Day 16

8:52am: Big Brother has woken the housemates. He imitates a cricket commentator revealing that the second day is about to start, and also letting the housemates know that they dropped 51 of the 56 chances given to them.

Big Brother wakes Nobbi via his mobile phone in the kombi van. Nobbi says that the cricket match is pretty boring, but it beats the first week’s task. Nobbi asks Big Brother once again if he can go inside for the family dinner. Big Brother tells Nobbi that it’s now been two weeks he’s been stuck outside.

Dixie is eating breakfast and the only housemate fielding in the cricket match. Numerous balls go past with Dixie looking over her shoulder, before she goes back to eating her breakfast.

Rebecca later tells Dixie that Bianca is making dinner. Rebecca says she has to make lunch. Dixie says that she doesn’t like her anymore. After changing fielders so the guys are watching the pitch, the girls decide to go and clean the house, and Dixie asks for some help. Bianca says she has been cleaning all morning, but she is happy to help some more.

2:26pm: Bianca says that she is feeling unappreciated today, especially by Dixie. She tells Terri what she has done in terms of housework, and Terri agrees that Dixie is a bit of a stirrer. Bianca says she is sick of her.

Brigitte says she’ll have to wear a pillowcase on eviction night. She asks Dixie to come with her to the diary room. Dixie speaks for Brigitte and says that her client is unable to exercise at the moment because she has no joggers. Big Brother says ‘no’. Big Brother suggests that she skip on the grass.

Nobbi says that it’s time for him to go inside. He says he is sick of it. He runs around a bit in order to get rid of his anger, and doesn’t enter the house.

2:37pm: Nobbi and Travis are talking about being gay. They wonder if it’s a lifestyle choice or whether you are born that way. Terri sticks her opinion in. Nobbi says that one of his close mates is gay (or so Nobbi thinks), but he hasn’t said he is. Nathan says that gay guys attempt to pick up Travis because of his voice. They are interrupted by a cricket ball, which they catch.

Meanwhile, over the fence, the four lucky housemates are told they must leave Bali and return to the aircraft. Over dinner, Nobbi tells fellow housemates that he couldn’t speak English when he came to Australia and had to learn from scratch. A little later, Nobbi tells Travis that he isn’t really interested in anyone from the house and he’s basically made his mind up about everyone now. Big Brother tells passengers on the aircraft that they could make their way back to the Gold Coast a lot quicker than they took to get there. Turbulence affects the aircraft and David loses a bit of his beer.

5:51pm: Renee thinks that she couldn’t get a guy like Nathan. Ben tells Travis that he doesn’t think he knows David very well. He tells Travis that Alice and David act as if they are mother and father, and he says they don’t need them because they are both not in the house and they are functioning fine without them. On the place, Alice ranks David as the nicest guy followed by Rory. He has Ben low, as well as Saxon. Ben continues talking down fellow housemates, saying Alice is fake and he doesn’t trust her at all. Big Brother tells the passengers that they will be arriving back on the Gold Coast shortly. Ben wonders because some of the housemates have been gone for a couple of days whether they will be one group, and the people here will become closer. As they are thinking that, the cloud doors open and they return to the house. They don’t tell the housemates they were next door, rather that they were in Bali. Bianca says, “If you we’re in Bali, then someone is next door.”

9:51pm: Big Brother tells them tonight that something special will happen tonight. Terri is called to the cloud door. Terri is met by Carson in the cloud room once she enters. She is very excited. Carson says she looks fabulous, but she could look better. Carson invites her over to look at some clothes. He picks out two dresses that Terri likes. She fills Carson in on a few other housemates and sends her on her way with her clothes.

10:02pm: It’s Brigitte’s turn this time, and she is very excited. Even more so when she realises it’s Carson. Carson says she is very pretty, and then says they must be related. He tells her that he is there to help her feel good about herself again. She fills Carson in on the drama of losing her clothes, but before long they are talking about Rory again. Next they go through some clothes, pick out a couple of dresses and then they are done.

Carson’s next makeover is Ben. Carson thinks he is cute. Straight into business tonight for Ben and they make they’re way quickly to the rack. The first item is hideous, and they both agree. It takes a while for them to agree on an outfit but they finally get there before again Carson brings up Rory.

Corey is the next housemate to talk to Carson. He seems a bit shy but Carson is friendly enough towards him, talking about the famous party. He picks out an outfit for him pretty quickly and is sent on his way back out into the house.

Carson’s next challenge is Renee. She is really pleased to see him and laughs a bit. They talk about Rory a bit then get onto the clothes. Carson thinks that while she is a bit of a tomboy it’s nice to really dress up and surprise people every once and a while. Renee is stoked she’ll have some shoes. She goes with a pant and vest combo and says she might look cute for Nathan, who she has developed a slight crush on. She exits the room and goes to get changed.

It’s time for Rory to enter the room at last. They talk about his dreadlocks a bit and Carson thinks they should be a bit longer. Rory says it’s been like that for five years. Rory says that Brigitte looks quite all right. They get Rory’s outfit organized and then he’s off.

We get a before and after of each housemate and Renee seems to have changed the most. All housemates who haven’t met Carson yet finally get to meet him. Travis hugs him first and he says that David looks great. Terri is the first to be shown to the other housemates, she gets some laughs. Carson explains the outfit. Brigitte is next and the housemates love the outfit. Renee comes next and the housemates can’t believe it. Rebecca looks stunned. Corey is up next and a few cheers for him. Ben is second laugh and they love the work in this housemate. Carson again explains the outfit. Rory of course is last to strut out on the catwalk, and cheers all around as per usual. They take off his jacket, and that completes the makeovers. Finally a group hug and he leaves the compound!