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Emma should not be told!

30 May 2007

Posted by Tim

I’m so sick of hearing people complain about Emma not being told her father is dead. I thought this issue had well and truly run its course and we had all moved on. The media had a good Big Brother bash, uninformed dead-heads called up talk back radio stations and complained about a show they don’t even watch… and then we were supposed to hop onto the next Big Brother controversy.

Doesn’t seem so – every chance they get the media are dragging this one back up. The most recent case was today when it was reported some one tried to bring a sign to the eviction saying her Dad was dead, but I’m also noticing totally unrelated news will somehow mention her in some way. A story from The Daily Telegraph by BBBA-refresher Garth Montgomery reported simply that Nick was angry with Gretel’s interviewing of him, and somehow the Emma incident manages to sneak back in. Don’t ask me why thats even relevant to the main story.

Everyone is trying to take some politically correct standpoint and say “I’m so shocked” … “thats disgraceful” … “she should be told”, but in every single case no one knows the full circumstances surrounding Emma’s relationship with her Dad… not even me! It really frustrates me hearing journos bash the show and clueless people call up radio stations thinking they know whats best for Emma and her family. To reiterate: they do not know what is best for Emma and her family! It’s as simple as that people. BB exec Kris Noble even wrote in a letter to the editor in a Melbourne newspaper explaining this – and for once I actually agree with him!

I also notably point out that every time this is reported in a newspaper or on radio, important information is left out pretaining to Emma’s estrangement with her father and the fact they only communicated by text recently. Does this not give any weight to the fact Emma might not want to know about her father’s death at this point in time? Everyone keeps basing their opinions on their relationship with their own father – but does did it cross anyones minds that maybe Emma might not be that cut-up about her father dying? As horrible as that sounds to some people it could be the cold hard truth. Housemates are told to elect three scenarios they would like to be informed of when in the house. We don’t know for sure but perhaps her father’s death isn’t actually one she listed.

The most alarming thing about this whole scenario is that people continue to banter on about Emma being told when it was the family’s explicit wishes not to. Where do these people get off thinking they can over-ride the family just because they think it’s the “right” thing to do? In radio pieces I’ve been hearing a lot of callers say “even though the family said that if it was me I would want to be told”… well newsflash for you people you aren’t Emma or her Dad or her family. Really you should be butting right out of this whole thing because frankly you should be letting the family sort out their own problem.