For two points I nominate…

There are a couple of recurring issues many viewers have with nominations, including the crappy reasons Housemates often give, and BB’s constant interruptions as they try to get their point across. Many viewers think they could do better at nominations, so I decided to create an imaginary scenario just to see how I would go.

Will, who do you nominate for two points and why?

Big Brother I’d like to nominate Rebecca for two points. I’m finding her more and more annoying and it’s just really difficult being stuck here in a house with her 24 hours a day.

Will, be honest. What is it about Rebecca that you don’t like?

She’s just an irritating person to be around! Sometimes she’s just too happy, and other times she’s crying and getting upset about something. I know it sounds mean, but I think everyone’s getting sick of having to comfort–

Will, you’re not nominating for the group, you’re nominating for yourself.

Yes, but I’m part of the group! So when I say ‘everyone’ I’m also referring to myself!

Get to the point. You’re running out of time.

If you weren’t constantly interrupting me I would have gotten to the point by now! Let me finish! I’m just sick and tired of being around Rebecca–

Have you tried discussing this with her? Be specific.

Discussing what? The fact that I can’t stand her?

How does this affect you? You’re running out of time.

It affects me because I’m sick of her! She’s irritating and ruining my time in the house!

That’s a cop out. What are you actually saying about Rebecca?

I just told you!!! Are you even listening?! I don’t want to be around her any more!

Will, you have someone’s future in your hands. What is it about her personality that you don’t like?

Listen to me!!! I just told you!!!

Get to the point.


You’re not being honest.

Big Brother, I’d like to change my nominations. For two points I want to nominate Big Brother. The reason is he makes me want to shoot myself, which affects my time in the house because I don’t want to die…

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