Pamela saves the day

This year, in an attempt to lift ratings, Big Brother has done everything from snap evictions, delayed celebrity guests, intruders, the return of one housemate, and an endless barrage of tactics for the daily shows.

It seems, if the ratings of Pamela’s entrance last night are anything to go by, the real answer was so close yet so far: send in a Playboy bunny with 13 front covers under her breasts, wearing a short skirt and willing to speak candidly about her sexcapades.

Carson kind of worked, but due to the hideous level of cross promotion with his new reality show, the motives were much too clear to the viewers. Viewers don’t want to be barraged with constant voices telling them what to watch and when – they want to be able to make up their own minds.

Peter Powers entrance was so delayed – and everyone already knew the juicy bits – that it wasn’t as popular as the first and was swept under the rug as soon as it happened.

Pamela, however, was a different story. Yes, there was some cross-promotion, but it was subtle and only came from her side, lasted for a few seconds and then was over and done with. With over 1.4 million viewers – coming extremely close to the launch – interest in this season is on the way up and just in time for the finale weeks when everything pieces together.

We’ll see how things go with tonight’s one hour extended show where there are sure to be some more Pamela antics, and FNL on Friday.

… there’s always the possibility that because of Pamela’s sex status every male in Australia tuned in and things will simply fall back down when she leaves.

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