Day 20

1:22pm: Dixie is talking to Alice, Dixie saying she can’t believe how things went down last night. She tells Alice about how Brigitte and Rebecca told Bianca that Dixie hated her. She tells Alice of the chat that Dixie had with Bianca last night.

Rebecca comes to the diary room. She says that she is seeing some true colours come out. She hates the jealously between the girls over her picking Brigitte going into the strategy room. Bianca says to Rory that she hates girls because all they do is bitch about each other.

Meanwhile, David and Nathan are talking about David’s past. David was saying he was meant to be in his room the whole time, but his parents let him come out and have dinner with them. He says that after he left, he was speaking to his dad and told him that he had had sex with his girlfriend (at age 20). David says that they would have held a meeting that night and expelled David from the church, saying they could no longer ‘walk with the brother,’ He says that since then they have relaxed the rules a little bit and they still try to get him back into the church whenever he speaks to his parents, which would mean he would have to serve a couple of months solitary confinement before they grilled him to find out everything he had done in the outside world. Nathan says he is dumbfounded that anyone could get that out of a bible.

6:46pm: Nobbi whispers to Brigitte someone that she thinks Rory likes Rebecca. She goes and tells Rebecca and she says she just knew it. She says she isn’t interested in the slightest and trying to keep the distance. She says he’s a nice guy, but not in that way.

7:01pm: Brigitte wants her face wash from her belongings. Big Brother tells her that it was hers, but it’s now Big Brothers. Big Brother says that he think about exchanging a chore for her face wash if she leaves the diary room. Brigitte wonders when this exchange will occur, and Big Brother says “indefinitely.” Brigitte lies back down on the chair. Ages later, she is still in the diary room.

Dixie and Rebecca are talking in the bedroom. Dixie says that she thinks that Brigitte is a bit of a brat. Rebecca says that there is always going to be a bit of conflict in the house. A little later, Bianca and Dixie complain about Rebecca about her back saying she uses her looks to get the guys on her side. Bianca says she isn’t jealous because she isn’t that cute and she can’t sing!

Bianca says that Rebecca’s ambition is to be an underwear model. She says “I thought people would aim higher.”