Day 47

9.27am – David is leading the aerobics this morning. Some of the moves include “sheer the sheep”, “milk the cow” and “lay the egg”. Again Ashley is jumping around for amusement, and needs to be brought into line by David. Its not long before the housemates are exhausted, and David leads them through some breathing before wishing Danielle happy 19th birthday.

Camilla gets annoyed with Katie leaving a wet towel on her bed “she’s useless – I ask her every single day and she doesn’t do it”. Krystal says she’s probably just forgetful. Camilla wonders if people would be more relaxed in the house if she wasn’t there because she’s always complaining. She comes to the conclusion its not always complaining – just saying what she thinks.

Krystal is making the beds as part of her job role – and says Jamie and Katie are the worst housemates – they are the messiest, leaving things all around their bed. Rob says they’re like the messy kids.

1.39pm – Camilla is lying in bed and Katie comes to offer her lunch. Camilla declines, saying she doesn’t feel attractive at all. She doesn’t want anyone to think she’s a sook.

The housemates all have lunch and John asks if it was a good birthday lunch. Katie says for Dani’s birthday they should clap every time Danielle walks past. Dani goes to put her plate in the kitchen, and returns to clapping. The HMs wonder where Camilla is. Meanwhile Camilla is teary in bed and goes to hide under the covers. Danielle brings her some soup, but Camilla says she’s not hungry, although appreciates it. When Dani returns to the dining table she gets more claps.

Camilla: Stop crying


5.14pm – Camilla is putting makeup on in the one-way glass. Suddenly a crew member jumps up at the glass in a skeleton suit. Camilla jumps back scared with her mouth wide open. All the HMs groan “Camilla!”. Krystal notes it was the same guy who jumped up at her. Camilla says thats now 3 black marks against her name.

7.11pm – The HMs are treated to a horror themed party for Danielle’s 19th birthday. They all have halloween costumes. All the housemates get excited with the food and candy. They toast to Danielle’s birthday.

Later in the night Camilla and David continue their tiff about whether its right to stockphile food. They exchange bickering.

David: If you’re sick and tired of polite people, I’m sick and tired of being polite.

Camilla says David was the one who started it. Claire reminds them who is housekeeper tonight (Krystal).

9.34pm – Housemates are in the living room talking about kissing each other. John tells Danielle (again) he won’t be put in a position where he might upset his friend (Dino). They are a little drunk.

Meanwhile Gaelan tells Krystal he overheard a conversation she had about a guy she found attractive on the outside. Gaelan then wondered if what he’s doing is wrong – he might be upseting her life on the outside. Krystal doesn’t think thats the case.

David tells John he’s an admirable gentleman about the Danielle issue. After John leaves the living room, David tells Danielle that John is very attracted to her – and he’s a gentleman – he chose the best possible path for all of you.

Danielle: With all due respect I’m nobody’s lunch… nobody’s lunch.

David: Good on you

Danielle: Thanks Dave


10.38pm – Krystal wants to continue her conversation with Gaelan so she can relax. They move into the girls bedroom for some privacy. Gaelan feels nervous. Krystal sits him down and says she admits feeling something for some one before coming into the house, and told them she wanted to be with them later on. She’s come into the house and started to question what she really felt because she cares about Gaelan. She doesn’t jump on things if it doesn’t mean anything. Gaelan say she doesn’t have anyone in his life so its no problem for him. What concerns him is that Krystal will get involved with him and then realise she’s made a mistake because of some one on the outside.

Krystal asks Gaelan if they could see each other outside the house. Gaelan says initially, no. No moreso he does. To a degree they don’t even know each other but to a degree they do. He’s never been a relationship where he’s lived with some one for seven weeks straight. He knows the living for seven weeks side of Krystal and thats what he likes. He thinks that if he’s already done the hard side of the relationship it is going to be easy on the outside. They kiss before joining the rest of the housemates.

The housemates are about to have a discussion when Danielle talks without her microphone. She is fined $5000 and called to the diary room. Inside Danielle says “I’m such an idiot”. BB tells her it might be her birthday but the rules don’t change. Dani says everyone was in a rush and she forgot it accidentally. She is ordered to the punishment room where she must clean dirty dentrues. Danielle is disgusted.

The blind to the punishment room opens and John says its really harsh. Rob jumps up at the glass and starts yelling “look! they’re dentures!”. He’s obviously drunk. Jamie, David, Camilla and Rob go to the diary room to ask if they can take Danielle’s place so she can have her birthday with her friends. BB says that Danielle broke the rules, it wouldn’t be fair if they swapped. Danielle says he disagrees. He won’t be discussing this issue anymore.

Danielle continues to clean the dentures.


11.41pm – Danielle continues. David is annoyed Rob didn’t support their cause to take Danielle’s place, and lets his thoughts known to Rob in the bedroom. Rob says David has a habit of digging his own grave and he was there to stop it, and he doesn’t want David blowing off hot steam at everyone. David says he was making them feel bad that Rob was be-littling his cause. Rob says Danielle can look back and have a giggle about it.

Danielle is scrubbing teeth and singing a song, very well infact:

Why can’t he just let me go?
My little Big Brother Oh,
Big Brother Oh, Oh, Oohh
These teeth are so god damn gross
Why can’t he
Let me go?

Back in the bedroom:

Rob: Was what I did wrong?

David: Unequivably, from my point of view, it was wrong.

Rob: Ok we’ll just leave it like that then

David: Well I’m going to say to you, please, if I’m going into the diary room and you dont agree with whats being said, just dont agree with it so loudly.

Rob: You can do whatever you want darling, I’ll let you be when you go anywhere near the diary room.

David: Thankyou.

Rob goes into the bathroom. David is left on his own and looks a bit flustered. Danielle seems not too bothered about her punishment, telling her “darling” dentures to have a bath.

Later in the bedroom Rob talks to Camilla about what happened earlier:

Rob: It’s a 19 year old’s birthday in the Big Brother house. She’s not going up for captial punishment. She’ll have a laugh and a giggle about it later. And if Big Brother wants to negotiate he would only be belittling himself and his authority, and if it was outside of the house the law would dictate the same. Respect the fact that rules and regulations have been put into place. Mother Teresa (David) wants to go and make a big heroic thing out of it. I’m not going to sit back and do nothing and then wait till be voted to come in… but when you offer your own reputation for some one else’s purely for the good heartedness of it, you’ll end up in life being chewed up and spat out.

Camilla says its like David does it out of matardom.

Big Brother releases Danielle from the punishment room. She says she was quite proud of her scrubbing job.

Camilla and Rob continue: Camilla used to love David but now she is annoyed by him. Rob says he’s being a bitch and David is making him feel bad for it. Rob adds that David is trying to be the Mother Teresa for the gay world, but its not going to happen – “he can’t save the world”. Camilla agrees.

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