Day 19

11:54am: Terri, Travis, Nathan and Alice are sitting outside. Travis says that Terri is in the house to show the world that 54 year olds can mingle with young kids. Terri agrees, saying that the world doesn’t need to revolve around the young kids. Nathan disagrees saying that they should invest in the younger generation, and while Terri agrees with this she starts telling a story about a recent visit to hospital, saying that 3 younger people got looked at before her simply because she was older. She goes into specifics about an operation, and says that Alice would know about it. Nathan says that Alice wouldn’t know about it. Terri tells Nathan to stop shutting her down, then puts her sunglasses on and walks away.

A little later on the couch, Terri says that every time she speaks she seems to get ridden down by anyone, not necessarily Nathan. She has a little cry and Nathan says he wasn’t trying to attack her at all. Terri says that David shuts her down all the time too.

12:43pm: David asks Alice if Terri has a grudge against him. Alice says she used David as an example. David says that he’ll clear the air with her tonight, but she shouldn’t be going around telling individual people as David thinks it’s looking like she’s trying to form an alliance.

Later, David talks to Terri and tries to sort it out. Terri says that both David and Nathan try to shut her down. David says that Terri comes across as a negative person. They don’t seem to sort out too much, but they finish their conversation.

David goes to talk to Nathan, Nobbi and Dixie in the bathroom (Nobbi is inside for some reason.) David says that Nathan and himself shut her down, according to Terri. Nathan starts re-telling the original argument outside, but picks a bad time to say it, as Terri walks in to go to the toilet at that exact time.

9:31pm: After Friday night games, Rebecca and Brigitte get to go into the strategy room. Rebecca tells Brigitte that the bottom three at the moment are herself, Bianca, Alice and herself. Rebecca wonders whether to save herself. Brigitte says she want her to save herself. Rebecca says she wants to stay now.

Out on the couch, Ben says that Brigitte really hates her. He says “I might have an annoying personality, but at least I have one!” Brigitte in the strategy room admits that she would only bring Travis and Rebecca into the strategy room because they are her only friends. Rebecca says that Bianca isn’t that interesting. Brigitte says she annoys her, but she doesn’t hate her or anything. Bianca watches on, the only person watching the vision with no sound. Rebecca is a bit sad there is no party setup.

Nathan and Renee are in the diary room getting props and party items for Rebecca’s birthday party. The housemates setup the backyard and get changed into Hawaiian themes. Rebecca and Brigitte are told to leave the room and Rebecca is amazed. She loves everyone! “I love you, Big Brother.”

10:51pm: Rebecca is thanking everyone for the party. Brigitte and Rebecca decide to steal four bears for later. Alice thinks they have hidden wine as well. The guys go and steal them from their hiding spot. A little later the girls find that the beer is gone and t hey wonder where it is. Nobbi tells them that it’s a bit petty to steal beer. Dixie also decides to have a go at the two girls, saying that Brigitte chucked a wobbly with her shoes and the plasma earlier this week.

Bianca comes over and bitches about Dixie with Brigitte and Rebecca. Dixie goes to the bathroom and says to Alice that she can’t put up with Brigitte anymore. Alice says that Rebecca has surprised her tonight. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Brigitte continue bitching about Dixie, but Rebecca comes out to Alice to wonder why she is upset. Alice says that she can’t understand Brigitte, but she loves Rebecca on her own and will continue to talk to her. Alice says that perhaps she thought she would’ve been invited in to the strategy room, but that was not too be; Rebecca says she thought that might have happened.

Nathan and Renee are chatting. Nathan says that he hopes Renee will talk to her once this is all over, because he thinks she will win. Nathan says that he likes her because she is genuine. Bianca tries to find out from Terri if Dixie constantly bitches about her. Terri says that they have had a few little issues.

Later, Nathan plays with a tiny guitar, “Happy Birthday” to Rebecca. She loves it, as Brigitte watches on.

1:17am: All the housemates are in the spa except Bianca. They are playing truth or dare. Alice is dared to kiss the nearest boy, and Ben and Alice give us the first kiss for the season. Dixie takes a truth and tells everyone that she doesn’t like Brigitte. Ben says he seconds that. Travis kisses Dixie, but it’s just a peck. Terri sits on Rory’s knee as a dare, before Brigitte has to grab some cake, starts singing Happy Birthday before putting the cake all over her face and body.

2:12am: Dixie comes to the diary room. She says she likes Brigitte but she annoys the shit out of her. Dixie says she is destined for great things, but she is the most annoying member of the house. Outside in the kitchen, Rebecca wonders if Dixie will apologise in the morning. Brigitte says she won’t accept the apology.

Dixie confronts Bianca about her bad mood with her. Bianca says that the girls have told her that Dixie constantly is mean about her. Dixie says she says a few things that she instantly wishes she could take back, but sometimes it just comes out. She says that she wouldn’t be talking to Bianca if she disliked her. Dixie says it’s going to be on tomorrow.