Day 9

7:18am: Housemates are woken by Big Brother via SMS once again and again have to clean the backyard which is absolutely trashed for the second day in a row. They have one hour to clean it up. Big Brother comes over the house and tells the housemates that they are wasting precious time. Brigitte seems to really not be in the mood. Alice says that it’s more disgusting rubbish today. Rory and Saxon are saying that Travis is way too motivated. The housemates all agree that the confetti is the worst part of the task.

Nobbi gets a phone call in the kombi van. He is reminded that he is not permitted into the house, and as a consequence he must clean all the outside windows, including the van. He is really angry.

Back in the kitchen, Alice is making some food. Barney, Rory and Nathan are standing with Alice and Renee talking. They tell Renee that she is very much a bloke. Outside, Nobbi is saying that he doesn’t want to have to clean the yard again tomorrow. Travis says that it’s a weekly task and they will have too. Nobbi, cleaning the windows, accidentally tosses the cleaning device at Travis and gets him. He apologies, saying it wasn’t meant to fly off, he was simply meant to flick him with water.

Renee is talking to Travis, saying she now realises why she can’t get a boyfriend; all the guys think she’s a bloke. Travis says that she’ll find someone soon enough, then goes onto say maybe she needs a gay guy!

1:36pm: Alice is cooking lunch but she doesn’t have many ingredients. Barney watches on. Corey has gone back to bed. Barney is a bit unsure about the pies that Alice is making. Outside, Brigitte says she hates Barney cause he is always smiling. They say they like Nathan the best. She is talking to Bianca and Renee. Lunch is served and everyone comes in. They say it looks all right. Brigitte says its looks like a bit poo. Nathan thanks Alice. Michael is outside with the boys and says it’s tastes pretty good. Saxon and Rory think it’s disgusting. Brigitte says it’s the worst food she has ever seen. Saxon calls it dog food.

Corey, who slept through lunch, starts to make porridge. Saxon starts to put it straight into a bowl and Dixie says they have to cook it. Saxon is convinced you don’t, and pours milk straight in. Corey follows suit, and when Dixie leaves they both say that perhaps she was right.

8:12pm: Big Brother calls Corey and Terri to the diary room. Big Brother has a mission for Corey. He tells Corey that two of the gatecrashers must be evicted, and Corey must decide. Corey says he doesn’t feel comfortable voting two people out after they just arrived. He says he won’t accept the mission. Big Brother offers the mission to Terri. Terri accepts the mission.

Big Brother has gathered all housemates in the garden. He tells the housemates that the time has come for another snap eviction. He tells the new housemates that two of them will be evicted tomorrow morning. The housemates are filled in about Terri’s role in the snap eviction before Big Brother tells them they have nine hours remaining. Corey tells the housemates that Terri jumped at the chance because she would become a full housemate, but Terri says she thought that it meant she could evict anyone and not two of the three new webmates. Nobbi says that Terri is lying!

9:18pm: Barney is talking to Terri. He tells her that it’s taken him 4 years to get onto this show and he doesn’t want to go. Nobbi is saying in the backyard that Terri is a liar, bad to look at and sleeps all day. He doesn’t understand why Big Brother keeps giving her all these chances. Nobbi has another go at Terri saying it’s unfair that she gets all the power. Bianca thinks that Corey is weak because he didn’t accept. Nobbi says it’s lucky for him she can only choose the new housemates because otherwise he would be out the door.

Outside Travis is saying that Travis wants to be the oldest housemate and wants to be a proper housemate. Nobbi says that she is old, but bitter and not bringing anything interesting to the show at all. Nathan is sweet-talking Terri at the table. Corey comes to the diary room. Big Brother tells Corey that he respects the decisions to turn down the mission. He says that he can’t deliver bad news to people. Outside, Dixie and Brigitte start putting makeup on Nobbi. Terri tells Alice and Bianca that if it was the whole house she would’ve evicted Nobbi and Michael. Saxon tells everyone at least it’s not the 3 voting out two originals. Nobbi hoots the kombi horn to speak with Big Brother. Brigitte says she likes Nathan more than Barney again.

Nobbi (with makeup) says that he should be allowed to go inside tonight because there is an eviction and it’s freezing outside. He calls himself “New Look Penny” in the hope that he can enter, but Big Brother tells him that he must remain outside.

2:07am: Some housemates are lying in the bedroom. Dixie says she is getting sick of Bianca, and Alice says that Rory is a bit of the same. Outside, Rory tells all the boys that he has a ninja mask and he should put it on and take Terri out into the backyard and tell her to choose the boys now. He is all set to do it when he is called to the diary room. Big Brother tells Rory that it takes years and years of training to become a ninja and he cannot simply become one. Michael and Nathan decide to camp out in the kombi with Nobbi. They have a few laughs.

6:19am: Sunrise and Big Brother wakes up the house. Nathan says that at least there hasn’t been another party overnight.

6:24am: All housemates are in the garden. They look freezing. Terri is called to the stage. Terri chooses to evict Michael first because she wonders why he really wants to be here. He says goodbye to everyone and really not much emotion in this goodbye at all. Terri chooses to evict Barney next because she thinks that he has a lot more to achieve on the outside world. He congratulates Nathan and says his goodbyes before leaving the house. Housemates clap Nathan. Big Brother reveals that Terri is now a full housemate. Housemates go to bed, but are stopped when they are told to go to the diary room, minus Corey. Big Brother explains that there are no nominations this year, and rather the public nominates. Big Brother reveals that 3 housemates with the lowest number of public votes will be up to eviction, and then the housemates themselves will have to vote to evict. They will do so by awarding 2 points and 1 point to the 3 housemates up for eviction, in much the same way as they used to nominate.