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Being that there are only two females on the moderation staff of BBBA, Realitybites and myself decided to do a joint blog. Although I may write one week and she may write the next, please be aware that we may not always have the same opinion of each other. Anyways, enough talk, let’s start on the blog. 

Housemates revealed. 

I spent a day away from the computer, to come back online to find out that a member had found the images and names of the housemates. I first thought “Great! now we can find out who we will be watching for the next three months and also bitching about”  So I had a quick look at the pictures, read the forum thread about it, and then thought to myself “Why even bother having Big Brother back?” out of all the housemates,  the majority of them look like past housemates.

Kris Nobel, please read this, and I know you wont even consider it ever again when you produce a show simply because you suck at your job, But we have already had a Krystal, Camilla, Jamie, Hotdogs, Ben, Anna, Karen,  Christina, Ashlea or whatever her name was, Trevor, Blair and Mikey. In fact, the only housemate who looks remotely interesting is the one who has no picture who we can only assume is the Starburst winner.

See, the problem with Big Brother, is you can start off writing about one topic, which tangles up with another topic, which of course Nobel has managed to steal from Big Brother from another country. See, the magic word this time was Starburst. Which I find ironic, Channel ten has reality teevee shows, one about obese people, yet to win your way into another reality teevee show, you have to eat candy like Munalita to get into the house. 

So here we go again, housemates are more “worldly” Yeah right! If that is the case, then vibes is also John Howard. Oh wait, I understand it now. They are considered worldlier because they have bought hair products to make them blonde! YES! That must be it. 

Or maybe it’s because they have to pedal to wash their clothes, and in turn that will make them worldlier. But if we go by last year in the case of Jamie, like you know, like they wont like ever like change like their underwear or like you know wash.

So back to the topic of Housemates Revealed early.

A forum member found the pix on 3 mobile. They did not hack as 3 have said they did. Instead 3 screwed up and in the world of corporations they blame anyone but themselves. Was it a publicity stunt on behalf of 3? Or was it just incompetence by the staff that does the website for 3? I mean both 3 and the official big brother website both are suffering because of staff that can not do their job.


Thoughts from RB:       I feel deceived and pissed off.   Where are the diverse worldly housemates I was promised.    Only last week the media releases promised that every viewer would be able to identify with at least one housemate.   Well I’m sorry but I can’t identify with anyone.      The housemates ages range from 20-32.   Wow, 12 years,  one is married with a child and one is currently separated.  That leaves 10 single twenty something good looking people, many who look like they’ve been sprung from the pages of a ralph magazine competition.  Then we can add the 6 potential housemates, yep you guessed it, more good looking singles.    Even last year had a wider age variance with Karen and Perry.   The only difference is that they have included less 18 and 19 year olds.    To call this mob a diverse group is a joke.

In my view the best BB was BB3, which truly did have a variety of housemates of varying ages, beauty, intellect and life experience.   I can only hope that first impressions are wrong, and that there is more to offer than  what we’ve seen.

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