Day 7

8:46pm: Corey has just entered the house. Nobbi wonders if he’s nervous. Soon after, Terri is launched back into the house. Nobbi says, “That’s low” over and over. Corey moves away from the noise and checks out the house. Nobbi finally says “So Terri” and Nobbi then launches into her, telling her he’s had the worse week of his life not being allowed to move around anywhere he wanted to. Terri says she used to love camping. Nobbi tells her that he isn’t a camper. Corey is still on his own checking out the house. Travis says that he’s proud of Nobbi for finally talking to Terri.

Inside, Bianca says she feels like screaming with Corey in the house. Terri says that he looks really scared though. Dixie joins in and says “Imagine if someone marries him from in here.” Outside the boys are saying that if Terri tries to boss them around they’ll have to tell her to butt out.

Nobbi fills Corey in on the kombi situation. Bianca has changed her tune on Corey and is saying that she should give the kid a chance. Saxon agrees. She talks to him from one and one. He tells her that he lives in Cranbourne with mates now. He says he doesn’t have a girlfriend, although there is this one girl. He says he has known her for a while.

Big Brother calls Terri and Corey to the diary room. Terri tells her to come and sit next to her. Outside the guys wonder if the girls like any of the new housemates. David reckons they will all try to get onto Barney. Rebecca wonders why Barney has been single for the past four years. Back in the diary room, Terri is given the rules for her mission. She must take care of Corey around the clock. If she succeeds, she will be re-instated as a housemate. Corey plays with his hair as Terri says that Corey hasn’t been a good role model for teenagers. Corey says he doesn’t see himself as a role model and he just wants to prove to Australia he’s just a normal kid.

10:03pm: Corey comes back to the diary room on his own. He asks Big Brother for a hair straighter for the house. He says it isn’t his greatest concern. He puts on his glasses. Big Brother tells him that sunglasses shouldn’t be worn in the house. He leaves the diary room.

Nobbi is in the kombi awaiting a call from Big Brother. Nobbi says his evening was ok until Terri came back in. In the backyard, others are saying they feel protective of the original housemates. Ben is with Corey in the kitchen. They are talking about Travis, and Corey wonders about his voice.

Housemates have gathered in the backyard to introduce themselves properly. Barney says he’s 33 and he hasn’t really grown up yet. He says he’s not Bobby Brady, been around Australia and the world, has done modeling, and loves challenges, thus he is here. Nathan is next, he’s 27 and says he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Corey is up next, he’s 17, loves to party, lived in Melbourne his whole life, traveled around Australia and he loves Fiji. Michael is up next and he doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs. Terri gets up again and tells us that her mother remarried when she was 7. Brigitte asks her “Was this in the 1900’s?” Lots of laughs from the housemates. Terri left home at 16 and went to live with her grandmother, and she didn’t ever go back. While she speaks housemates seem to be nodding off to sleep. She says she has a man now and is happy.

12:53am: Barney is chatting in the kitchen with Alice. Barney explains that he only lifeguards on weekends as a voluntary measure. Brigitte on the couch says that Alice will soon be ‘Alice Brady.’

Terri and Corey come to the diary room and collect their bags. Big Brother explains that there are only four lockers so Corey and Terri will have to share. Corey is not thrilled with this, saying that he likes his own personal space. Terri tells him that we’ll work it out. Corey says that it’s not all going to fit. Terri tells him to stop fiddling with his eyebrow. Corey says that he’s using the locker and Terri will have to find somewhere else for her stuff. Corey says that they will have to try to fit everything in the one locker. Big Brother tells them to inform the other new housemates that they can collect their bags. Terri asks Corey to do something with a bag, and then says, “You didn’t have to throw it.” Corey’s reply “I didn’t mean it!”

1:46am: Housemates are in the spa. Terri comes out and they ask her where Corey is. They tell her that Corey jumped the fence by climbing the tree. He is actually in the bathroom, but Terri is unaware of this so she goes to talk to Big Brother. Big Brother tells her that she should be looking after Corey. She says she’ll go and climb the fence then. She tells Bianca and Travis, who tell her that he’s in the bathroom. When she gets there he’s hiding in the toilet, and they again convince her that he jumped the fence. She gets changed to climb the tree, and begins climbing before Bianca ruins the joke saying “I’m not giving the dumbass anymore laughs for doing something stupid.” Terri says I thought they were joking.

3:22am: Nobbi and Nathan are talking in the yard. Nobbi says that everyone is pretty good except for Terri. In the bedroom, Corey

3:45am: Big Brother tells Terri that Corey must go to bed at a reasonable hour. Big Brother says that her mission is slipping away from her. She gets up and finds Terri in the yard talking to Dixie and Nobbi. Terri says that if Corey had any consideration for her, she would go to bed. Corey says that 17 year olds don’t like going to sleep.

3:57am: A couple of the girls get up and say they will seduce him into bed. Rebecca and Brigitte come out and say that they want to talk to him. He eventually decides to go to bed.

6:11am: Big Brother has trashed the backyard. He wakes the house with an SMS message. The plasma shows a text message written in text language, which says “Gr8at party, c u later”. Nobbi sees the mess and shuts the kombi van again. Terri gets up and discovers the mess, and Ben has also seen it now as well. They find a letter. Big Brother gathers all the housemates, except Nobbi, on the couches. Ben reads that Big Brother had a party by himself after they all went to bed. If they clean the backyard in an hour, they will win a Barbecue and other items. They madly start cleaning up.

7:51am: Housemates are still cleaning and only have ten minutes left. Michael sees that they have a bread-making recipe, and also finds that all the food has gone. Housemates almost have the house looking acceptable. Rory wants to sleep. Michael says he didn’t help but he was a good supervisor. Dixie wants to speak to Big Brother. Everyone claps outside. Dixie tells Big Brother they have finished, and Big Brother tells them they have done well, but the task is a weekly task and therefore there is more to the task. Big Brother informs them they must live off the staples in the kitchen until such time when they win their reward.