Day 8

9:34am: Housemates are back in bed after completing the cleaning up task earlier in the morning. Someone is snoring, and they soon realise its Dixie. Dixie says she doesn’t snore, she says she must have farted. They tell her it’s been going on for ten minutes.

In the kitchen, Corey is baking the bread for the day. Terri is watching over him.

A little later in the day Renee is talking about going to Canada and work on the ski slopes. She says she isn’t a huge fan of the US, but wants to see the Statue of Liberty.

Back in the kitchen, Terri says “Corey, be careful of the knife.” The other housemates tell Terri to cool it, saying that the kid can clearly cut an orange. Corey comes to the diary room. He says he is more comfortable in the house today. He says that all the housemates are good and making him feel welcome. He says that Terri perhaps need to chill a bit and leave him alone a bit more.

2:29pm: Bianca is complaining about Corey. David tells her that he’s been great this morning, cooking etc. Bianca says that she did go up to meet him, but she just doesn’t like what he represented. Bianca says that he doesn’t have respect, and recalls an incident last night.

Corey is staying out of the sun cause he thinks he burns easily. He uses the F word; and Terri says, “Big Brother won’t like that.”

4:29pm: Bianca is getting her hair done by Terri. David is telling Alice about what Bianca thinks of Corey. Renee comes to the diary room. She says it’s strange to have new people in the house. She says that they look good. Outside, Dixie and Rebecca are talking. They are saying that they like the look of one of the new housemates but I can’t figure out whom. Nobbi climbs a tree and then starts imitating being a monkey. Alice and Travis are talking about Barney; Alice thinks he is very good looking. Renee says that the original guys are now being nicer because they realise they might lose friendships. Back out with Dixie, she says she is disappointed with Bianca’s behavior. They both agree that she’s not one of the nicest people in the house. Dixie also says she gets annoyed with Travis sometimes.

Over at the barbecue, Bianca says that Travis is one of her best supporters in the house, saying that everyone else seems to be ganging up on her and being unpleasant towards her.

8:21pm: Bianca is upset that Alice seems to be not talking to her over this whole Corey thing. She says that Corey doesn’t deserve her attention. Corey is called to the diary room. He is offered the requested hair straighter but only for use by himself, or chocolate and soft drinks for the whole house. Big Brother asks Corey to choose. Back in the bathroom, Bianca is so sick of this and she says she’ll lay low while he is in the house. Bianca asks Brigitte why she is applying makeup at nighttime. Brigitte says “We’re on TV!” Corey decides to go with the chocolate and soft drink option.

Bianca comes out to Nobbi, Saxon and Rory. The boys tell her not to be upset about this thing with Corey. The housemates all appreciate Corey’s sacrifice. Dixie has a coke and is in heaven.

Alice comes out and tells Renee, Dixie and Rebecca about how Corey was offered the hair straighter. She says that it’s awesome he choose to reward the house instead of himself.

12:17am: Bianca and Corey are at the table by themselves. She says she hasn’t really talked to him, but she wants to make it clear to him that she is in the house because of one main reason; she wants to contradict everything that Corey basically stands for. She says she doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs. Corey says that he doesn’t represent anything though. Bianca says that he was portrayed as a jerk though. He understands what she means, but he says that he is his own person and he’s not really like how he is portrayed in the media. He tells her that Terri is annoying him, but he can handle it. Bianca says she wants to help him get his message across, that he isn’t the absolute ‘party boy’ that he is made out to be.

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