Day 4

9:11am: Dixie is waiting for breakfast to appear through the conveyor belt. Renee says she needs to improve her vocabulary. Travis and Rima try and help her by giving her a ‘word for the day.’ The food starts appearing and Dixie does very well to grab everything off on time. Rima suggests the word for today is audacity. Renee says she can’t even pronounce it let alone understand the meaning of it. After hearing the definition, she says she’ll have to start trouble to actually be able to use it.

Outside, Alice is running on the treadmill. David goes and wakes Nobbi up. Travis and Renee are still talking words. Travis teaches her the word critique. Travis tells her that it means ‘to judge’ something.

2:21pm: The Spa Mafia’s Ben and Saxon come to the diary room (The Mafia club are all the boys minus Travis). While waiting they remix the Big Brother’s opening theme. Saxon says that “Operation Sparkle” will go into action soon. They want to steal Brigitte’s Princess Sparkle that she likes to sleep with and hug lots. They plan on blaming Dixie because apparently there has been a bit of tension between the two already.

The boys are still in the diary room and talk about the “Spa Mafia”. It’s a time for the boys to talk on their own and no girls are allowed to attend. Ben tells Big Brother that Travis is a notable absentee from the group.

2:56pm: Travis is talking to the girls outside and asking them if they could date anyone in the house, would they. They all say they wouldn’t date anyone. Rebecca says that if she had too she would date Travis. Over at the spa, the boys plot away a plan to get Sparkles. Renee reckons that Travis is a keeper and not a bad boy at all. Over at the spa, they plan on telling Travis that it was Dixie who stole it.

Travis, Brigitte & Dixie come to the diary room and ask for an animal for the house. Dixie wants a pig! Big Brother asks if any of the housemates have anything special in the house, besides pets. Brigitte says that she has Princess Sparkles. Back outside, the boys agree that now would be a good time to go and grab Sparkles. David heads into the bedroom, checks the bathroom for people, then returns to the bedroom and grabs Sparkles and takes it to the bathroom and places it in a locker.

6:22pm: Brigitte is out the back doing some exercises, so David goes and retrieves Sparkles from the locker and hides it within a jumper and walks outside. He takes it to the combi van and places it in there under some sheets.

Another lottery dinner tonight – everyone is hoping that they get a good one. Meal number 9 is seaweed and Dixie looks devastated. Meal 10 is perfect for Rima, she’s very happy. Brigitte loves her meal as well – prunes. Big Brother tells the housemates that one meal can be swapped. Rima gives up her meal for the seafood and Dixie is happier. Rima says that she loves seafood. Brigitte wonders if having all of those prunes could be bad for her. Renee suggests not eating them all. Dixie says that if she had a bad meal tonight she would have requested to leave! She says she can’t believe that she cried over it, and Saxon says he can’t believe it either.

8:42pm: Rebecca is telling Dixie it’s ok to cry and not to feel bad. The boys are out in the yard wondering if Brigitte will notice that she is missing Sparkles. Rima tells Dixie that she never wants her to leave.

Fast-forward to bedtime and Brigitte is getting into bed. She says that someone stole her unicorn. The whole room soon realises that Princess Sparkles has gone somewhere. She checks her locker and then the couch area, and even outside. She tells Dixie that perhaps Big Brother stole it. She tells the bedroom housemates that she is going to ask Big Brother.

In the diary room, Big Brother answers “Big Brother does not kidnap stuffy toys.” Back on the couch, Rebecca says that Brigitte drives her crazy. They say they have nothing in common. Big Brother asks her if she has a message for Sparkles. She says “Sparkles, go back to the pillow where I left you.” Dixie joins in with Rebecca on their bitch session. Brigitte comes out and tells them that Big Brother told her that perhaps the toy didn’t like her anymore and run away.

2:41am: Brigitte wakes up and feels around her bed to try to find Sparkles again.