Day 5

10:18pm: Friday night games have finished, and it’s time for the housemates to celebrate David’s birthday. Most housemates tell David that he’s a nice, genuine bloke, Nobbi thinks he has leadership qualities and then Ben says that at least if he dishes it out, he is capable of taking it back. David also raises a toast to Terri, but Nobbi doesn’t partake in the acknowledgement.

A bit later, Nobbi brings up the Princess Sparkles dilemma and Brigitte says that she is devastated she hasn’t found it yet. However she also says that she will find it one day. She still thinks that Big Brother is playing a trick on here. Housemates talk Saxon into rapping, and he gives them a song.

A little later, Brigitte starts looking for Sparkles again. Saxon says that he told her that Big Brother told him that one of the girls took it. She continues to check everyone’s lockers and even checks the combi van. Bianca goes with Brigitte to the diary room to find out if she can receive any more clues. Big Brother doesn’t get involved in house politics, and goes onto say it didn’t touch Sparkles. The come out of the diary room and start asking people if they know anything. The boys in the spa don’t think they did and they suggest that if anyone, the girls would’ve taken it.

Nobbi is by himself in the spa while the girls talk about FNL in the dining room. They say that he was upset at winning the cash in Zimbabwe dollars but tried to put on a brave face. Nobbi heads to bed.