to feed Angie a cupcake?
Layla: Yes Big Brother.

They both can’t stop giggling – Layla looks like she would murder something to be able to eat the cupcake.

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10.15pm – Big Brother tells Ray he must return to the main house and Zoe can go back in to the Captain’s Quarters. He tells Zoe on the way past that he will win a competition and invite her in. When he enters the bedroom, the rest of the housemates boo him.

Angie and Layla are called to the Diary Room. There are three cupcakes on the side table.

Big Brother: Layla, would you like to feed Angie her cupcakes?
Layla: Yes Big Brother.
Big Brother: Angie, enjoy your cupcakes.

11.27pm – Sarah and Zoe are in bed when the lights turn off and a projector screen comes down from the ceiling – they get to watch Pretty Woman.

In the bedroom, George and Layla are having a snuggle. They decide that if they loose the challenge they will eat Surly but won’t tell Sarah because she’d get upset [she’s vegetarian]. The lights go out.

Later in the night, Angie and Layla are called to the Diary Room. “If I have to eat another cupcake I’m going to be off it,” says Angie. In the Diary Room there are four more cupcakes that Angie must eat. Layla squished them in to small pieces and puts them in Angie’s mouth.

Layla: She’s awesome, she’s a machine!
Angie: Layla, I love you. But this is not fun.
Layla: I love you too. This won’t break us. You’re doing real good. The best I’ve ever known anyone to do in the cupcake challenge. I’ve never even known anyone to do it.

They both go back to bed. George giggles on the way in and Angie tells him to shut up.

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