Day 78

Terri is annoyed that Travis takes so long to cook. “You fluff around! I like to get in and get it done.” Travis tries to be diplomatic and says that there was nothing on the agenda for the rest of the night so he should make the most out of the time and have fun with it. “I agree with that, but if you’re going to do it, get it done,” says Tori.

Travis thinks he won’t have to do much cooking tonight. Terri tells him that he needs to thaw out the chicken before he cooks it. She bosses him around and tells him that he should go and do his washing too. Rory is building a house with his Lego but said he’ll help Travis lay some bricks later – Terri isn’t happy with this and tells Travis he needs better time management skills.

Big Brother has sent in the vending machine for the last time. Ben, Terri, and Travis have parcels from home in the machine but there are only enough coins for two. The care packages contain heaps of sentimental items including messages from home, lollies, and new clothes. Ben asks the house if they would mind him getting his and Travis’. Travis suggests a rock-off between Terri and Travis to decide who gets what.

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2:57pm – Ben is called to the vending machine to make his selections. First off he picks Travis’s care package. Next, he picks his own care package. They each receive paper slips to take into the diary room to redeem for the full package.

In the lounge room Rory tells Alice and Terri that he would have given up his for Terri’s. They take the packages outside to open them. Ben and Travis show the other housemates their photos. Travis squeels… and squeels… and squeels some more. Ben gets teary at his letter from his parents. “Can’t we just get Terri’s too Big Brother!” screams Alice. Travis starts crying when he reads his letter.

Terri goes into the bathroom and is upset that she didn’t get her care package. “I don’t wanna be crying infront of Travis and make him feel bad,” she says. Alice says she’s shouldn’t worry.

5:17pm – It’s raining outside and Ben is sitting inside the Kombi awaiting a call from Big Brother. Ben says that he wants to get Terri’s package and wants to know what he can return to get it. He says that she missed out and he feels bad.

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5:02pm – Big Brother has asked all the housemates to describe their favourite meal, and pick one to be made. The catch? Travis is the cook. Terri goes into the diary room and collects all the ingredients. She looks upset that Travis has to cook the meal. “Are you serious?!” exclaims Rory.

Travis is cooking Rory’s dinner – steak, potato bake, and a cheesecake.

Terri and Alice are in the bathroom putting on makeup. They find a bald patch on Terri’s head and try to cover it with foundation.

Travis is in the kitchen “cooking”. Flash forward to the dinner table where all the housemates are congratulating Travis on his cooking skills.

Ben gets a call from Big Brother, who tells him that they can have Terri’s care package but it must be traded: for the treadmill. There’s a catch though: he must keep it a secret from Terri. He tells Travis and Rory outside and they think that Alice will never agree to it. Travis goes to tell Alice – she says no straight out.

Travis pleads with her and she says that it’s too unfair and that Ben should have to sacrifice something, not her. Rory questions her and says that it’s only five days until she can get it back and she should just do it. “I don’t see why it’s on me to give up the thing I’m super excited about,” she says. “I think you would argue why is it all on you if it was all your bandannas.”

“I’m sick of this fucking treadmill being such a fucking issue!”

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12:46am: Rory is in the Kombi with Ben. “She’s going fucking sick over it!” he tells Ben.

In the house Travis and Alice and speaking about the treadmill infront of Terri. She asks what’s going on and Travis tells her that Big Brother will give them “something” if they give up the treadmill. All the housemates leave Alice in the house and she starts talking to herself – “it’s something that I love.” She starts crying. Rory enters the house again and asks if it’s really such a big deal; she says yes.

Rory and Alice are having an argument in the lounge room. She says that she takes family first too but doesn’t understand why something needs to be taken off her when it’s something for the group. “I want her to get a package more than anyone!” “Well keep it down or you’re going to ruin it,” says Rory. They argue some more and Alice tells Rory that he has always had a problem with her running on the treadmill.

1:36am – Terri enters the diary room and Big Brother asks her what all the cufuffle is. Terri has figured it out and knows that if Alice gives up the treadmill she will get her care package. She says she doesn’t want it to cause a problem between her and Alice.

Alice is on the treadmill and says that she wants to use it one more time before they take it away – before she can begin Big Brother calls her, Ben, Travis, and Rory to the diary room. He tells them that because the secret is now out, the deal is off the table. “Whatever you want to think you know you dogged that,” Rory says to Alice.

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