Day 59 Uplate

11:38pm: Krystal and Jamie are chatting outside. Krystal says that you really test your people skills in here. Jamie agrees, saying that he had a chat with Rob just before and he understands why he gets frustrated at Jamie. Krystal says she had a chat last night and she was glad that he did that. Jamie says there is no point in explaining why he was wary of Rob. Jamie changes the topic, he wants to know how happy she is hooking up with Gaelan. She says she is really genuinely happy. She says in a way she is shocked because she didn’t expect it, especially thinking of her ex boyfriend for the first four weeks she was in here. Krystal says that the rewards room really helped and Gaelan was actually able to open up with him over that time. Krystal says she is concerned about going back to her hometown though and what the relationship will do on the outside. Jamie says that a week ago he might have told people that he really didn’t know him, but he says that Gaelan is great and he really likes him. He says he thinks he does know him now. Krystal agrees that he keeps a lot to himself. Jamie says that when he lets stories out he finds Gaelan so great to talk to. Jamie wonders how moths fly through the rain. They laugh as they watch a moth for a while. Krystal says she likes not to worry about anything on the outside while she is in here. She says at the end of the day she thinks that you can only please yourself. Dave comes out and they change the topic back to the moths. Krystal wonders when the rain will stop. Dave hopes his farm got this for two straight days. It really is coming down. Krystal says they can always get buffed in the gym. Krystal wonders if Dave will ever cut his hair. Dave says he likes it long, but it’ll eventually get cut. Krystal thinks it would look great short, but she says she loves it long too. Krystal says that Katie would’ve been on Rove tonight. Jamie says that some of the questions would be about him, and he says he finds it weird. Dave reckons Katie will be asked heaps about her wanting her first time to be with Jamie. Comm break.

11:53pm: Jamie and Dave are still outside. Krystal is still there too. Dave is saying that in every situation in life when your getting pissed off at something, everyone has to let off steam to somebody else. In here, it looks like bitching Dave says. Krystal says that if someone close to her does something big that pisses her off, she’ll forgive them, but it will never be forgotten. She says that in here the slightest thing gets way out of control. Rob says that he has been into BB to request something, and offered to sleep somewhere else, but BB was saying no all along. Uplate update, then back outside. Dave says that everyone in the house has been through heaps. Jamie says that being nominated now isn’t a problem, he’s over that. He also says he wants to stay. Mike cuts in again, and we’re off to a comm break.

12:10am: Jamie says that he thinks Camilla looks for controvesy. He thinks Krystal doesn’t really strive to get into battles. Jamie tells him that he is always evaluating his contribution to the group. Dave asks what he thinks about Rob, but Rob comes out at that moment. Mike cuts in at this point. Back quickly though. Dave wonders if Rob is tired, he says he is. Jamie is worried he’s getting a slight off white patch on his legs or something. Rob says he should moisturise. Jamie says he will. Jamie says that this week he hasn’t had Katie to run off and sulk this week. Dave says that he thinks Jamie that yesterday and today have been must better than the previous week where he thought he was really down. Jamie says that a lot of stuff was going through his mind last week, and he says that Dave did it so well last week. Comm break.

12:24am: Jamie is saying that he can’t talk to one of the girls in the house. I don’t know who he is talking about. Dave says that if everyone took that view the place would be in a bad ‘place’. Jamie understands, but says that his positive side tells him that he can always counter an argument, prime example talking to Rob tonight. Jamie says he almost had a breakdown last week, and was over the whole BB experience. Dave says it was frustrating that he couldn’t talk to Jamie about it last week because of his moods. Claire says goodnight to the boys. Dave says that last week he felt like he lost a mate last week. Dave says everyone acts in a certain way, and he felt as if he had done something to piss Jamie off, and of course he realises now that it wasn’t him. Dave says the thing that hurt him was that Jamie was only concerned completely about himself last week. Jamie agrees completely. Dave says last week he thought heaps of people had stopped talking to because they all thought that he was a goner. Dave says last week he was making massive issues out of nothing. Jamie says it’s a great relief to get things off his chest tonight. Comm break.

12:43am: Jamie loves doing stupid shit in front of people, being a class clown type of thing. He says he would love to be a TV presenter, he thinks he would be quick on his feet with lines, comebacks etc. Jamie says that he was glad he was out in the last round for FNL. Dave says that Office FNL theme he was the same, he was totally worried about the stand up comedy part of FNL. Dave says he would never do something like that out in the real world. We head inside to Gaelan, John and Ashley. They are discussing the different jobs in the house, especially the dishes. They say many have complained about the dishes. John says Tilli hated it. He says that Dino gave Elise the housekeeper job so she had to get up early. They all have a laugh. We cut to Rob who seems to be sleeping on the floor for some reason. Back out to the couch. John says that double they all knew Jade would be one of the ones evicted, but otherwise it was wide open. John thought he might be gone. He says that when he was up with Michael and Karen he wasn’t too worried. Comm break.

12:59am: Dave has come into chat with Gaelan and Ashley. Dave is talking about climbing a mountain so he could see the entire country. No idea what country he is talking about. John says that it’s great because you can see the barriers at the borders of the country. Dave says this countries biggest export is dentures. John and Dave talk about some country flags. They seem to be discussing Angola, I have no idea. Dave just keeps talking about his travels. He says he joked with someone checking his passport over the Australia/Austria joke. Comm break.

1:15am: Jamie says goodnight to the small bedroom. He heads back out to the living room. Dave is still chatting to the other guys. John says he left Venice after 6 hours and was upset about that. He names heaps of places he didn’t go to, and then says he left his passport behind somewhere and was denied entry and had to smuggle a train back to where his passport was. John tells a story how he got 400 Euro’s out of the wall at the train station and these guys came along and he was convinced he’d be robbed, but there was one nice guy in their group and he was fine. He says he eventually got back his passport and continued his travelling. Dave talks for a bit about some country. He says he got to Poland and realised that everything was dearer than in Germany. Dave says that he could get a massive meal for $5 in Checz (not even gonna try to spell it). Comm break.

1:30am: Dave is talking about catching a bus somewhere overseas. He says he travelled with some random guy. They wonder if he was gay, but he says he didn’t know, but says he was hot. He had Visa issues in Latvia. Dave says he had no interest in Lithuania. Dave says he was over in Europe for 13 months, and $23,000 all up. He says he worked in Britain a bit as a landscape gardener. He says he had no idea what he was doing but he had 3 people working for him and he had to pave a huge area and put a pond in. He says that as soon as it rained it would’ve stuffed up completely. He says that he got heaps for doing it, but they soon realised he had no idea what he was doing. John says that all his mates just worked in pubs overseas. Gaelan says that trade jobs overseas are easy to get because they are all crap labourers over in Europe. Comm break.

1:43am: Gaelan says that he’s not too phased about drinking midweek. Jamie talks about a visit to the diary room with someone else and they tried to get more alcohol. Dave seems to have gone into the bedroom. Rob talks to him about how his mum always has gay jokes to tell him, but always is pissing herself laughing and gives away the punchline everytime. Dave wonders whether they have cameras in this room; saying sometimes he thinks they don’t have that many. He says they must take them in and out at times. He reckons they would only have 3-4 cameras on the go at once. Rob, sleeping on the floor, says he never sleeps in anything under 4 stars. Rob says the girls are all in bed as per usual. Dave agrees, saying they are boring. They seem to be talking about beer now. Rob like Heineken. Dave likes Coopers. Gaelan comes in to get ready for bed. Dave says he really enjoys XXXX Gold. Gaelan climbs into bed.

1:55am: Back out to the couch. Dave has rejoined the other boys. John says “You see that guy who ate a bike?” He says they cut it into tiny pieces, but it was all metal and all that still. Dave wonders how. He says a Korean guy has eaten 2KG of nails as well. They realise that the lights are out, so they all decide it’s bedtime. Most head to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Hardly anyone saying anything. Ashley is a bit concerned of a coldsore he has developed, and apologises that they’ll be no kisses tonight for the boys. At 2:05am Dreamworld says goodnight.

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