Lil Sis takes cocaine with Lindsay Lohan, crashes car

Lil Sis has been snapped by US paparazzi in a shocking game of cocaine-fueled knife roulette with fallen star Lindsay Lohan.

The party pair were seen at a myspace party gone wrong rubbing knives over their intoxicated bodies. They had been sniffing cocaine off the blades just minutes earlier.

A source at the party told us “These photos are very worrying. Lil Sis is so out of control. She should not be left within a million miles of a knife. The states Lil Sis gets herself into she is lucky to be alive.”

Lil Sis left the party screaming at on-lookers “well what do you expect!? My work is so boring!”

She then sped her Mercedes convertible through a crowd of people while high on booze and coke and crashed into a tree. She has been arrested for driving under the influence.

There was no other Big Brother news to post today.

Lil sis

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