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Firstly, happy 2008 everyone! Time to kick of a new year of BBBA blogging. Auditions close tomorrow – after that, it’s all in the hands of the producers. Our lovely friends at the Daily Telegraph yesterday claimed that a disappointing small number of online entries had been made – however, I’m sure there’s a few decent options mixed in with all the riff-raff.

Until today I actually hadn’t done much voting (only nominated a couple of early videos when they first went online last month). So I decided to head over to the BB site and find ten entrants to hand out nomination points to. I did so, and now I present to you my picks for 2008.

I’ve tried to find a good cross-section of Housemates. Perhaps the biggest complaint many BBBA forum users have had over the past few years is the lack of depth among Housemates. Too many similar characters. We need a group of people whose continued interactions will be able to hold and sustain our interest for up to three months.

Some of these come from suggestions on our forum and some are from my own browsing on the OS. Maybe you’ll see something in them too. Click the names to watch the videos.

Josh, NSW: Good extroverted character. He’d keep up the energy in the house.
Shane, NSW: Our sporty blokey character. In spite of that, he actually doesn’t annoy me all that much.
Daniel, QLD: Well-spoken and intelligent. Would bring something interesting to the table.
EM, NSW: Wants to see a less-generic group of HMs. I’d like to see how she can fit into that.
Matt, NSW: Has energy and is well-spoken. Sounds like vibes at times :p
Essan, NSW: Because we need our freak factor. But there’s some depth there aswell. Good production quality on the video too.
Bianca, QLD: Despises bimbos and thinks young people can be accomplished in life. Comes across as more intelligent than your average 18 year old.
James, QLD: Wasn’t sure about this one… poorly produced video and he seems to alternate between talking honestly and making a character out of himself, but he looks like he has some depth that could be unravelled in the house.
Amy-Rose, WA: Idiot and nut case, but we need people like that. Voting her in just so I can vote her out.

And finally, my number 1 choice:

Nicholas, QLD: Complete moron pretending to be even more of a moron. You know what the worst thing is? The video actually made me laugh! Perfect for the house!

With my choices made, perhaps I now open myself up to the same problem producers may have had in recent years – potential HMs come across perfect in the auditions, but wind up being a disappointment once inside the house. Regardless, we’ll see on launch night (or maybe a few days earlier – those cheeky leaks) if there’s any familiar faces going into the 2008 house.

There’s plenty of audition discussion going on in our forums, so join in if you haven’t already.

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