Actually, it might not be that bad

We are just hours away from the housemates moving in now – 10 we believe, with a further 2 selected from 8 candidates moving in on Monday – and actually since my last blog, Big Brother has begun to win me over.

The whole environmental thing has been a selling point from the start of BB07 – and that’s a good place to start.  Any responsible organisation – or household for that matter – should now be taking their environmental impact seriously, so it’s good to see the show making the effort into doing something more positive – and perhaps influencing a few viewers along the way.

The best thing about it is it’s nothing more than going back to the shows’ roots.  Limited water supply, vegetable gardens and a back to basics existence were all core to the Big Brother format when it launched across the world – but as each series passes elements of this have been lost along the way, so perhaps taking a step back is exactly what the show needs.

A few on the forums have been concerned that being environmentally friendly won’t be entertaining – but in reality, it’s not really going to feature much in the show.   With Adults Only gone, so are the shower scenes – while they’ll be no more footage of housemates recycling than there was of them throwing out the rubbish.  It’ll just be a part of their daily routine.

The other thing we’ve heard this week which I’m liking is the news they’ll be “launching” with no prizes and that they’ll be no cars for the evictees.  It’s widely expected that as “winning is everything”, Friday Night Live will be used to build up a jackpot for the eventual winner – something we’d assumed was the reason for it’s existence when it launched back in 2005.  

There is also a suggestion that though the eviction prizes are being cut, they may instead be available to be won by the housemates while they are in the house.  Again, this is something I’ve been suggesting for a couple of seasons (it never made sense you get prizes for being evicted!) – but I do hope their green promises aren’t forgotten – cars and flights aren’t exactly known for being environmentally friendly.

The other main rumour is Mr X – and this is the one that concerns me, though perhaps judgement should be reserved until we actually know what it is!

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