Day 10

10.38am – Breakfast is served to the housemates, but its porridge yet again after the housemates broke rules in the house. Over breakfast the housemates watch the white room, who are also eating the same food. Everyone in both houses are looking pretty unenthused at their food. Later outside the girls discuss how Bodie is gutted after being made a “non housemate” for breaking nominations rules. No one can acknowledge Bodie or talk to him. Big Brother calls all houseamates to the lounge but as Bodie is a non housemate he must go to the hot tub area. Jamie and Thomas are called to the diary room to collect a table containing paddles. The paddles will be used to select couples for this week’s task. Aleisha picks first – Joel. Emma picks Andrew. Kate picks Thomas. Hayley picks Jamie. Rebecca picks Billy. Susannah picks Zoran. TJ picks Travis.

Andrew and Emma are the first couple called to the diary room for the task. Inside they find baby dolls and are told by Big Brother they are to each care for one of the baby. They must care for the baby as if it were their own real child. Andrew asks if they can name the baby, but BB does not repsond. The baby doll makes a gurgling noise as they pick it up. When they leave the diary room everyone cheers, except for Kate who looks uncomfortable.


1.28pm – Thomas and Kate are called to collect their computerised baby. Thomas is glad their baby is a boy. Kate on the other hand looks extremely uncomfortable and can’t sit still in the diary room chair. She eventually starts crying. Thomas hugs her and asks if she is ok.. she shakes her head. Big Brother asks if Kate is ok, she is not. Kate says if this is the task she is leaving the house because she lost a baby 18 months ago and she can’t be in this environment.

Kate: “I’ve obvioulsy got a lot of issues I still need to work through. Coming in here I didn’t think it was bad but I’ve realised it is”

The housemates outside wonder why Kate and Thomas are taking so long in the diary room. Kate tells Big Brother its not the fact that she would be doing this task on her own, its the fact there will be babies all around, talk and joking about babies and she wouldn’t be able to handle that. She won’t be able to get away from it. She doesn’t want to put herself through it, and would rather be out of the house instead.

Kate: “I’m sorry that I’m this weak but I can’t put myself through that”.

Kate says she doesn’t expect the task to change just for her but she won’t be forced into doing something she doesn’t want to do. Big Brother says if Kate wishes she can leave the diary room and take a moment – there is no need to make any decisions now. Kate and Thomas emerge from the diary room without a baby, and Kate has sunnies on her head. The HMs all figure out Kate has been crying and wonder what is going on. A little later BB calls all housemates in the lounge to the diary room. Meanwhile Kate and Thomas are in the chill out room talking about Kate’s residual issues. Big Brother tells the main housemate group that for reasons he will not disclose at this time the current task will cease and they must leave all babies in the diary room. Andrew asks if they are allowed to talk to Kate – Big Brother would prefer he talk to Kate first, then Kate can decide if she wants to discuss it openly.

Kate is telling Thomas its difficult because when you are pregnant and give birth your body goes through changes and she has come into a house where the girls all have great bodies and haven’t had to go through childbirth and that experience. It’s intimidating for her to see their bodies, especially TJ who is very skinny. Big Brother calls Kate to the diary room, and she thanks Thomas for talking to her before she leaves the chillout room. BB asks Kate how she is feeling and informs her the task has been withdrawn from the house – and that she is at liberty to leave the house. BB adds the task was never designed to upset Kate, and it is her choice to discuss this with the other housemates.

Kate says she will discuss it with the other housemates in five minutes when she’s had a chance to wash her face.


2.30pm – Kate has gathered the housemates and explains why the task has been cancelled – 18 months ago she was pregnant and lost the baby at the end of her pregnancy. It’s something she’ll never get over and being in a house full of screaming plastic babies was not something she was prepared to go through. She is now prepared to go further in the house now that the task has been withdrawn. Kate starts to get a little tearful while explaining this, as do the other female housemates. She doesn’t really want to go into depth and if the other housemates ask questions later on one-on-one she will go into it. It’s not something you can just mention in passing conversation. “You can’t understand what its like to lose a baby”. TJ and Hayley start tearing. Kate developed a condition with her pregnancy that resulted in the rare death of her baby. Kate explains that she is away from her support group so it adds more difficulty to the situation.

Thomas jumps in and says they can all see how the task could be a source of such stress for some one in her position. Travis says they would all rather fail the task than let her go through that. Everyone is supportive of Kate. She says she is sorry for being such a loudmouth bitch this week but she does have a side that isn’t like that. She apologises to Emma about what has happened in the last couple of days. Rebecca adds they should work on making a safety network for each other.

Rebecca: “When you look at a dead tree in the winter you don’t think its an ugly tree you think its going to be really pretty in the summer. Maybe this is your period to be a little bit dead and your summer’s just coming”


3.04pm – Talk has moved to showering naked. They all do a hand count, there are five housemates who have showered naked. TJ suddenly bursts into tears and goes into the bedroom, saying “stupid… stupid… so sick of it”. Thomas follows her but TJ doesn’t need a hug she says.. she’s crying because Bodie has been excluded from the other housemates as a punishment from Big Brother. Bodie meanwhile goes outside and walks around alone. TJ continues her rant about how the punishment is stupid and he’s being “treated by a dog”.

3.57pm – Bodie is still wandering around but is called to the diary room. His punishment is over. Bodie say he is “alright”… all of his answers are short and annoyed. Big Brother annouces to the entire house explaining that the rules are in place for a reason and housemates should police themselves when it comes to the rules. Some of the housemates run up to the diary room door to meet him when he comes out. Bodie suspects this has happened and questions BB on it. Bodie doesn’t want people to be waiting for him when he leaves the diary room. Too bad – the entire house is now waiting. Joel says he doesn’t want to talk to Bodie he just wants to kick him (jokingly). Bodie doesn’t want a “horray Bodie can talk thing”. BB doens’t want to talk about it.

Bodie leaves the diary room and gets a “horray Bodie can talk thing”.

7.02pm – Aleisha and Kate are in the bathroom. Al tells Kate she is really proud of her for what she explained about herself today. Bodie is sitting with TJ in the lounge room, but is still quiet. Bodie said the punishment was “a really good lesson”. Not just for what he did wrong, but a life lesson. He hasn’t been quiet for that amount of time ever and he heard a lot more and got to know the other housemates more than if he was allowed to speak. He sees people in this house differently now. TJ explains how she couldn’t deal with the punishment. Bodie didn’t realise how much of a friend and how much TJ cared about him. Bodie initially mistook her mood swings as two-faced.

TJ says she knows Bodie differently to the other housemates because she’s seen him in his quiet time…. like now.

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