I liked the specials

I’ve got to admit, I did enjoy these last two Carson specials.

Yes, they did try (to some degree) to make it look like they weren’t shot on consecutive nights.
Yes, they were blatant attempts cross promotion.
Yes, at some point it was excruciatingly awkward to watch.

But, Carson was entertaining and unlike a certain Friday night show, the specials managed to flow and remained entertaining the whole way through. Just as things started to get slow the next housemate would be brought in or Carson would deliver a one-liner that lightened the whole thing up again.

As much as I’m against the cross promotion thing, this, to my surprise, worked. Word from inside the compound is that the Peter Powers special was even funnier – we’ll have to wait until Thursday to find out, though.

The certain Friday night show on the other hand is getting old and stale. It’s exactly the same as it was in 2005 and in this case, sticking to the original concept is not working. The show runs for much too long. Yes, I understand tasks need to be setup, housemates need to be moved in and out of containing areas and whatnot. But watching the show feels like dying a slow and painful death.

Numerous times when I’ve tried to trick myself into believing “this week will be different,” the show finishes and I find myself with a sharp knife to my wrist, not knowing how I managed to walk into the kitchen and retrieve said knife – it must have been the unfathomably boring commentary and real lack of anything interesting.

I’m not even going to go into the fact that the housemates get to see Ninja’s, which is totally against everything Big Brother is meant to be – SECLUSION, anyone?

The concept itself is interesting – housemates in crazy outfits with oversized props and high probability of being injured. However, the way it’s being delivered is painful. Inject some life into this show – changing the theme each week really isn’t enough. Get some new hosts and let’s try to appeal to the older demographic, not 12 year olds who like bright colours and will watch anything prefixed with “Big Brother”.

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