Lets do the time warp again!

I sat down tonight and didn’t really know what I was watching. At some point throughout the show, if you’ve seen BBUSA, you would have thought to yourself “this has been done before”. Back in BB5USA ex girlfriend-boyfriends were bought into the house, in a very similar twist to what happened tonight to Hayley. Anyway, I don’t mind that twist, so I’m willing to let that one go.

When the 4 losers went into the white room, and I saw a button, I knew I was watching “Solitary”. Solitary is a show where each person sits in a pod and the last person to push the button basically wins. It’s exactly the same deal here in the BB house. While they are in the same room, the last one standing gets a wildcard into the main house.

Lets think about these losers for a moment too. They lost the sms vote, yet they haven’t been discared yet. So why have a sms vote? was it simply a money grabbing exercise? You bet!

And news just through in the last couple of hours, Shilpa from Celebrity Big Brother UK edition is coming to the house. Why does BBAU have a fascination with BBUK and stealing their housemates? Seems ridiculous. And to be honest, having watched BBUK, the girl isn’t even an exciting housemate. Very bland to be honest, and only won because of the racial arguments being thrown around in the house.

Onto something more exciting. Didn’t BBBA have an awesome weekend!? First with the housemate images, first with the news from the launch (well until….you know what happened!), being linked to a sex scandal….all in a days work round here I suppose. But we’ve got the website name out there on opening weekend this time round than any other year. It’s been a great start. Whats more, the website seems to be holding up to the massive amount of hits we’re receiving as well, so it’s excellent all round.

There is one way of stopping people trying to leak information out of the launch as well – have the balls to do it live. The UK can do it, and they obviously love BBUK, so why not give it another go. It went fine in BB3?! It took them close to, if not more than 3 hours to film the other night. Heck I would’ve been bored out of my mind if I was sitting in the audience. And then to make them wait till Monday night to know the twists?! Thats just harsh.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some comments about the actual housemates; thats if they don’t put another 20 in tomorrow night just to confuse me moreso with the names.

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