A reluctant hijacking

Well I’ve been putting this blog off for over a week now as despite this being the best BBUK series for at least a couple of years, it kind of went out on a low.

As is always the problem, the final doesn’t do the series justice when there are six housemates remaining – and to add insult to injury this time, John won the damn thing, leaving an excellent series somewhat tarnished by the fact that we have a winner based on a decision made before any of the housemates entered the house – because John sure as hell didn’t do anything while in the house to deserve victory – and it was evident from his best bits too it was the launch night twist that won it for him.

The other dampener on proceedings was the fact that having the host in the house for the final just didn’t work. Perhaps if they’d sent in a few more people like the ex-housemates and the finalists friends and family they’d have been a bit more atmosphere surrounding the events, but having the host and housemates inside with the crowd outside made it feel like the crowd were missing out on the event, and the housemates were missing out on the party – or boo-fest as it’s more commonly known.

Having said that though it’s good they took the risk here on Hijack – and now they can make a note that finals in the house don’t work, so we should never see that in the main series again. Then again, as pointed out in my last blog Big Brother also acknowledges that six finalists doesn’t work, yet so far has continued to persist with it despite objections from the fans, the presenters and even themselves.

Anyhow, apart from that it’s been a great series – and the quality of housemates really came through in the follow up “Winner’s Week” special, which followed most of the housemates returning to their careers after leaving the Big Brother house. These follow-up specials have aired since BB3, and IMO this was probably the most interesting out of the lot, and also featured a surprise hijacking itself.

We can now look forward to Big Brother 9 with alot more confidence than before Celebrity Hijack. The biggest shake-up since Big Brother got evil in BB5 is now being planned, with every element of the show being evaluated. Only Davina McCall and narrator Marcus Bentley remain for the ninth series, with new hosts yet to be named for the spin-off shows, which themselves are likely to be subject to major change too.

This site is no stranger to making comparisons between BBUK and the Australian series, and this year it’ll be very interesting to see how both series approach their impending relaunches.