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It can’t have escaped your attention that BBBA 2008 has now launched – and one of the main new features this year are the BBBA Userblogs – allowing every member of BBBA to have their own place to blog.

A few members are already setting up home there and in the last few days alone over 30 blog entries have been posted – and here are extracts from a few of the best, according to the BBBA blogging community. (NOTE: MA15+)

bb-06 questions whether this year’s housemates have been “cast” rather than auditioned:

I suspect that the producers got spooked during the auditions process. After all, they now had ALL of their auditionees online, actively viewing eachothers videos. So, they compiled a list of the most liked housemates, wrote down their characteristics and went shopping.

That’s right, I’m alleging that BB08 is a ‘cast’ show. Afterall, with three housemates unveiled fully and six more unveiled in interviews, how many do you recognise from the OS?

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tiptop highlights that this season is make or break for Big Brother:

This year Big Brother has come to us very fast indeed, and there have been some huge changes since the departure of noble.

First off, internet youtube style auditions which made things very interesting however had a huge drop in auditionees with around 1500 people. 10 times less than previous years.

Now we have the promotions going on, which in my honest opinion are the best we have seen since Big Brother 2005. These ones dont hype it up to much and promise only one thing…dynamic housemates.

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toiletduck asks whether BB08 will be watchable:

I remember watching BB01 and BB02, never missing a show. BB03 I watched bits of it at the start and then eventually watched the rest of it until the end.

However from BB04-07 I have not been able to watch it. The house mates have been cringe worthy to say the least. I guess if you are 12-14yrs old at the time then they have been the best years, but for the older teenagers and 20 somethings its not really compulsive viewing.

So this season I think it might actually be watchable if we simply go by what sort of house mates have been revealed so far. I don’t care what the house looks like, I don’t care if there is a swimming pool or not. I do care that there are house mates that are worthy of watching.

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getluv remembers Gretel Killeen:

Gretel touched us in more ways than one. Getting spanked on BB Uncut, playing backdoorsies with Saxon, eye-fucking Merlin at his eviction, battled the shit that came from Michael’s mouth on that memorable nominations night in 06 and forcing Danielle & Dino to consummate their friendship in front of Australia.

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and finally…

doublethink gives an exclusive insight into what could be going on during lockdown:

Last minute waxing and anal bleaching that’s what!

By tomorrow morning 3 heavy duty sized rubbish bin bags of pubic, anal, chest, leg and back hair will be placed in a dumpster out back of their hotel.

If you are an obsessive fan of BB and know the address of the hotel, it’ll be fairly easy to get yourself a treasured momento?

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