Day 2

8.17am – Housemates are outside having a talk about the house. Travis says in the house he is restless and can’t sleep properly. Some housemates are still in bed, but are soon woken by a rooster alarm sounding through the house. The housemates already awake laugh and scream “I love it”. Joel, in the bedroom decides to make his own rooster noises. Bodie and Joel then jump on the bed and shake their crotches. Big Brother annouces it is time to tend the animals. Rebecca and Kate quickly volunteer to do it today. The animals are all impatient for their food and call out, but Kate tells them patience is a virtue. The two girls feed the goats at the same time. Rebecca talks baby talk to the goats. Back in the house a lot of the housemates are exercising or doing weights. Kate is now having a go at milking rosy the cow, she tells the cow to be easy. Big Brother instructs Kate to put the milk in the milking station – it is then swapped for pasturised milk for the housemates to drink. It only seems to be about 1 litre for the whole house. Kate is impressed with herself and says she should be a “zooy person”.

Secret couple Andrew and Hayley are both doing weights near each other. Hayley jokes with Thomas about doing poses, and he gives her a pose of his own, whie Andrew is watching. Joel comes to the diary room and says he is feeling punished by his task to find out the secret couple. He says he is good at sussing out people but needs some indepth conversation to find them out. Big Brother says maybe he should continue trying. Joel rambles on about his investigations, saying its an interesting game but its doing his head over. In the bathroom Aleisha asks Jamie how he is settling in with the personalities in the house. Jamie says in his group of friends he is the loud one but coming into the BB house he feels quiet. Back in the diary room Joel says he has inclings about Jamie, that he isn’t telling the truth. Joel adds that Jamie just observes and doesn’t talk much, and thats why he has suspicions. Jamie tells Aleisha he thought she was uncomfortable around him. She doesn’t think so. Joel continues to list people he is suspicious about: Rebecca and Thomas. He says he will have to use all of his carisma and charm to figure this one out.


9.56am – Andrew is in the diary room. He says its getting harder not being able to wake up with Hayley and give her a hug and kiss. “Its a game and its a challenge.. its a good challenge”. He wants to have some one-on-one time with Hayley and have a chat. Meanwhile Hayley is in the bedroom telling Jamie she can’t relate to Andrew (it’s an act). Andrew has been trying to act blokey to seem like a single guy, which really isn’t him he says. He is looking forward to the day when everyone finds out and they can relax and go outside and lie on the chairs and have a cuddle and “just be us”. Travis is questioning Hayley about whether she thinks Andrew is gay. Hayley continues her act and says that maybe because he is a firefighter he might be uncomfortable with coming out of the closet. Jamie says if Andrew is gay and wants to stay in the closet thats his choice. Hayley adds that Andrew has a dramatic streak about him.

Thomas is in the chillout room with Rebecca. He asks her if anyone is getting on anyones nerves, and then switches the sentence to whether HE is getting on anyones nerves. Rebecca doesn’t think so. She’s wrong because in the bedroom Travis, Hayley and Jamie are talking about him. Jamie notes Thomas is constantly apologising and saying sorry for things and he would rather Thomas just settle down. Hayley agrees and says he should take some heat. Travis adds “he’s a nancy”. Fantastic editing here as we cut to a shot of Thomas telling Rebecca he hates people talking about him behind his back, and not being able to say it to his face. Rebecca feels a little bit of tension in the air… Thomas doesn’t think so but Rebecca confirms “oh its there”.


5.21pm – Hayley is lying on Thomas as her secret boyfriend Andrew watches on. Thomas gives Hayley a foot massage and she says loudly “oh I’ve found the love of my life”. Andrew says he can’t touch feet (is this an act?) and discussion in the living room turns to feet in general. Thomas doesn’t see anything wrong with it. Andrew wouldn’t such any toes even if he was given $1000. Rebecca annouces to the house…. (she doesn’t have an announcement yet)… then decides to do some disco dancing in the living room with no music. In the kitchen Andrew and TJ are washing the dishes and they both agree they aren’t missing out on anything not being over where the “disco” dancing is happening. TJ says she isn’t a chick-chick and prefers the company of guys to girls. Andrew says it would have been nice if other people helped them with the dishes. The housemates in the living room start swapping pick up lines.

Jamie goes first: “Hi my names Mr. Wright I hear you’ve been looking for me”. Rebecca gives a lame laugh.

Thomas licks his finger and puts it on Hayley’s top: “Hi you wanna go home and get out of these wet clothes?”

“Hi my name is Thomas.. you’re going to be screaming it later”.

In the bathroom TJ has Bodie lying down while she plucks his eyebrows. She notes they keep sneaking off but Bodie doesn’t care what the others think he likes spending time with TJ. She says she is shaking so much and Bodie adds maybe she is nervous about being around him. TJ laughs it off “this guy’s so hot right now”.

8.09pm – Big Brother calls all male housemates to the bedroom. All female housemates to the lounge immediately. Joel gets revved up. Emma isn’t impressed it seems BB got her out of bed. The diary door opens and Zoran enters the house. The girls all scream and welcome him, but the boys in the bedroom can only hear them and can’t see whats happening. They all figure out some one has entered the house and decide to do their own fake cheer as if some one was let in through the bedroom. However all the girls are outside now with Zoran and don’t hear it. The girls and Zoran fill each other in on whats happened and then pour some champagne. They all toast to Zoran’s entrance into the house. The boys are still trapped in the bedroom but are soon greeted by Susannah who enters through the bathroom. The boys naturally go psycho and introduce themselves one by one. Susannah is all smiles and giggles. The girls in the living room instantly hear the new female in the house and Hayley screams out “she sounds hot!”.

Big Brother annouces housemates are free to leave the bedroom, and everyone is mixed together for meet and greets. On the conversation list is where Zoran’s name comes from (its Macedonian) and how old he is. Travis says he looks older. Susannah updates Hayley and Rebecca on her relationship status – she’s taken but only met her boyfriend a few weeks ago. She was scared she was in a house full of guys when she first entered. Outside she is given the house tour, but no one knows where to go first.


8.39pm – Big Brother calls everyone to the house. They immediately suspect a new housemate again. Billy walks through the diary room door. Hayley (his ex) stands up and looks shocked, then scared. When they “meet” each other they pretend not to know each other and Hayley sits on the couch nervously. She asks him where he’s from – Sydney. Billy gets updated on the other new housemates from tonight. Thomas says to Andrew and Hayley “stick together? we’ll stick together?”. Andrew asks him if he feels threatened – Thomas says yeah he wants to stay in the house as an original. Hayley asks Billy how old he is – 23, but Billy doesn’t seem interested in her at all. Hayley starts gasping and grabs Thomas, saying “we’re sticking together”. Travis is the most interested in Billy, asking him questions and having drinks with him.

Hayley goes to the diary room, much to the annoyance of the other housemates. Hayley told the housemates she was only just going to check if they can leave the lounge. Instead she tells Big Brother as if BB didn’t already know that her ex-boyfriend has just come into the house an an intruder. Andrew gives Billy 20 questions. Sydney, insurance broker, 23. In the diary room Hayley tells Big Brother she nearly fell of her seat when Billy walked into the room. She thought he was overseas and long gone, and she already has quite a bit of stress with the secret relationship and now this. She is blown out of water. “It’s a challenge, he probably knows me better than anyone else in this house except Andrew”. Billy is already a hit with the other boys in the house. Andrew very ackwardly asks Billy if he is gay – he’s not, obviously.

Andrew: “aah… not.. .that thats a big issue, its just we still don’t have a gay person in the house”.

Billy turns away from the conversation. Hayley meanwhile is reminded the rules of her mission – she cannot recognise anyone she knows in the house and she can’t discuss it with Andrew. Before she leaves she checks if they can leave the lounge – they can.


9.24pm – Billy is in the chillout room and is joined by Zoran and Susannah. The new boys ask the new girl how old she is – they guess 25 but she is actually 30. They say she doesn’t look 30. She says she loves them both for thinking she looks younger. She says she is the opposite of the stereotypical 30 year old married and with kids. Zoran gives Aleisha a kiss through the chill out room window. There is lipstick smudged on the window.

Later in the night housemates are outside by the pool. Hayley pretends she doesn’t know Billy and asks him where he is from again, and he asks the same back. They continue their act of small talk banter. Hayley quickly moves away from it and sits with Travis. She tells him they are her “originals”, and she will cling to everyone now. She was just getting to know everyone and now the new ones have come in. Travis on the other hand thinks its a good thing because people were starting to segregate and the new housemates bring everyone back together. In the bedroom Emma realises there are three new beds placed inbetween existing sleeping spots, and goes outside to tell the others. Housemates get to work setting new sleeping arrangements because three of the beds are very close to each other, almost as if it was one big bed.

The plasma in the bedroom turns on by itself and shows footage from the white room. There are now four people inside the white room. The other housemates watch on without sound, see the red button and start chanting for them to push the button. The girls talk about who looks cute. Travis comes to the einstein conclusion they all have to wear white in the white room. They realise there is a white room housemate taller than Thomas and cheer it out.


12.37am – Talk moves to Susannah’s boyfriend – they have only been going out six weeks. She says she will no doubt find people who she will find a connection to but will be good because she thinks her boyfriend is worth it. She has already found people in the house attractive. In the chillout room Bodie explains for him “chicks need to be more than just hot” for him to like them “you have to be able to hold my interest and stimulate me”.

The intelligent conversation continues:

Billy: Its a one nighter, because it looks good, it sounds good but the next morning when she’s there and you’re like … eaaargh.

In the bedroom Hayley starts moisturising Thomas’s hands while Andrew watches on. In the diary room Billy is given his first mission – his job is to put pressure on them. Each day he will be given a new mission to do this. Tonight he must say “Goodnight Hayley, sweet dreams”. He says “no worries”. The moisturising continues and Andrew watchign continues. Thomas says “oooh yum”. In the bathroom TJ tells Billy everyone has got along with each other because they are all pretty similar, there are no outrageous personalities or overly loud personalities. They talk about Bodie and how his personality is big. Bodie meanwhile is in the toilet next to TJ and Bodie. TJ screams out about Bodie “yeah he doesn’t realise he’s met his fucking match!”. TJ says she is the alpha female in the house but a near-naked Bodie ignores her.

Housemates are getting into bed ready for bed. Billy says “goodnight Hayley, sweet dreams”. She sits up and gives a hand gesture but its hard to tell whether its towards Billy or Andrew (both are sleeping next to each other).

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