Here we go again…

Ouch! It’s that time of year again where our television screens are set to be raped by another year of extreme personalities, C-grade celebrities (being generous) and fun packed drama that we all famously call Big Brother.

I’m new this year to the Behind Big Brother team but definitely not new to Big Brother. I’m Ryharn and a new addition to the blog side of this now not so little online community: Behind Big Brother Aus.

It seems I have turned a little skeptical to the whole format of this show. Despite the continuous promises of new surprises, different housemates and different rules, nothing to me seems to change and I do believe despite the pitiful efforts in lame marketing techniques (simple and no doubt cheap tv advertisements) that this year will bring (in essence) nothing new.

There have been countless times where producers, Gretel or the likes have come back the basic bare ass of Big Brother; to study how ‘we’ as a society function in a controlled environment. In Famous magazine this week Gretel also mentioned that the only control the contestants have (contesting for hrm NOTHING seeing there is ‘apparently’ no prize money, car etc.. … maybe a phone?) is on themselves, “so remember that“. To this I disagree. So many times in previous years we have seen housemates not only control themselves (or perhaps lack of control like David’s [BB06] hissy fit…. PAAAA HAHA) but control each other and even big brother (through threats of leaving, disrupting the shows plans yadda yadda). Even in the house peer pressure and emotional manipulation alone has stimulated so many rants, tantrums, bitch fests, segregation, etc… So Gretel, I know you’re an ‘established author’ but damn… think before you speak!

What brings me back every year to this seemingly ADDICTIVE trash TV is the hope that SOMEWHOW it will be as good as the first year it was launched in Australia. I remember coming home in 2000 sitting in the passenger seat of the car seeing a bunch of ass-crack wielding workers putting up a Big Brother billboard displaying those unmistakable eyes. Heck, I even have the official Big Brother CD! Despite many of the housemates fading away to Neighbours (Blair), failing in FHM standup competitions (Christina ballerina), charity volunteering or some ‘hot’ photo shoot I still look back to the previous seasons with warm nostalgia.

So surprise and entertain me Big Brother, wear you horrible glitter clad outfits Gretel (maybe thorw in some more ill thought comments on editing) and send in another bunch of over excited, enthusiastic housemates because my remote is handy, television and internet on and I’m ready for hours of mind numbing television. How I do really love this show!


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It's usually pretty awkward when I tell strangers I run a website about Big Brother. I swear it's a healthy obsession.

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