Day 34

1:56pm: It’s time to judge the guide dog task. Alice gets Ollie to sit, and then stay as Alice herself walks away from the dog. The next one Ollie half does correctly which is the come command, and then the lie down lesson. Next it’s time for Ollie to go to his bed and he does this successfully.

Big Brother tells the house that they have indeed passed this week’s task. Big Brother tells the house that Ollie will also stay indefinitely. Big Brother tells the house that they are now ‘out of the doghouse.’

3:31pm: Ben comes to the diary room to find out where Travis is or for any updates. Big Brother tells Ben that he has passed on all information available to him.

5:54pm: Brigitte wants to know what Terri said about her before. The boys tell her that Terri said she felt sorry for her because she doesn’t have a brain. Brigitte follows Terri around the backyard until the truth comes out – Terri thinks that Brigitte’s face look ridiculous when she screams and yells. Terri says she looks like a donkey. Brigitte barks back that at least she has no

2:23am: Nobbi talks to himself and decides to breach the rules and enter the house. He sneaks into the house and makes it to the doorway of the bedroom. Brigitte and Bianca notice that he’s made his way in and Nobbi tries to find Rory. He starts putting pegs in his hair. Rory wakes up but can’t figure out who did it and then finally Nobbi starts laughing too much, Rory realises, and Nobbi runs out of the house.

Back at the kombi and talking to himself, he says he can’t sleep. He tells the door of the kombi to stop getting stuck. As Nobbi gets comfortable, Big Brother tells him that he’ll talk to him about his breach in the morning.