Day 45

9.19am – Katie is leading a aerobics session outside with all the other housemates. No one seems to be able to do star jumps properly, and Ashley jumps around for amusement. BB annouces hot water is now on, which prompts housemates to go inside. Danielle comes to the diary room. BB asks if something is troubling her. Teary, Danielle says not really, its just… BB asks why she is crying. She doesn’t like to cry a lot but if she needs to she’s not going to just suck it in because she doens’t want to make a fool out of herself by pretending she’s something she’s not. She feels she’s been true to herself and done a good job in the house so far. She feels better that she was nominated in a week where they had restricted reasons to vote – so it wasn’t her personality.

Danielle says its a stigma to be an intruder and its hard to get along with all the other housemates. She feels good with John however, and also Jamie and Krystal. Sometimes its hard because there are already bonds and breaking into them is “pretty damn hard”. Its bothering her a bit.

BB has given the housemates a letter – today is day 666. This week’s task is a scream test. Due to the results of last week they cannot wager – they either pass or fail. Housemates must keep their fear intact and not scream or jump when BB scares them. The girls worry about the task.

Jamie and Katie go into the bedroom hugging each other. Big Brother shines a light across the floor and Katie jumps – thats a strike for the task. Outside David contemplates what day 6 of the 6th month of the 6th year could mean. Katie goes into the kitchen and explains to the others what just happened – she warns them of things that Big Brother could throw out into the house.


12.38pm – Claire wants to go to the toilet but she’s scared to. Camilla asks if she wants her to come with her. Claire checks the toilet out before going in – Camilla leaves and runs across the bedroom worried of what could happen.

2.51pm – Rob, Claire and David are walking around the backyard with their eyes closed and collecting objects to keep themselves amused. They wonder into the gym and walk into the punching bag. Claire picks up a weight. Back inside Gaelan says to the remaining boys that everyone else is playing games and they are becoming a minority. The blind housemates are now walking inside with a chain around their necks to keep them attached to each other. They go into the kitchen and grab utensils. Next they go into the bedroom – the boys in the living room wonder what they are doing. When the three go into the bathroom Krystal grabs them to scare them – Claire says not to scream!

The living room boys – John, Ashley and Jamie say they would rather have fun sucking a paddle pop. The three blind housemates go back outside to the hammock and check out the items they collected.

3.02pm – David goes to the toilet. He lifts the toilet seat and there is a loud banging sound – he doens’t really jump but makes an annoyed sound and says “is that necessary!?”. He bangs the toilet to see if there are any other boobytraps. He goes back into the main house and tells the other housemates the toilet was booby trapped. A few of them join him to check the other toilet. David says “how cheeky!”. David wants to go to the toilet so he gets Rob to stay in the bathroom – just in case.

Rob: Hurry up and do your poo David!

Rob goes to leave the bathroom and David says “hey where are you going!?”. Rob assures he’s not going anywhere – he just needs to let Krystal know he’s waiting on David to do a poo.


3.22pm – Jamie, John and Ashley are all sleeping in the living room. BB calls them to the diary room. They all say they weren’t sleeping. Jamie says “I had a bug in my eye”. In the diary room they find some dead looking plants. BB tells them to take the scrubbers provided and scrub all the pebbles around the hot tub. He is also providing four new lillies to be planted after the pebbles are cleaned and water flushed out and replaced. The boys all laugh in annoyance. They move outside and explain what they have to do. Claire says they can’t take all of the water out of the pond or it will kill the algae and the snails and plants will then die. John wonders how they will get the water our – Clarie says to syphon it with a hose.

5.32pm – David is talking with Danielle – he says she seems withdrawn and a little upset. It’s not the nicest thing being put up for nomination and its making her feel seperated. David says she’s the nicest person in the house – but there must be some little things that annoy people. Danielle says at the begining she felt withdrawn but felt better after a diary room entry.

The boys are cleaning pebbles. Ashley says its quite hard.

Danielle asks David who is his ‘rock’ in the house – David says Claire – she’s one person who he knows exactly what he’ll get from her.

John exclaims their punishment sucks. He’d rather bash head head against concrete than scrub pebbles. Ashley keeps saying “why, why, why me? Whyyyyyy”.


9.56pm – The girls are lying in the bedroom. Claire says the girls are going to be easier to scare than the guys. Suddenly there is a scream played through the bedroom. All the girls jump slightly in their beds. Camilla was the worst – she laughs and says “oh my god that scared the death out of me!”. They all laugh in bed. Camilla checks her pulse – “Big Brother thats terrible”. Claire says at least they didn’t scream.

In the living room Danielle is still talking about nominations with David. She asks if there is anything in particular people would have nominated her for. David says messyness (this is the reason he nominated her, but she doesn’t know that). Also the fact that she’s an intruder he adds. Danielle worried she was being boring – but David doesn’t think so. He adds that her thing with Dino might have influenced people. Big Brother suddenly annouces that David must stop talking about nominations – thats a $5000 fine. He must go to the punishment room. Danielle says “what!?”, and feels bad.

Krystal is brushing her teeth. Suddenly a crew member in a skeleton costume jumps up to the camera window and bangs on it. Krystal takes a step back and puts her hands over her mouth, but doesn’t jump or scream. Once the crew member dissapears she start laughing. She continues brushing her teeth.

In the punishment room David must seperate black hair from white hair. The HMs suggest he pretend its wool. David gives an annoyed smile and gets to work – slowly.

In the bedroom Gaelan and Krystal are lying next to each other.

Gaelan: You get hotter and hotter every time I look at you.

Krystal giggles and says “no”, then “thats nice”. She finds it funny because she’s more attracted to him the more she’s around him. They both agree its a great feeling. Krystal would have thought they’d get tired around each other but Gaelan can’t get enough of it.

David is still in the punishment room seperating hair.

Krystal tells Gaelan not to use the far toilet because it has the fire exit and it could be boobytrapped. She doesn’t wnat him to get scared.

1.32pm – David is in the punishment room in silence. Suddenly Big Brother’s voice comes on louder than usual:

Big Brother: THIS… is Big Brother

David jumps in his seat – thats a strike for the task. BB lets David out of the punishment room. David is relieved.

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