Day 1

1:36am: Kate, Aleisha & another girl are watching the White Room feed, which is still showing in the living room. They all want something to happen. Kate suggests sitting there until something does happen. Andrew comes to the diary room. He says that he has wanted to talk to BB since they came into the house. He says he is finding it more difficult than he imagined not being able to speak to his secret relationship partner Hayley. He says it’s especially hard because it is their one year anniversary. He says that if he could speak to her he would just like to wish her a happy anniversary. Meanwhile, the bedroom has decided it’s time to jump in the spa. We are shown numerous housemates getting changed under their doonas. A good 6 or 7 make it out to the spa. Back in the bedroom, Hayley asks TJ if she’ll be showering naked. She says that it doesn’t really bother her because it’s a fact of life. She says the sooner everyone gets it over and done with, the easier it’ll be. They think that the guys will all get their gear off. They wonder if they’ll be more people coming in. Out at the spa, Rebecca is explaining that she doesn’t drink, she doesn’t swear and numerous other things. She says she did stray for one year and have some fun, revealing that she isn’t a virgin. Back in the bedroom, Bodie decides to have a shower, and says that he’s going to get his gear off. The girls discuss whether to move their discussion to the bathroom!

2:52am: Andrew, Hayley and a couple of other housemates are in the bathroom. Andrew says that the girls are just going to control this room. Others leave giving Andrew and Hayley the first chance to talk as a couple since they walked in. They exchange looks. Hayley asks if he is alright, but since he is brushing his teeth, you can’t understand his response. He leaves the bathroom without saying another word. In the bedroom, Joel is saying he expected the beds to be worse. They wonder where Thomas’s feet are. He says they are basically out of the end of the bed and he has the pillow up on the lightbox (bedhead basically). Thomas says he is used to it! Lights go out and housemates say goodnight to each other.

5:58am: First movement on the first morning is made by Rebecca She wanders outside and kneels to pray. Meanwhile, housemates continue to sleep. Jamie is the next to get up and heads outside as well. Jamie says he had to check this morning to make sure he was still in the house. Rebecca says that the conversation last night was good, but she felt completely out of it. Jamie says he’s not as cool as everyone else, and he feels he is on the outer. He says things will change though, so he’s not ready yet. Jamie wonders if Rebecca has really bonded with anyone in quick fashion yet. She says that she gets on well with him and also Andrew, saying they are similar.

3:26pm: Big Brother has gathered the housemates in the living room. He tells the housemates that they are about to receive their first weekly task. Andrew is the first to go to the diary room. BB asks Andrew to choose between two opposites that most reflect his character. The first question is “Saint or Sinner” Andrew says Saint, so does two others, Joel says sinner and someone else joins him. The next question is indecisive or decisive. Kate says decisive. Other questions asked are “Footy or fashion”, with the guys and girls going their seperate ways on that question, as well as “Dumper or Dumpee” & “Kisses or Cuddles”. After the compatibility test, Andrew and Hayley are individually dismissed by Big Brother, however everyone else receives a piece of information. “Big Brother has selected you for a special, secret task. You may never discuss this with your housemates, if you do you will be evicted. 2 of your housemates are lying to you. They say they are strangers, but they are a couple. They are boyfriend and girlfriend, and live together in the outside world, yet living a lie in the BB house. Your task is to idenify them. If your successful you’ll be generously rewarded. If you fail they’ll be a severe penalty.” Joel says he’s excited about it, but then asks “are you telling the truth?” BB continues, telling the housemates individually that they have one week to find the relationship. Jamie asks at the end, “Can I change one of my responses that i’ve rethought?”

No time given: Housemates are in the kitchen preparing a meal. Someone refers to Hayley as “Hails” and Andrew picks up on it, saying he likes it. They wonder if they can continue to call her that. Joel watches on. Jamie asks Hayley if she is attachted or single. Hayley says she is very much single. 3 girls are in the padded room just talking about nothing. Back in the kitchen, Jamie asks Andrew if he has a girlfriend on the outside. Andrew says he doesn’t want one at the moment. 3 boys are in the bedroom. Bodie, Travis and Thomas are saying that they are struggling talking to Jamie, Bodie especially. Thomas wonders if they have a problem having a convo with him. They say he is fine. Thomas says that Jamie is more of a thinker than most. Back to the girls in the padded room. Emma says that she isn’t looking cause she has a partner, but she says she likes them all as friends, thinks they are great guys.

7:35pm: About half the housemates are seated at the dinner table. Thomas and Hayley are talking about after the show. Thomas says that he has no idea where he’ll be living. Hayley invites him down to Melbourne to stay with her. Andrew watches on! In the padded room Jamie is talking with Rebecca. Rebecca says she has suffered with eating disorders in her life, and Jamie says “thanks for trusting me with that.” They hold hands with each other. Rebecca says she doesn’t think Jamie wants a relationship out of the show. Jamie says he thinks it would be great, but it’s not what he’s come onto the show to get. Jamie gets a bit carried away saying that he thinks it would be a great story to tell when he’s older.

9:36pm: Bunch of housemates out sitting by the pool. Thomas asks if everyone feels like they are all brothers and sisters or whether some people have a little crush developing. Andrew sticks his hand up. Hayley says she has a crush, but won’t reveal who it is. Meanwhile, TJ and Bodie are chatting in the padded room. Bodie asks her a heap of questions. TJ says she is from the outback, out Darwin way. Bodie says he is sold on her, saying she is a top chick. They come outside and join the others and a few start playing “Never ever”, and Andrew says “I never ever…..*Bleep*” for the rest of the sentence so we don’t have a clue. Hayley doesn’t look too pleased though, and decides to go off to join a new conversation with Thomas. Hayley, as she walks inside with Thomas, says thats going too far. Thomas agress. Andrew soon realises they walked away because of his comment, but someone else says they think it was the comments in general. Andrew rolls his eyes. In the kitchen, Hayley says it was offensive. Kate, after asking inside what the “never ever” was, heads outside to find out. Andrew seems fired up now, and asks who it was who revealed they had a crush. Someone tells him it was Hayley. Andrew thinks that Hayley has used that earlier comment as a way to take Thomas away from the others, and that Thomas really had no problem with the comment.

11:04pm: Andrew is talking to Bodie about how he thinks that Thomas wasn’t offended by the comment. Bodie comes and sits down next to Hayley and says that he hopes they didn’t offend her. She says she would never expect an apology and that she thinks it’s sweet that he came to her anyway, and trys to give him a kiss on the head but he moves it back towards her at the last minute, so she gets slightly hurt. Meanwhile in the bedroom, TJ tells Emma in the bedroom that she felt that she had done something wrong out there. Andrew walks in and says that he thinks he seriously offended someone. The girls don’t think so. TJ says that if someone (referring to Hayley) wants to be like a princess then let her. Andrew watches on! Aleisha comes in and invites everyone out to have yougart, but in the process by opening the door has hurt Andrew’s hand. Andrew leaves the bedroom and TJ says “Poor Andrew, I feel for him.” Thomas and Hayley continue flirting while sorting out the rubbish and which bin to put things in. TJ and Emma say there are dividing groups already, saying that Hayley etc will look down on the vulgar people such as themselves. Hayley and Thomas enter the room. TJ basically leaves the room immediately. Thomas says that he thinks they could all get sleep deprieved very quickly. On the couches, TJ suggests that if someone doesn’t like the conversation they should leave, so the others don’t feel guilty by having the discussion. Travis says that that is what happens out in the real world. TJ says “If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen!” Andrew still thinks that Hayley has a crush on Thomas. In the bathroom Hayley is brushing her teeth, and Thomas is waiting for someone who has been ‘way too long’ in the ‘little boys room’. TJ, who is quite worked up, tells Andrew she doesn’t give a **** about some people in the house. In the bedroom, a bit of comedy, Aleisha does the splits and looks incredibly short. Meanwhile, in the diary room, Rebecca is telling BB that the task that he gave her is ‘causing grief.” She says that there are some amazing actors in this place. However, she says she has some good observations and some people haven’t opened up. As the others head to bed, Bodie says he had a great night, and he hoped it wasn’t at other peoples expense. Hayley waves over to Andrew, who hardly responses, and so she says “Oh, cranky now!”. Rebecca says she is struggling to find the real people in here, everyone is so guarded. She is excused from the diary room. Thomas waits “5 minutes” for a hi5 from Hayley, there beds almost back to back. Andrew watches on. Aleisha says that Thomas would be sensitive boyfriend. Everyone settles down to sleep.

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