We’re due for a good one…surely?!

Finally we’re within sight of the launch. In just over a week, who knows how many housemates will have entered the house and Big Brother 2007 will have commenced. I’m looking forward to it, but as has been the case the past few years, I’m weary. I’m weary because I can easily see this series turning into another horrible one. But hey, we haven’t started yet so I’m trying to remain upbeat and keep the negativity to a minimum!

The ad campaign. It’s been another shocker from where I sit. I feel that they’ve completely contradicted themselves with the ads, two in particular. Back on the 29th March, we got a new commercial saying “Big Brother Promises, nothing is guaranteed”; one of the latest ads is Gretel standing at a press conference announcing “What Big Brother promises, he delivers.” What the….?!!!! I think thats got my point across anyway.

The golden key promotion. Yeh a great lot of advertising for Starburst. When I travel down Punt Road they have a great huge billboard for the promotion, and it tells you how many keys are still out there. I drove past last week (so two weeks before launch) and of the 100 on offer, 61 keys still needed to be found! So this promotion has obviously worked extremely well. From what I can gather, there is no key inside the packs, just a unique code, and you *of course* have to sms the code to even figure out if you’re a winner. No wonder they haven’t got 100 people yet. Secondly on this issue, even if you are one of the lucky ones, you still have to be ‘vetted’ again by producers and there is another culling of the entrants before we the public get to decide. I know we harp on about BBUK, but they’re golden ticket promotion just had the people line up and a lottery was conducted to find the lucky housemate. How easy!

Finally, yesterday we got our first glimpse of the house from an overhead shot. The backyard, minus a paint job and some new turf, looked exactly the same as the previous year. Really not a good omen to begin the year on. However, we’ve got Gretel on Rove tonight to come, so perhaps she can turn my negativity around. We’ll see :)


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