Day 77

Cherry is evicted and the housemates gather outside to call out to him. The housemates laugh and Travis screams as they realise Travis is back to cooking by himself.

Alice is called to the diary room and asked about what she thinks being part of the final 5. He asks if she thinks she can win. “Yes, I can, but yes I can confidently say that the others can too. I’m over the moon.”

Ben is asked the same question by Big Brother. He says he is loving it and doesn’t think he can win as he’s up against some pretty awesome people. “I doubt it.”

Next up is Travis. He doesn’t know why people selected him over Cherry to stay in the house.

Ed: Sorry, missed Terri’s diary room chat.

Big Brother asks how Rory thinks he made it into the final 5. He says he has no idea but is stoked that he’s got this far.

The housemates are gathered in the lounge room to deliver his final message and hand grenade. Cherry gives his money to Travis. He then tells Terri that she’s an awesome chick and that as they got to know each other a lot better they have quite a bit in common. “You know where it’s at,” he says to Rory. “You’re the sort of guy that girls look for. When you get out of here you’re going to have the best time!”

Cherry tells Travis he’s the most positive person he’s ever met but he should throw a negative comment in there at some point just to stir it up. “You are a genuine guy that does not care what people say about you.” He then wishes Ben all the best for the rest of the game. “Keep Kombi’ing on!”

“I think you abuse the treddie and I think you need to give it a bit of air” Cherry tells Alice. “You’re amazing you know!”

Cherry tells the house that Big Brother will be delivering his hand grenade. “Alice to the diary room.”

Big Brother tells Alice that in one week time the winner will be announced, and that there are too many housemates. “It’s time for another snap eviction. Each housemate will cast one eviction vote. The housemate that receives the most votes will be evicted immediately. Who do you want to evict?”

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Alice gives Rory her point. Big Brother reminds her that a lot is at stake and if she is sure. She then changes her vote to Ben, with her reason being that he just hasn’t given enough to the Big Brother experience. Alice moves into the eviction room.

Ben is next to the diary room. The housemates click on that Alice isn’t in the diary room and they run off to the toilet and to prepare… for something. Ben votes for Alice because out of everyone her departure would affect him the least. Camera cuts to Alice pacing in the eviction room. Big Brother reminds him that a lot is at stake and if he wants to change his mind – he says no. Ben is sent to the eviction room and reminded not to tell anyone who he voted for.

Rory is shocked by the announcement. Travis and Terri speculate in the lounge room and get it right. “They wouldn’t do it,” says Travis.

Rory picks Alice because out of everyone here he doesn’t get along with her. Big Brother reminds him that this is serious and he back at him: “I know, so let’s just get on with it OK?”

Terri chooses Travis because she doesn’t think he will spend the money well if he wins. Big Brother asks her to take a minute to make sure she is sure. “Nope, I’ve made my decision and I won’t go back on that. It’s a horrible thing to do.” Terri moves into the eviction room and starts crying.

Travis chooses Terri and says that it’s because last week she didn’t help him as much as she could have and got too frustrated. Travis joins his fellow housemates in the eviction room.

The housemates are lined up and ready for the snap eviction. Big Brother calls the names of the safe housemates which must now sit down: Rory. Terri. Ben. Travis moves over to Alice to try and comfort her: “I don’t want you to touch me.”

“One of you is about to be evicted… and that person is, Alice.” Alice moves to the exit door and is then put into the flight simulator. The rest of the housemates move to lounge room and are locked in. They are all angry at Big Brother and say that Alice will probably be pissed with them. Travis tries to think of ways that Alice could come back and the rest of the housemates shut him down.

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Big Brother congratulates the housemates on being the final 4. He then tells the housemates that there are still one too-many in the house. “No!” they all yell. Ben says that what Big Brother is doing is “like actual torture.”

Travis is first to the diary room and he picks Terri again. Big Brother asks if he is sure and he says no. He then returns to the lounge room and tell the housemates that he thinks Big Brother is being inhumane.

Terri picks Travis for the same reasons. “Are you sure?” “Yes.”

Rory picks Travis because if he wins the money it won’t affect him the same way that if someone else won the money. Big Brother tells him to go back to the lounge – “just shut up and open the door.”

Ben complains some more and moves into the diary room, then complains some more. He picks Travis for the same reasons as Alice. “If he leaves it won’t affect me the same as the rest.”

Safe: Ben. Rory. Terri is safe and Travis is asked to leave through the eviction door.

Later, Travis delivers his hand grenade. He gives his money to Rory and says he has great plans and has come from the dark side of life and deserves it.” He then tells all the housemates they’re great, as expected.

Alice is reunited with Travis in the hand grenade recording room. They talk about what has happened and Travis tells Alice that she shouldn’t take it personally and she says she had to.

Big Brother: “Alice and Travis. You have not been evicted.”
Travis: “I could give you tongue right now! I’m so happy!”
Big Brother: “Shortly, you will enter the back yard and be reunited with your housemates. You must remain silent until the roller door opens.”

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The housemates are reunited with Alice and Travis. Rory is in shock and doesn’t say a thing while Travis explains why he didn’t have much to say about him. They all scream and go crazy.

Big Brother calls all the housemates to the diary room and tells them that he is sorry for messing with their heads. “This was a test to show more of your true character to the people that will be voting for the winner.”

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Rory comes to the diary room and he tells Big Brother that he isn’t happy. He thinks it’s a dog act and that it’s bullshit. “I don’t think it should have happened.”

Terri is in the diary room and is asked how she felt about the concept of spending her last week with Rory and Ben. She says she wasn’t very happy. Terri starts crying and says that she was upset seeing Alice on the screen crying and felt sorry for her. She said she couldn’t believe her eyes when they were reunited.

Ben asks Big Brother how he is. “Same old,” he says. Ben laughs. He then says that the whole experience has been a rollercoaster and that tonight has been hard. “It appears Big Brother does not have a conscious.”

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