Day 46

12:04pm: Rob and Camilla in the kitchen. Camilla finds that Katie has eaten her food. She yells out to Katie and tells her Katie that she ate her lunch. Katie thought she had eaten hers, but Camilla calls out that she ate the wrong one. Camilla says to Rob that she hasn’t got much of a sense of humour at the moment. She says that Katie is very sensitive about food. Camilla wants to be able to tell people to wash there own dishes. She goes outside to find out the what they want for lunch. They decide on a bit of both choices. Camilla, back in the kitchen, complains she never got a choice yesterday. Big Brother calls all housemates to the bedroom, but for Rob, Gaelan, Katie and Danielle to go to the diary room. Finally, the BB housemates find a use for the plasma in the bedroom, with BB letting them watch the proceedings. Big Brother tells the diary room participants that the punishment room has been turned into “The Chamber.” Big Brother tells them Rob will be the first person to go into the chamber, and sends the other three off to the steps near the spa. As they go there they wonder what will happen. Meanwhile, Rob is led into the chamber. Ninja’s lead him into the chair, and he places his hands on skulls next the chair. Alongside him, either side, are two boxes. There seems to be cane toads in one, and a snake in the other. Big Brother tells him that if it gets too much for him, he must say “Stop, Big Brother.” He tells Big Brother he’ll give it a go. Big Brother tells him to place his right hand on the right hand side box, which houses the snake or something similar. Big Brother asks Rob to place his hand into the hole of the box and to touch all bottom corners of the box. Rob has googles on and can’t see anything. He doesn’t seem keen, saying “there is something in the box though” and asking Big Brother if he can come back to it later. Big Brother persists, and Rob succeeds in his first task. Big Brother now moves onto the second box which contains the cane toads. He has a latex glove on this hand. He sticks his hand in for a second, then says “no way, no no no. Stop, Big Brother.” Big Brother tells Rob his session is over and to wait where he is. Back in the bedroom Claire and Krystal think Gaelan might be able to do it, but the girls will struggle. Back in the diary room, Rob explains to Big Brother that he feels he has let the group down.

3:44pm: Rob returns to the bedroom and sees via the plasma what the punishment room actually looked like. He can’t believe it. Gaelan is in the hotseat now. Big Brother slaps a fish into his head. He says it stinks as he laughs on trying to miss being the fish hitting his head. Once that task is complete, a snake is led into the room. It climbs onto his legs. The bedroom can’t believe it. Although Gaelan gets through the session very well. Once back in the bedroom, the housemates act as if they don’t know whats going on. He settles down next to Gaelan and Krystal and watches Dani. She is asked to do the same as Rob was. She asks Big Brother whats in the box, and says if it’s something that will bite her, then she obviously doesn’t want to put her hand in the box. Big Brother tells her to put her hand in the box and keep it there until further notice. She keeps getting touched by whatever is in the box and pulling her hand out, but through all of it she is laughing hysterically. Big Brother moves onto the other box. She puts her hand in and quicker than lighting pulls them back out. Big Brother tells her that her session is over. Katie is called to the diary room as the last participant. Dani, back in the bedroom, says that the room looks really cool. A python is released into the punishment room, and as it crawls up her legs, she shows calmness by hardly saying anything besides “Ooahh”. Once it’s gone, she says “was that a snake!?”. Back in the bedroom, Rob says that Dani was funny to watch. In the diary room, Katie says that that was hard. She says she just had to tell herself to breathe. She says she could hear the spiders!? “So gross!”

7:34pm: The weekly family dinner is upon us again. Gaelan says he likes to stay away from conflict, saying it’s just the way he is. Jamie says that he feels as if everyone expects him to crack at some stage. He says this because he hasn’t really gotten angry in the house to date. Jamie reads the next question, “Are housemates becoming too picky about how food is prepared in the house?” Jamie says that this question might be pointed at him. He says he isn’t going to, he says he likes making little meals all the time. Camilla says that everyone has been having a go at her because she wanted to make some chick pea patties earlier. Camilla tells them all that they were making her life a bit difficult. David takes offence to this, saying he has been looking forward to the patties since he got here. Camilla says she was just making a joke. David goes further saying that he felt that the finger was being pointed at him, but he says he’s not going to mention anything more about it. Other housemates feel a bit of tension in the air, and try to calm everyone down with Katie saying that the chef likes preparing meals and to put in your request to him. David continues however. He says he wants a vote on whether the majority of housemates should wait till the others have finished their daily meals before clearing the table. Jamie agrees with this, saying it must just be the way they were raised. He says if the vote doesn’t go the way they want, Dave and he can have lunch together everyday. The vote goes ahead, and it’s decided that all housemates should try to wait till everyone is finished before clearing the table. As they “clear the table”, Katie tells David that he’s just too polite.

8:41pm: Jamie and David are in the gym. Jamie is worried as Katie just told him that he is too polite sometimes. Jamie goes onto say that if he bought his girlfriend home for dinner one night he expects the person to be polite at the table. David completely agrees. Meanwhile inside, Katie and Dani are talking about Jamie. She tells Dani that he hated other people taking over the food, but at the dinner table earlier he said the opposite. Katie says that was his time to talk up. Dani remembers that he was frustrated by that as well. Katie says it’s no good bottling up frustration.

No time given: Katie and Jamie are in the spa. Katie says that he thinks he is holding back, referring to the food incident and telling the housemates he didn’t have a problem about it. Jamie says that it wasn’t worth it getting worked up for that. Katie tells him not to be an asshole. In the bedroom Rob and Dave are talking. Rob wonders what he can do, or stop doing to prevent being nominated. Dave thinks that bitching is not always needed, but he should try to minimise it. Rob says thanks. Back at the spa, Katie thinks that politeness is fake. Katie wonders whether Jamie if he is being himself. Jamie says that she should be the last person wondering this. Jamie says that no one has a problem with him, so he doesn’t have a problem with anyone else, and if they did, he would talk it over like he is at the present. Jamie doesn’t know whether to be insulted by this questioning. Katie decides to get out and have a shower, and Jamie follows saying he isn’t going to sit there by himself. Back in the bedroom with Rob and David, Rob tells him he is beyond his years in this house. Dave knows, but says he would be friends with himself. Dave asks if he would be friends with himself. Rob says that he would be wary. Jamie is in the sauna, and Katie stands at the door saying that she is the most insecure person. She continues by saying she doesn’t have a lot of trust, but she wants to trust Jamie. Jamie says he doesn’t want to be seen as fake. He knows he’s not an angel or anything, but he would find it hard if she didn’t trust him. Katie says she will. Jamie gets out of the sauna and kisses Katie on the forehead.

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