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“If I were Ollie the dog…”

1 June 2008

Posted by Tim

If I were Ollie the dog…

  • I would bite Travis on the testes, just to see if his voice goes higher.
  • I wouldn’t be so trusting of Alice, considering what she knows about my anatomy.
  • I’d mark my territory inside the Kombi, because pissed-off Nobbi is funny.
  • I’d be getting reeeally scared if the HMs were on staples. Especially Dixie.
  • I’d make it my mission to teach Brigitte some basic tricks.
  • My barking would be the highest form of communication exhibited in the house thus far.
  • I’d attack Renee, because I don’t like her either.
  • The first trick I’d learn would be to jump over that wall. And run.

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