Day 26

2:37pm: Dixie is in the diary room telling Big Brother that she is struggling to do the role of laundry hand. She says that the weight of her breasts, each weighing 4.3 kilo’s, are too heavy and it is straining her back. Big Brother suggests that she spread the workload out over the entire day.

She comes out and tells some people in the kitchen what happened but suggests to the other housemates that Big Brother simply said ‘so’ to her concern over her back. Bianca says that Big Brother is being mean, calling him an asshole. Bianca is called to the diary room, and Big Brother clarifies that he has been misquoted. Bianca leaves the diary room and later has an argument with Dixie because she misquoted Big Brother. Things get very, very heated with Dixie telling her not to get into her fights. Bianca storms into the bedroom and then walks into the bathroom, where she finds Nobbi, who is in lockdown; Bianca calls Dixie a cold-hearted bitch. At the dining table Dixie calls her psycho. David tells her that they have to remember she is only 18. David tells Nathan that Bianca is thinking about laughing, and they both have a laugh!

9:27pm: Alice has just won the Friday Night Games and declares that she will take Nobbi into the strategy room. Nobbi is absolutely stoked. Once inside the room she tells Nobbi that it’s Bianca, David or Nathan in the bottom three. Alice says that she likes Terri in the house and hope she doesn’t drop down into the bottom three. Alice says she can’t work out why Brigitte isn’t nominated; she constantly sleeps. Nobbi agrees with her, and then goes onto say that Renee will win it. Alice says that she thinks Renee has got to the point where she has nothing left to say that is new. Alice says she thinks Dixie might win it, because she has a lot of support out there. Nobbi again thanks Alice before they leave.

Bianca is talking about the pronunciation of her name. Brigitte asks Bianca and Terri why they say me and not why. Terri says that the average Australian probably use that word. Terri says that she thought that Brigitte was being sarcastic. Dixie says that Terri has totally won the argument. Terri suggests that Brigitte’s friends are all stuck up because they don’t use me instead of my. Brigitte calls Terri a witch.

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