Day 29

11:57am: Renee is moving her doghouse across the backyard with the help of Terri and Nobbi. Terri guides Renee into Travis’s doghouse. Inside, Bianca is telling Rory that she has found a good spot. Rory says that that Bianca should cuddle him at nighttimes. Bianca says that Renee likes the cuddles that he gives her.

12:41pm: Big Brother gives Pizza and cokes to the housemates who are out of the competition. Travis doesn’t give up, but says that the prize better be good. The housemates no longer in the task sit down and eat the pizza.

Travis gets set to go to the toilet down a drain. He tells Ben that he’s got stage fight though. After eight hours, Renee gives up and is furious with herself. She puts her jeans back on and walks away.

4:52pm: Five housemates are still in the doghouse after nine hours. Nobbi puts some water down on the grass and guides Alice start into it. Bianca and Travis are very quickly disqualified for opening up their doghouse.

5:17pm: Renee says that they didn’t give Brigitte enough credit for this task. Milo and Coffee is the next item to tempt people out of their doghouse. Brigitte says she has been waiting for Milo for months.

6:11pm: Brigitte wants to know if Ben is going to stay in there all week. Bianca says that Alice will beat everyone because she is a machine. Brigitte decides to quit. The housemates give her a clap.

7:21pm: Big Brother will serve up steak and beer for all housemates outside the doghouse, and Ben immediately quits. He says he needs food. Alice wins the doghouse endurance test. She struggles to stand up and everyone laughs their head off.

A puppy named Ollie is waiting in the diary room for Alice as her prize. Big Brother congratulates on winning the task. He tells her that she is the guardian of the dog for a week. She must demonstrate how well the guide dog puppy has been trained during the week. Alice names the puppy Ollie. The dog and Alice come out of the diary room and Ollie is scared with so many people. Alice explains what’s going to happen and how the dog will only be in the house for a week.

9:31pm: Nobbi and a few others are wondering who will have arguments over the dog in the house. Brigitte thinks it might be Bianca because she has a split personality. Bianca hears this and has it confirmed by Travis. She says she wishes they would say it to her face. Travis and Bianca sit and play with the dog, and Travis says that they were having bets on who would have arguments over the dog. Ollie tries to say hello to Dixie but Dixie doesn’t seem interested in the slightest. Bianca comes out and calls out Brigitte and Nobbi over the dog remarks. Terri is concerned that all the screaming will scare the dog.

Bianca comes back outside to have a discussion. Nobbi and Dixie say they too have a split personality. Bianca gets a bit fired up and Nobbi tries to calm her down. Renee tells her that everyone who has left this house has bitched to her in their video message. Bianca says she is obviously too honest.

9:59pm: Alice is teaching Ollie a few tricks in the backyard. Over at the kombi Travis and Nobbi are having a chat about how Nobbi loves to make some conflict in the house when it becomes a bit boring. Nobbi just laughs. Ollie pushes the diary room button with the help of Alice and goes to sleep inside it.

In the main bedroom, Rory and Renee share a cuddle before sleeping. Rory tells her not to get too frisky. The last shot is of Ollie sleeping away in the diary room.