Day 44

Camilla is not fine with being nominated. She talks with Krystal, who doesn’t seem very phased when she was nominated. At the same time John and Jamie are discussing the other housemates – John says there are definately people he doesn’t like in the house. Jamie wonders if people see things going on the way he does – there seems to be a “nucleus of younger cooler people”. He suspects himself, John, Dani, Katie and Ashley will stay till the end.

Big Brother calls both boys to the diary room. Inside BB explains to them the most fundamental rule of Big Brother is that nominations stay secret. He repeats their earlier conversation and warns of strikes or earlier eviction. He fines them both $5000. They are then ordered to the punishment room. They both immediately look at each other and smile. In the punishment room they find lots of onions to peel, chop and dice. The other housemates watch them from the living room. Jamie goes to talk but BB reminds them there is no talking.

Its not long before John and Jamie start crying from the onions. John moves into the corner, his eyes watering. Jamie needs to grab tissues.


4.56pm – Jamie and John are still struggling with the onions. Jamie says “Big Brother we’re finished”. Jamie then talks to John about how his eyes are bloodshot. BB tells them they must stand in the punishment room until further notice. Jamie talks to John – so BB fines him.

A bored Jamie starts banging on the walls in a musical tune, and speaks. He’s fined again.

Ashley is outside exercising. Claire is giving David a pretend tour around the “Big Brother bird park”. She shows him the “sacred black crow”. Next is the scundeeoplus tree – if you kiss it, it will grant your wishes. David goes to kiss the tree.

Katie is playing sharades with John in the punishment room.

Claire explains the ducks all around the house are called “drop ducks”. When the duck is on its side, its in its attack position – so you must approach with great caution, and must let the animal know you are approaching by clapping. They clap at the toy duck. Claire then gets a leaf to cover the duck’s eyes and then flip it over really fast – but you have to be careful!

Katie’s game of charades with the punished boys continues, but Krystal reminds her that the boys can’t talk. John doesn’t look amused.


8.31pm – HMs are in the lounge room. The housemates up for eviction are Camilla, Danielle and Rob. Katie is to take three points off – Jamie tells her he thinks the choice is obvious – “its a fair option”. Katie still doesn’t know – she screams “what a stupid reward!”. David jokes about how Katie is smart and attractive – Katie jokes back “don’t lie!”. In the end Katie deducts points from Camilla, after initially deciding Rob. Katie hopes it will give Camilla a break from nominations.

The nominees this week are Camilla, Danielle and Rob. Nothing changed. Rob goes into the bedroom. Krystal gets teary and Camilla tells her off “no tears!”. Ashley asks Rob if he’s ok – he is. Ashley says that he was nominated the first week, so don’t worry about it. Rob feels like a tonne of bricks has fallen on him.

Danielle and John sit on the couch and hug. He asks if she’s ok – she says she is. Although she does think she will leave this week. John tells her that if he was voting he wouldn’t have chosen here. Rob is now picking out an outfit to “celebrate” being nominated – he explains he deals with things differently to others. David and Rob pick out an outfit.

David notices that Jamie is getting so emotional. Rob explains its because Cancerians can’t hold guilt, so he’s come into the bedroom to see if Rob is ok. This week Jamie gave 2 nomination points to Rob.

Outside Jamie explains he thinks Katie has done a deal with Big Brother not to deduct three points – he can’t see how else it could have resulted like this. Jamie says he would have picked Camilla to save if he had won FNL.

Back in the bedroom Camilla explains people in the outside world would probably want to hang out with her because she’s fun but if you live with her 24/7 you would get very annoyed at her.


10.04pm – Camilla is in the kitchen telling John and Jamie she is fine with being nominated – but she is dissapointed with the lack of people telling her what their problem with her is. John says she knows what it is already – she puts her opinion on everything. John refers to the kissing Danielle incident, which he is obviously still annoyed about. Camilla says she can count four other housemates who felt the exact same way but didn’t have the balls to come and say it to his face – that the love triangle (Dino-Danielle-John) was out of hand. Camilla didn’t think it was his responsibility to curb his behaviour but she said to Danielle she has to make up her own mind. Jamie look uncomfortable stuck inbetween this conversation. Camilla adds it was disrespectful to Dino what was happening, but clarifies people didn’t think John was the instigator.

Camilla thinks people can avoid conflict in the house.

11.23pm – Jamie is in the gym with John. He is annoyed with all these people saying HMs are avoiding conflict. It makes him think he should be in fights.

Rob is in the bedroom and notices that certain housemates can no longer look him in the eye after nominations. He says Jamie couldn’t look at Camilla in the eye in the kitchen earlier. Camilla is intrigued.

John tells Jamie he is worried he’s done something bad and the other housemates think less of him. Jamie says the fact that Dani is up for eviction shows they probably don’t think anything bad of him. “You are so far from being incriminated because of the way she acted”.

Rob and Camilla continue their conversation – they wonder about the lack of clashes in the house – there are no strong opinions in this house. Camilla says that as far as she knows Rob has not been talked to honestly about what people think about him. Rob adds its just the easy option for housemates to nominate the new intruders. Camilla thinks she’s done really well and will be very proud if she survives this eviction.

Camilla thinks there is room for her to improve in the house, however there are also things about her that annoy people but she just won’t be able to change them.

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