Day 15

This daily show was not in chronological order. We’ve reordered the recap.

7.28am – Big Brother is waking the housemates with a rooster sound played into the house. Sarah says the rooster sounds constipated. All housemates are called to the lounge for this week’s task. Stacey explains the general premise – BB will ask a series of questions and all housemates must answer “yes, Big Brother” and follow through with what they have been asked. Big Brother is only prepared to hear the word ‘no’ three times. This week they’re playing for their luxury food budget. The housemates all speculate that there must be trick questions and some weird things they have to do.

Outside they find a large YES / NO board which will light up depending on how questions are answered by housemates. Michael and Layla are called to the diary room. Inside they find a delicious breakfast which has been labelled as Ray’s, complete with chocolate milk. Michael says “Big Brother you are a sweetheart”. BB reminds them of this week’s YES / NO task, and “would you like to prepare some breakfast for Ray?”. They both answer “Yes Big Brother”. The YES sign outside lights up. Michael and Layla emerge with the breakfast trays and must cook the breakfast for Ray, who gets really excited and cheers. It’s a full American breakfast being cooked on the BBQ. All housemates cheer when they see the chocolate milk, and Ray makes a really big deal.

Outside Benjamin tells Stacey that Ray is doing his head in with the scene he’s making, and Stacey completely agrees. “He keeps pulling Tom Cruise”. They both agree he’s a nice person but they can’t stand Ray’s arrogance. Stacey says “I feel like a really bad person because I thought – am I the only person who’s seeing this?” She’s seeing really aggressive and arrogant behaviours.

9.24am – Ray and Ryan are discussing Sarah and say she’s “positive to the point of being fake” but she keeps everyone from getting into a negative slump. Ryan is sick of Sarah’s “spiritual stuff” and being so happy all the time. “She’s putting this face on, being happy, but deep down inside she misses her boyfriend”. Ray thinks something has happened in her life that has made her depressed and has found the power of being positive in books. Ray says that George told him last night Sarah was in the shower with George and kissed him and nibbled his neck. Ray says that doesn’t sit right with him because she has a boyfriend on the outside.

The footage of this incident is played and it appears like Sarah simply gave George a friendly peck on the cheek.

Ray is angry that if it was him who did that with a girlfriend he couldn’t get away with it. Suddenly Sarah comes into the kitchen and tells them “well done with the cleaning guys, really good job”.

All housemates are called to the diary room and Josh is called to the diary room. The diary room camera is shown to the housemates. Next to Josh is a letter for Sarah from her boyfriend Ryan. BB explains Ryan and Sarah were friends for 10 years before falling in love and have been dating for 12 months. It’s been 16 days since they have seen each other. Sarah is watching Josh. “Would you like to read out the first two lines of Ryan’s letter?”, “Yes Big Brother”. It’s a really long letter.

“My smuzz, you are somebody’s reason to smile. To get the opportunity to write this letter to the most gorgeous and influential girl I have ever come across in the world is the biggest privilege a guy could ever have.”

Sarah is starting to cry.

Big Brother: Josh…. beside you is a shredder.

Josh gasps an “oohhhhhhh”. The girls are reassuring Sarah “your to your two lines”.

Big Brother: Josh, would you like to shred Ryan’s letter to Sarah?

Ben yells out “shred it!”

Josh: Yes Big Brother?

The yes sign outside lights up.

Josh: I’m so sorry Sarah!

Sarah says it’s ok but is quite teary. The girls all hug her as Josh shreds the letter. Josh says “that’s brutal”. Afterwards Josh and Sarah hug. She says positively “alright guys, that has set the bar, just say yes Big Brother!”

Later in the day some of the boys are making jam in the kitchen. Meanwhile Layla is explaining to the girls where different girls from different parts of the UK sit in the class / social pecking order. The other housemates, particularly Bradley reassure Layla she’s attractive and deserves to be in the Big Brother house. “I’m so sick of her saying she shouldn’t be here”. They say Bradley will make some girl happy one day. The boys have almost finished their jam which is on the stove – they say they call it Sarah because it’s super bubbly, super sweet and super hot. A bit later HMs are talking about what the Big Brother experience does to you. George says he’s been getting in touch with his feminine side and “talking so much smack about marriage and kids and all that” that he wouldn’t otherwise have outside.

Stacey and Benjamin are in the diary room singing and dancing to a new song they’ve made called “disco pillow”. Stacey tells BB “lets get creative, lets get DIY”. She wants to make some hot pants out of the gold glossy cushion from the living room. They explain they want to unstitch the cushion and will need a needle and thread – they’ll take it in turns turning the cushion into a pair of hot pants. BB says the request has been noted.

1.41pm – George has been called to the diary room. There’s a black box on the table beside him. All housemates are watching from the lounge room. Big Brother asks George “do you find it difficult to maintain your dreadlocks? Do you find them a little heavy on your head? Would you like to lose the dreads?”. George answers yes to all questions, and the YES board lights up. The housemates are all screaming in horror. He must choose a housemate to shave his head. Everyone else wants to discuss whether he wants to keep them because they can take three no’s before they fail the task. They all say he should say no to this one. George goes back to the diary room and says no. The NO board lights up and the housemates all clap.

Later Bradley is explaining his perfect girl: brown hair, greenish eyes, olive skin, a little bit plump but not fat, but have a figure. Ryan doesn’t know his perfect girl, but says “horse rider, loves the Lakers” (referring to Estelle, his current squeeze). Angie says “that makes me want to puke”, then asks what Josh’s type is, “oh we know… sitting on the wall”. Josh brings the photo of the girl Angie is referring to – a girl in New York who would be his girlfriend if she wasn’t so far away. Angie says her perfect boyfriend is “tall and big and strong, the bigger they are the smaller I feel”. Josh makes jokes about boys with bad tattoos and Angie takes it badly, leaving the room. Zoe tells Josh he’s leading her on then throwing it back in Angie’s face, which he doesn’t think is the case. Josh goes and apologises to Angie.

9.01pm – It’s just after nominations time. The house is mostly silent while the housemates ponder about Benjamin, Bradley and Ryan being up for eviction. Ben says “I reckon if I didn’t throw that glass of water at Bradley it would be different”. He just wants to get on with things now, and for the sake of Bradley who is 19 and doesn’t have the same life experience. Ben is 32 and has fallen to pieces, so they wonder how Bradley will take it. Meanwhile Bradley is sitting by himself in the lounge room. Estelle and Ray discuss how they think Bradley finds it hard to see the line between joking and being insulting towards the other housemates.

Bradley is now in the diary room. He tells Big Brother he expected to be up for eviction and wasn’t surprised by it, but it is still a punch in the guts to hear your name being read out. “It was a bit disheartening I guess”. Bradley gets teary. “You can’t really change who you are because you’ve been put into the house because of who you are”. He continues “to be up against Ben is a scary thought because he’s very popular in the house, he does have that temper that can take over sometimes”.

Later in the diary room Benjamin tells Big Brother “the fact that my peers have nominated me this way means that I believe they find me a little untrustworthy. I feel like these people don’t find me very likeable”. He continues “I feel very alone in the Big Brother house this evening”.

In the bathroom Estelle comments the guys take nominations better than the girls. Bradley explains “guys just internalise everything, girls just crave attention”. The girls aren’t very impressed.

Ryan, in the diary room, tells Big Brother it’s been an interesting night. He doesn’t think the nomination will affect his relationships in the house – he’ll just keep going and having a good time, because he doesn’t want to walk around upset in case he’s evicted this week. “I’m a nice guy, I’m here to have fun. It’s up to the rest of Australia if they like me or not”.

Bradley is issuing a toast in the kitchen with a quote taken from The Dark Knight “the night is darkest just before the dawn and I promise you the dawn is coming”. The housemates all cheer and toast their drinks.

10.36pm – Ben and Stacey have returned to the diary room with Sarah to show off the hot pants they’ve created. Stacey is wearing them.

Big Brother: you look ravishing this evening.

Sarah: Ring ring, ring ring. Oh hold on Big Brother… Yes, Miss Mongue’s phone.

Stacey: If that’s Dannii, can you tell her for the final time, I will not babysit.

Big Brother: Big Brother can’t help but notice those very striking pants.

Stacey: I also can’t get them out of my head (I think she means “mind” from the Kylie song!)

Big Brother: Would you care to do some spinning around for Big Brother?

Stacey: I thought you’d actually never ask (help me out! – Sarah and Ben have to lift her)

Stacey dances around in her hot pants with Sarah and Ben as her backup dancers. “And fin”.

Big Brother says he enjoyed the performance and feels Stacey should put on a brief performance for the rest of the housemates. Back in the living room Stacey reveals the gold hot pants and dances around in heels while all the housemates cheer on. Layla has a shocked look on her face. Big Brother suddenly asks Layla if she wants a cute fluffy teddy bear to cuddle tonight? “Yes Big Brother”. The YES board lights up. The naughty corner glass sudden clears and inside is a snake in a glass container, along with the teddy bear. Layla must go inside and grab the teddy bear which is amongst the snakes – she’s just discovered there’s two of them. There’s a opening in the tank just for an arm. She does it very fast and grabs the bear while the housemates cheer “Lay-la!”

Zoe and Ryan have been called to the diary room. Inside there is a special meal for Ray. Ryan says “that’s so unfair man”. They must both cook a steak dinner for Ray and he must eat every last bite. He jumps around and makes a scene just like at breakfast, and some of the other housemates aren’t impressed. Not all housemates watch him eat, and he struggles to finish the last of it, but gets to the end before running to the outside toilet and vomiting. Zoe and Ryan are in the diary room laughing, but say they probably shouldn’t be because Ray is in a lot of pain. Ray emerges from the toilet shirtless and wiping his mouth.

11.47pm – Bedroom chat time. Angie and Josh are asking Ryan what’s going on between him and Estelle. Benjamin tells Zoe he’s noticed the since nominations Bradley, Ray, Estelle and Ryan have all been hanging out. Big Brother suddenly announces that all HMs were warned that the next person to use excessive foul language would face the consequences. BB explains just moments ago that Michael uttered nine swear words in less than three minutes. They were very naughty words indeed – he must report to the naughty corner. Inside he must write a 1000 word essay on 19th Century steam trains. They HMs say he can do it because he’s a genius. He says he’s just stoked to be able to read a book.

1.16am – Michael is still writing his essay. Big Brother says it’s almost time to submit his essay. Michael wants 10 minutes to write the essay conclusion, but he only gets 2 minutes. Afterwards Michael must stand and recite his essay (alone – no other housemates are around).

Michael: “I’m loco, essay”. An analytical exploratory paper on the many facets of the steam train revolution in the 19th Century. By Michael.

Thirteen short years was all it took for John Stevenson’s prediction of steam traction powered transportation to come to fruition.

And the future of train travel was as they say… full steam ahead.

Big Brother: Michael, Big Brother holds your essay in high es-steam. You’re free to leave the naughty corner.

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