Day 19 FNL

Brigitte wasn’t required to compete in the first round as Big Brother was impressed with her temper tantrum this week and deemed it worthy of a celebrity behaving badly. In the first round, housemates competed against each other in pairs.

Ben faced off against Travis first up in a game which required them to moonwalk (backwards) to a portrait of Michael Jackson and affix a plastic nose to his face. Ben checked his position before putting his blindfold on and, despite missing the face, didn’t do too badly. Travis didn’t bother to look where he was going and missed the portrait completely losing the round and putting himself out of the games.

Dave and Nate then faced each other in a handbag throwing competition. Each boy was required to use their mouth throw handbags for maximum distance. They each only managed to get one of two handbags into the throw zone but Nathan was a clear winner, tossing his bag twice as far as David’s.

Alice and Renee battled next in a David Hasslehof inspired game of crawling along the ground and eating a hamburger. They were required to make their way along the ground and finish a hamburger in the fastest time, without using their hands. Although neither of them actually finished, Alice almost got there and was declared the winner by Big Brother.

Next Nobbie and Rory had to don high healed shoes and kick soccer balls in a Beckham themed game. Each of the boys, dubbed “Posh Spice” and “Victoria Beckham” kicked two balls, each aiming to get as close to the mannequin (David Beckham) as possible. Rory seriously overshot the mark on both attempts before Big Brother announced that Nobbi had the “golden balls” and would continue in the games.

Dixie and Terri then competed in the ‘dummy spit’. Each of them spat two dummies for distance. Dixie easily won this one, with Terri barely making a metre on each attempt.

Bianca and Rebecca were last to compete. They played a game called “Twist and Shout. They were spun around by the ninjas, then required to walk as far as near as they could to a decibelmeter and scream “Show me the money!”

The seven remaining housemates then compete in an elimination round named “The Britney Spear Throwing Contest”. They’re each required to throw umbrellas at a limo and the paparazzi to score points. At the end of two throws Brigitte and Bianca have only one point each, so they throw one final spear each. As Bianca’s misses the mark completely, she’s out of the games.

Big Brother then tells the housemates to split themselves into two teams. Nobbi teams up with Alice and Dixie while Brigitte goes with the boys; Nathan and Ben.

Saxon joins the hosts on stage and talks about his week on the outside. He says he’s had lots of questions about UFO and he’s received mixed responses from people. The hosts tell him he did well on Big Mouth when he was being attacked.

The housemates then play the “The Tom Cruise Couch Jump”. Two of them have to push their team mate around on a couch. The player on the couch grabs Tom Cruise themed items, dresses in a Risky Business themed costume and finally high-fives Oprah.

Brigitte rides the couch first and completed the course in 0:38. Alice rides second, but drops some items and only manages to attain a time of 0:48.

Brigitte, Nathan and Ben then have to choose an eliminated housemate to join them in the final round. As it’s Rebecca’s birthday, they choose her. Nathan teams up wither her to face off against Brigitte and Ben in the next game.

This round required a relay-style race on “Choppers”. One housemate was required to fill a bucket on their helmet with “cement”, cycle up the course and fill their “star on the walk of fame”. Once their helmet was emptied, their partner was allowed to begin. Nathan and Rebecca competed first and managed 3.3Kg of cement. Ben and Brigitte were unable to beat them, claiming only 2.5Kg.

The final round is the “Tori Spelling Bee”. The housemates are each required to spell three celebrity names. Nathan manages to spell Timberlake and Hasselhof, but trips up on McConaughey. Rebecca correctly spells Lohan and Cruise, but also gets one wrong – Beyonce. As there is a draw, the house mates rock off for the right to pass-or-play one final word. Nathan wins the rock off and elects to play, but fails to spell Schwarzenegger making Rebecca the winner of the games.

Big Brother calls Rebecca to the diary room and informs her the current bottom three are Alice, Bianca and herself. She choses to take Brigitte to the Strategy Room.

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