Gretel on Rove

Gretel walks out to the set of Rove looking nice and casual. She loves the new set. Rove wonders why they are doing another season. Gretel says that last year nearly killed her. She said her eldest son was doing HSC, her daughter was in hospital. She says the show was under enormous pressure, with the Prime Minister even weighing into the debate. She says she only realised how traumatised she was when she got in her car one day, and couldn’t get it started. She rang the Peugeot hotline, and the person on the phone said “Once you put the key in the ignition”…she had forgotten the golden rule of driving a car.

She then goes onto tell another story about how she was given a message from the ‘other side’ from her grandparents Wendy & Bob telling her to keep at it and they are supporting you. Gretel says she was hoping it would be Gandhi or Joan of Arc. She then says that around the same time a guy came up to her saying that if she ever needed someone to attend a function or something, he would be happy to, and it would only cost $700!

Rove wonders what happens in her off season. She says last year she probably just wanted to disappear and run, but she couldn’t because her son was doing HSC so she helped him out, then she went and camped out in the desert for a while visiting Aboriginal communities. She says she went for a ride on a camel and tells the audience they are very loud. Gretel gets Rove to actually try and do the sound, then asks the audience, but no one obliges. She finally does the noise herself. She wonders why they are so loud when they have such big ears?! Lots of laugh from the audience. Rove agrees they should be quieter. Gretel says she went to New York for a ‘literary thing’ and then Italy as well. She says she had a driver in Italy who said “I speak English very well, better than most. Sometimes I speak it so well I can’t believe my feet…” Laughter from the audience.

Rove tries to get back onto BB talk; but tells everyone that the housemates aren’t in lockdown so they really can’t discuss much. Rove decides to ask her a series of questions and offers her $20 if she answers to his liking. Gretel repeats that she has to answer to his liking, then jokes that if there was a hole in the table she could really make it to his liking! They go through a series of questions as follows:

Would you watch BB if you weren’t on it? Yes
Who’s your favourite Wiggle? The blue one.
Do you have a Big Brother? No
How many cameras in your bedroom? 43!
Would you rather lose an arm or a leg? Half an arm and half a leg
Who was your first kiss? Richard
Whats 5 time 9? 45

To finish off Gretel plugs the Starburst promotion and tells everyone there is still a chance anyone can enter the house. Rove tells everyone that Big Brother starts at 7pm on Sunday, and Rove will start at a special time of 9. Gretel acts surprised that she has to do a longer show, and as she says goodbye, tells Rove to be ready at 8.30! Rove shoots to the commercial break, where the first advertisement is for Big Brother.

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