Day 30

8:46am: Alice is teaching Ollie some basic tasks. Terri asks that Dixie move the washing because the dog piddled further down the garden. Dixie says no, but eventually agrees to do so. Ollie doesn’t really want to sit and stay this morning, and Alice says ‘no’ to Ollie numerous times.

Rory and Ben play a prank on Terri saying that Ollie pissed inside the house and get Terri to clean it up. Dixie comes to the diary room. She asks Big Brother for some rope to make a clothes line in the backyard. Big Brother tells her she already has drying facilities inside the house. Dixie says she wants to leave because she is sick of washing. Big Brother asks her if she really wants to leave. She says absolutely. She walks towards the door and Big Brother tells her that will not take her to the outside world. She walks back into the house.

Renee is putting pegs onto her face. She has in excess of twenty on there, and then Terri joins in the fun by putting as many as possible onto her arm. Nobbi tells her to shake her arm and eventually hits her arm so she gets hurt as the pegs fall off.

12:31pm: Dixie is having a shower. Rory comes into the bathroom and notices that she is crying, and Dixie asks him to leave. Rory says that she knows where to find him if she needs him. Outside, Ben is giving Travis some technique advice for doing simple weights.

Some of the housemates are getting lunch ready – Brigitte tells Rory to get out of the kitchen and Rory fires back telling her that he can only smell ‘bimbo’ on her breathe.

2:29pm: Big Brother calls all the housemates to the diary room. He tells them that two weeks ago he introduced a silent fine system in reaction to the constant swearing in the house. He tells the house that these fines have cost the house $82,000. Big Brother tells the housemates that they need to be more respectful of each other in the house. He tells them that any action deemed inappropriate by Big Brother will result in a strike, and three strikes will see a housemate evicted. Big Brother tells them that the swearing must now be curbed back – and a failure to do so might result in being evicted from the house.

2:51pm: The daily show introduces us all to the vending machine for the first time. Prized possessions can be purchased from the machine with coins given to the housemates by Big Brother. Housemates are torn between getting photos for Ben or getting Brigitte’s runners back. They decide to get the photos for Ben. She goes and get them for him and has also been able to get chocolate. Ben shows his photos around.

4:06pm: Nobbi and Rory are talking to Brigitte. Brigitte thinks that everyone is mean to her in the house. Rory says that she said that she hoped the boys died. She says she doesn’t like Rory’s personality, but Nobbi is just ok.

Bianca spots Ben looking at his photos a bit later. He says he is missing them all, and that its disappointing that there isn’t one of his dad in the photos given to him.

7:32pm: Travis is getting his haircut by Nobbi. Nobbi is cutting it all off, with patches of his scalp visible in certain areas. Nobbi cracks up – and Travis likes it. Ben can’t believe he likes it, saying he thinks it’s quite good. Alice can’t believe that he let them do it.

8:23pm: Terri is talking to Ollie saying that it’s rough in the house sometimes. She says the boys are ok sometimes though. She says her first week was bad and she thought she was going to die. The boys laugh that the poor dog will have to listen to everyone. Later, Travis talks to Ollie saying that she likes Brigitte but she is not as loyal as he thought she might be. Travis says that Dixie is also inappropriate in her behaviour towards him.

Nobbi tells Ollie that Terri is a bit wrinkly. He says that Dixie doesn’t know what she is – she can snap and has a short temper. Dixie tells Ollie that it’s been ignoring her for the past couple of days – she wonders what she did to Ollie. She wants a second chance. Dixie says that she doesn’t like Terri because she has smelly feet. Brigitte talks to Ollie as tells Ollie that she hates Rory. Ollie licks Brigitte and makes her laugh. She wonders if Ollie would get angry if someone took away his bed and all his possessions. She play fights a bit with Ollie.