Big Brother, please don’t make me hate you

This is the transcript (read: script) for my audio blog which aired tonight on BBBA Radio.

Before I get on to my main discussion point, a few bullet point things:

  • I liked the launch. Edited to the shit, but sufficiently different for me.
  • I like Kyle & Jackie hosting. And I’m glad I forced myself to hold off opinion until I saw them in action. I hate Kyle, but enjoyed watching him host. So that makes me conflicted.
  • Did not like missing the first 48 hours of streaming. I don’t think lowering the cone of silence over the BB website was worth it just to keep that eviction a secret until it aired.
  • Speaking of the new Official site – I think it looks nice, but it isn’t as functional and useable as it was previously. It’s harder to me to navigate the site and find the things I want.
  • I liked the twist with Nobbi getting kicked out of the house. That’s given us some great comedy moments for the past couple of days. And you can see some of them on my Youtube account.

Now, this is killing me, but onto the “big” news of the week. That lowlife smear-on-a-toilet dickhead Corey is going into the house. My immediate reaction? I HATE YOU BIG BROTHER. Ever since this rumour first appeared a few months ago, I laughed it off as being completely groundless and not making any sense at all. But I was wrong. They made it official on the OS that he’s going in on Sunday.

What remains to be seen now is how it’s all going to go down. How are they going to present him on Sunday? Will he be glorified? Put in the house as a means of “shaking things up”? If that’s how it is, I will vomit on myself.

On the other hand – will they acknowledge straight away that he’s universally hated? And put him in the house, expecting him to be torn down? Because that’s the big unknown – how the PROPER housemates will react to him. My hope is that they will not accept him, and completely shut him out. Maybe even beat him up and chuck his pasty white arse back over the wall. Because he does not deserve to be in there.

Regardless of one’s opinion of them, all our HMs went through repeated auditions, all these tests, months of waiting, and a week of lockdown to get into the house. This idiot threw a party, screwed over his parents, and wore a pair of ugly sunnies. Even though he’s just there as a temporary guest, it doesn’t matter.

Our favourite insider Steph made a great point on her blog – why can’t BB have faith in their own Housemates to work up the ratings instead of resorting to stunts like this? From what we’ve seen of Corey, he’s a complete black hole of charisma and will offer us nothing. There’s the line that any publicity is good publicity – after this, I call bullshit on that. I foresee a very dark week ahead for us.

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