Day 56

9.24pm – The housemates are brought up with a whistle call. They all take a dive. Camilla says good morning to the other housemates. Gaelan, who is wedged between his bed and the wall, thinks he took some skin off his knee taking a dive.

10.36am – Housemates are posed by the backyard goal. Big Brother says they have saved 14 balls, and let 9 balls into the goal. Gaelan opens the task result envelope, it says they were allowed to let 6 balls in. Krystal and Claire jump up and scream in excitement. Gaelan says “what!? we let in 9 goals… we lost”. The girls are dissapointed. Claire says they can’t fail its her birthday. Big Brother however gives them a second chance since their dives during the task were excellent. They must all take a penalty shot at the goals.

Katie stops the ball
Ashley stops the ball
Claire misses
Krystal misses
Rob misses
David stops the ball
Galean stops the ball
Jamie stops the ball
John misses

They must stop the next ball to pass the task.

Camilla stops the ball

The housemates all jump on Camilla and cheer. They sing “ole ole”.


1.50pm – Jamie is sleeping. Katie and John are getting ready to run through an obstacle course they built. And they’re off: First they put on pyjama pants, then another layer of clothing, then crawl through a gap in the hammock (they fall over each other) then another layer of clothing. Then they must hop across the backyard on deck chair covers. Then they eat a full cup of dried chickpeas. Rob cheers them on to win. Katie coughs up her chickpeas. John looks like he’s going to vomit. Katie finishes, run backs to the hammock and picks up the winners belt. She says it wasn’t a good win.

Inside the girls wonder why Katie is doing it to herself. Krystal says they are all going mental. John needs to wash his mouth out with water. Katie chants out “loser!”.

2.33pm – Jamie is still sleeping. Camilla, Claire and Krystal all say Jamie has totally changed and is isolating himself from the other housemates. They think Katie and the nomination annoucement is causing it. Claire says they are just making it harder for themselves. They are confiding in themselves so much its making it harder for themselves on the outside.

2.34pm – Jamie is still sleeping. Katie is putting on clothes and he asks her to come sit with her. She says no because she’s going back outside. Jamie says he will just go back to sleep then. Katie tells him not to waste what could be his last days in the house. Jamie just doesn’t feel like doing anything. He eventually gets up and wonders outside where Katie is. Claire tells the other girls it will be so interesting to see how the couple lasts on the outside. Camilla adds that Jamie has been critical on the other housemates more than usual lately, but doesn’t want to go.

The sun is setting on the Big Brother house. Katie is getting cold as she sits with Jamie, who is again questioning his own behaviour. He said his tendancy is to know exactly who he likes and doesn’t. Its always the people who don’t like him that he doesn’t like back. Thats the reason he can tell who nominated him. He feels a little betrayed sometimes. Katie says he will never impress them so why bother. Jamie says he gave people the benefit of the doubt and its resulted badly. They couple hug but Jamie is still moping.


5.10pm – John has been called to the diary room to be told off. He was talking badly of Big Brother earlier. He must go to the punishment room and peel oranges. But not before throwing some on the floor in anger. John takes this time alone to check his hair in the mirrors.

Outside the housemates are preparing for Claire’s animal themed party. Rob tells the other housemates not to stuff their faces with food immediately. He says its about being polite for Claire’s birthday – they should respect what she wants to do. Katie isn’t happy with Rob taking control of the party and goes to the diary room to talk about it. Rob wonders if he was a bit rude, Claire says no way – she doesn’t want to stress about things tonight. Camilla doesn’t think anyone left the dining room area because of Rob’s announcement. He says sorry to Katie across the house.

Camilla quietly tells Rob not to be so hard on Katie to be the messenger for the boys. Camilla adds she doesn’t have the strength to do that but Rob thinks she has plenty of strength in her mouth and can’t be picky about when she wants to assert it.

Katie goes into the diary room, and comments the room smells like oranges. She says today Jamie was very down.. but she thinks he’s out of it now, it will get better with the party. Today she realised she doesn’t like Rob, he’s very catty. “He’s… such a bitch!”.

Meanwhile in the bedroom Camilla tells Rob not the transfer his anger from certain people onto others. She suggests to isolate why he’s angry with some one and focus on that issue and try and find a way to bring it up, not take it out on other people. They have already discussed that there are people in the house who are over sensitive and the girls didn’t take it as an attack. Camilla says Katie is not the same… she’s a little sensitive.

Katie thinks that tonight or tomorrow Rob will go and have a bitch to everyone about her and/or Jamie.

Camilla says that three different people have told her the more they get to know Katie the less they like her. Camilla doesn’t agree with that however. Rob says that the more she hangs around with Jamie the less people like her. Camilla reminds him again not to transfer his anger so everyone, including him can have a better time.

Katie doesn’t want to let Rob “win” and get the better of her. She knows she’s a better person than him and thats enough for her… “I win”.


6.24pm – Big Brother has given the housemates animal costumes.

John is a crocodile
David is a lorrikeet
Camilla is a lobster
Gaelan is a panda
Claire is leopard
Krystal is a butterfly
Rob is a gorilla
Katie is a kangaroo
Ashley is a chicken

The housemates go into the living room and find the food. They organise what they will eat first. They go to the BBQ and find all the “meat” is actually vegetarian. In the kitchen Camilla says to Katie she was in a bad mood earlier this week. Katie doesn’t think so – she was in a neutral mood. Camilla admits she is difficult to live with… but is cut off by Katie, who says she’s never met so much as difficult that she’s loved so much as Camilla. Camilla hugs her. Katie says its the most positive thing – she is drawn to Camilla “so much!”. Camilla hugs her again and says she really cares about Katie a lot. She hopes Katie isn’t evicted. They toast to themselves.

They move into the bedroom. Katie says on the outside things will move back to the way they used to be with guys – she has never been dependant or put herself on the line with guys. She doesn’t want things to change back. Camilla says once you go through something like this you won’t fall back into the same pattern as before. Camilla says Katie is the same as her only 2 or 3 years ago. Katie jokes “so I’m going to be an outspoken lobster in a few years time?”.

9.14pm – Claire tells all the housemates to act like the animals they are. The housemates all jump around like animals. Katie’s costume starts falling apart after the housemates jump around on her and bits lie everywhere. Rob’s gorllia impersonation is really accurate until Gaelan knocks him over.

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