Day 6

11:46am: Nobbi is still asleep. Big Brother tells him that his phone is about to ring. Rory and Renee are spooning in bed before the lights come on. Back in the combi, Nobbi says he slept pretty well. He says he has a bit of a headache. Nobbi says he took the joke of the prize for winning FNL pretty well, but he says to Big Brother that he has to let him inside soon or he’ll go insane. Nobbi goes back to sleep after the phone call.

A little later, all housemates, including Nobbi are called to the diary room. They suspect it’s to do with Rima. They thank Big Brother for the party. Big Brother tells them that Rima injured her leg during the games. X-Rays at the hospital revealed that she has a broken leg. Big Brother tells them that Rima is in good spirits, and that the hospital food is much better than that in the house. They send her a get well soon message and exit the diary room. Travis says that she’ll be back.

Dixie goes to cry in bed. Alice tries to tell her that crying is a good thing.

12:53pm: The boys tell Rory that he got some cuddles last night. He says that he really enjoyed it and it just seemed to happen. He jumped into bed, Renee was pretty far over on his side of the bed so they were just close.

Dixie comes to the diary room to talk to Big Brother. She says that she is a bit sad about Rima, and hopes that she has eaten lots outside of the house. She says that she’ll miss her smile, her laugh and her stories the most. She says that they were quite similar, and that’s why she is so upset. Dixie says that she’s a very good friend, and she wishes she had gotten to spend a bit more time with her. She doesn’t know if she’ll find another one as good in here.

Brigitte, Rory and a couple of others are sitting at the table just waiting for some food. They all seem they are absolutely starving. Pumpkin soup is served for them all. Bianca looks like she could kill someone. Rory is not impressed at all either. They all complain that it’s not a big lunch. Rory says “I waited there for an hour for pumpkin soup!”

Saxon and Rory come to the diary room to complain. They tell Big Brother that not enough food is coming in for them. Rory says that soup is an entrée; where’s the main meal? They both say that a few sandwiches for each person would be better. They try to find out what there is for breakfast tomorrow. Big Brother doesn’t comply with their request.

6:14pm: Big Brother has gathered the housemates on the couches. Big Brother tells them that they have been completing a task all week. Big Brother tells them they have to pass a test of observation. He tells them to look at the plasma screen. They see a secret kitchen and get very excited.

Big Brother calls Alice to the diary room. A very tough opening question asking what colour the beads on Rory’s hair are? Dixie gets hers right, Ben and Bianca get theirs wrong and Brigitte as well as David get theirs correct. Nobbi is called to the driver’s seat and answers his correctly, and a host of other housemates get theirs correct as well. Big Brother tells the housemates they needed 7 correct answers, and they scored 9. Big Brother tells them they have passed the task and will receive a new kitchen. He sends them to the garden immediately. Nobbi has mixed feelings; he says it’s another place for people to hang out instead of the backyard. He says he is doing it really tough; he says he’s never been picked on so much.

Big Brother tells all the housemates, except Nobbi, to enjoy the new kitchen. Everyone loves the new place while Nobbi walks around the backyard bored out of the brain.

8:12pm: Bianca is making garlic bread and already getting pissed off that everyone keeps taking the bread. David says he loves cooking but he’s staying well away for a bit and is just going to watch the fireworks.

The boys are out cooking on the barbecue and letting the girls have the kitchen. The boys have a nice name for Alice, “Queen Bee” and “Mother Duck”. David and Saxon have gone to the diary room saying that they are going to stay well away from the cooking arguments for a while.

Ben says that the boys should worry about lunch, and the girls can organize dinner. Everyone agrees, and they say that everyone can fend for themselves at breakfast. Travis comes out to the barbecue and tells everyone that he’s a BBQ virgin. They give him the tongs!

The housemates have finally sat down for their first meal prepared by themselves. Afterwards, Bianca comes to the diary room. She says it was frustrating that everyone kept stealing her food that she was preparing even when it wasn’t even ready. She says she is really excited about the kitchen however.

9:31pm: Most of the boys are inside the combi van. They are moving Sparkles back into the house. Rory takes it back into the house and puts it in Dixie’s locker. Dixie comes to the diary room. She says she loves the new kitchen. She says that there will probably be a few arguments though. She says that Bianca loves food and she’ll kill us to get to her food!

Brigitte is checking out the lockers again in a last ditched effort and finally finds Sparkles in Dixie’s locker. Bianca comes and asks her where. Other girls come in, including Dixie. Dixie says “Why would I take it?” The girls think that Big Brother put it back in the lockers while they were in the kitchen checking it out.

At bedtime, Brigitte settles down with Sparkles. Big Brother says “Goodnight Princess Sparkles.”

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