Quick! Throw another one in!

I’m not even going to waste typing effort mentioning the failed Kyle Sandilands (insert scream here) Idol cross-promotion crock that we had to witness on Sunday. Instead, I’m going to discuss the next horrible idea from the guys and girls at Big Brother: let’s put Gretel in!

Yep. Gretel is going into the house next Monday to ask the housemates questions from outside the house. What was going through the minds of everyone at BBHQ? They’ve got no extra housemates on standby, let’s just put the host in! C’mon guys, think of something new and please lay off the crack pipe.

My first problem with this is that Gretel shouldn’t be anywhere closer to the house than her little ‘x’ on the eviction stage. There is absolutely no need for her to be any closer to the housemates. I don’t mind that she talks to them on nomination and eviction days, that is something that has happened since day dot and is something that I feel identifies the Australian version of Big Brother. But why throw her in! There’s just no need!

Second issue is that the housemates are going to be asked questions from PEOPLE ON THE OUTSIDE. Although the question will no doubt be screened so that they don’t give off too much (if anything) about what has been happening on the outside, they’re still words from the outside. Why do we need to ask the housemates questions, anyway? Isn’t that Gretel’s job when the housemates are evicted? Then there’s the news.com.au blogs, live chats on the official website, and meet & greets all over the country. Don’t waste air time feeding the public garbage when you could be thinking of original ideas that excite the viewers.

There’s two weeks left and there is still time to save the series. Here’s to hoping.

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