Day 41

9.25pm – Jamie is carrying Katie to the rewards room. Katie is amazed at the candles in the room – they didn’t have them last time she was in there.

Back in the main bedroom Danielle wonders if she should back off with Dino, but Claire tells her not to. Danielle thinks Dino is annoyed she was the reason he didn’t make it through to the final round of Friday Night Games. Claire and Krystal both tell her to ask him directly why he’s annoyed, but not to take any flak back from him. Krystal doesn’t think he’ll hold a grudge, but Claire adds he needs to learn how to treat and respect women.

Katie jokes with Jamie about a girl wining Friday night games. They both laugh about how annoyed the other boys would be. Ashley comes to the door of the rewards room – he asks Jamie on advice for making pizza base for tonight’s dinner. Ashley has a look inside the rewards room – he didn’t have candles when he was in there – he jokes why would he have candles in there with Michael? Jamie and Katie hug before going into the main house – they think its great they have the rewards room to themselves.

Katie comes jumping and screaming into the girls quarters – and lets all the girls know about the candles. Ashley and John are banging the pizza dough in the kitchen. Jamie is invited into the girl’s quarters, and gets a hug from Claire and Danielle. He tells the girls that Katie wants a massage but doesn’t know if he’s any good at it. The girls say Katie likes massages really hard, and then practice, showing Katie which movements Katie likes. They say “good boy” when he does it right. Focus on the shoulder blades. Katie walks in which means Jamie must now retreat but says a quick thankyou to the girls. Katie asks what was going on – but the girls are tight lipped.

11.21pm – Katie must pick a rewards box. She “senses” each box with her hand to see if there is any energy coming out of it. They both decide on box number two. She opens it – inside is a toy scooter (representing a real scooter). Katie jumps up and screams, and then hugs Jamie for a long time.


11.41pm – Some of the housemates are at the dining table. Jade epxlains she loves it here in the house. Krystal wants to stay in the house – she won’t get in the mindset of going. John says however she will be shocked if she goes this Sunday. Gaelan isn’t ready to go but will accept it when it happens. Krystal won’t think about going at all – she just wants to say. Gaelan worries when he’s first up he will be first to go.

In the rewards room Jamie says he likes Gaelan, however Katie has noticed Gaelan really thinks he will win the series – and Jamie agrees. Gaelan always tells Katie to do things, and to delegate the housemates. Jamie notices that he, Katie and Gaelan are the only people who haven’t been nominated yet.

2.09am – David is in the bathroom with Danielle. He asks her what she thinks of Dino. She’s upset because Dino makes her wonder – its hard to explain – he’s just not affectionate enough. In the begining he was abrupt, then he showed a keen side and then it changed again. Danielle has noticed Krystal gets really excited when Dino is nice to her, and Danielle thinks the same thing has happened to her – she’s just excited some one so rude shows keen-ness towards her. David reminds her that every feeling in this house is exagerated. Danielle adds that a kiss with Dino in the house is much different to a kiss on the outside.

3.47am – John is visiting the girls bedroom for a chat. Camilla tells him that Danielle needs a cuddle. Later on, John goes to leave and gives Danielle a kiss – she asks why he’s going already. John says its time to snooze…. and certain things have been going through his head. Camilla laughs. She says she can see sparks flying between Danielle and John but the fact of the matter is Danielle is with Dino and he’s just in the next room and its disrespectful. Danielle defends, saying it was just a cuddle and nothing else – she is allowed to cuddle anyone she wants.

John has had enough, and says he is sick of this conversation, then says Camilla is labelling it as something its not. He then leaves, and Camilla says sorry after him. Camilla and Danielle then condide – Danielle updates Camilla that the pair already discussed it. Danielle doesn’t want to lose John as a friend. They both agree he’s a great guy and Camilla can see he’s really interested in Danielle.

Danielle: I need his friendship more than anything else.

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