Day 54 FNL

Welcome to heavy metal night on Friday Night Live!

Once again, poor old Terrance is unable to compete in tonight’s games. After the HMs enter the arena, BB declares him tonight’s ‘groupie’, and gives him a blonde wig and some lippy to wear.

Round 1: Skid Row

This game was a skidding competition. Girls and boys competed separately. One by one, they had to make a run-up to a wet and slippery vinyl surface and slide as far along it as possible without shuffling their feet or losing their balance. The further they went, the more points they scored. Housemates got two skids each, with the two top scorers from each gender going through.

With the maximum number of points for one skid being 10, there were no particularly strong performances from the girls. It was Brigitte on 5 and Alice on 4 who went though. Terri got 3 a Bianca a measly 2.

No doubt experts in the way of the skidmark, the boys showed a bit more skill. Nobbi in particular got a perfect 10 on his first skid (they did all get one practice run however). Also of note during this round was a noble attempt by co-host Fitzy to breach FNL’s PG rating – “god, he went down quicker than a Van Halen groupie!” After both skids it was Nobbi on 14 and Rory on 11 who advanced. Cherry got 6, Ben 5 and Travis 2.

Second-chance Round: Kicking competition

Housemates are spun around ten times, and then within three seconds must kick a bass drum into a giant target on the ground, aiming of course for the bullseye (5 points). One attempt each, and the two with the highest score are back in the games.

Cherry is first. He staggers right off, but lands a good kick on the drum. Unfortunately it only gets one point. Ben next. He has trouble getting in position to kick the drum, but his kick gets him two points.

Trav next. He prances straight towards the drum and kicks it into the 4 point area! Everyone cheers. Bianca next. One of the boys: “Watch out for the boom-boom!” She barely gets out of the spinner, and then staggers and falls flat on her arse as everyone giggles. No score. Terri next. Brigitte: “She looks funny!”. She makes a solid run for the drum and gets it into the three point zone.

Travis and Terri are back in the games!

Round 2: Iron Maiden

This is a team obstacle course. On the buzzer, one Housemate, dressed as a giant iron, pushes another on an ironing board, weaving in and out of several large weights. Then, reaching the third Housemate (the ‘maid’), the original pusher also hops on top of the ironing board and both are pushed to the finishing line, as the third collects several pieces of washing from a clothes line along the way. Best time wins.

First is Nobbi, Alice, and Terri. Terri is on the board, Alice is the first pusher, and Nobbi is the second. Going around the obstacles, they miss a weight. They reach Nobbi at the halfway mark, and Alice has trouble getting on top of Terri on the board. The Ninjas help hold it steady. Eventually, they’re on their way and Nobbi pushes them down the rest of the course (which is just a straight). They’re a bit uncoordinated grabbing the clothes (which have to be placed in a basket Terri’s holding), but eventually cross the finish line. BB tells them they got 1:30. However, as they hit a heavy metal, and threw a bra in the basket after crossing the finishing line, they’ve had 10 seconds added. That’s 1:40.

The second team is Brigitte (on the board), Travis (first pusher), and Rory (second pusher). Brigitte calls out steering instructions to Travis, who manoeuvres around the irons quite well. They reach Rory, who assists Travis in mounting Brigitte (heh). Rory is much more coordinated in the second half than Nobbi was, quickly running and grabbing all the clothes before pushing his fellow HMs down the straight. They got 1.10! They’re through!

Second-chance Round: Pin the Tongue on Gene Simmons

The three members of the losing team will be be blindfolded and spun around before placing a big tongue on an even bigger Gene Simmons poster. Closest HM goes through.

Nobbi put the tongue roughly on Gene’s ear. Alice next. She walks forward very tentatively, feeling the edges of the picture. Consequently she almost gets it spot on. Terri last. She follows Alice’ example, but still loses her way a bit, feeling all over a cameraman and a ninja’s face. She eventually finds her way back and places the tongue only inches from Alice’s. A ninja has to measure it, but Terri wins!

Round 3: The Air Guitar Championships

Each HM will have 30 seconds to perform an air guitar song. They wll be judged by air guitar ‘professional’ Rath Mackenzie. All four HMs score highly, with a particular comment from Rath about Terri’s tongue work. In the end Rory gets 7/10, Brigitte 9/10, Travis 10/10 (despite failing to actually hold a guitar for most of his go), and Terri 8/10.

Travis and Brigitte are through to the final.

Final: Smash ‘n’ Grab

Hanging in the arena are a number of boxes (five for each HM), each of which contain a key. Once all keys are collected, they must use them to open a door – only one key will work in the lock. The first Housemate to get through their door and don the ‘backstage pass’ is the winner.

Much of the race is close, but Brigitte seems to have that extra bit of determination. She hurriedly tries her keys and is through the door! Brigitte wins the Games!

In the Diary Room, Brigitte is told that her mystery prize is a private screening of her favourite movie, ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’. Without hesitation, she chooses Alice, Terri, and Travis to accompany her.

Next week: Spy night!

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