Day 58 Uplate

11:26pm: A lot of housemates are gathered at the stools in the kitchen and over the kitchen side of the bench. Rob and Claire are having a conversation about meat. Lots of people just listening in. Gaelan says something about a sauce to go with the meat. Cut to the punishment room where John is picking up feathers in colour segments. Mike cuts in already for an uplate update. Back to John in the room, and Gaelan, Jamie and Claire on the couch. Claire decides to get ready for bed. Gaelan says he really wants to go to bed but he hates going to bed when the lights are on. Camilla is complaining about the state of the kitchen as they try and tidy it up and do the dishes etc. Camilla does an impression of “The Weakest Link” and “Kath & Kim”. Ashley has joined the convo on the couch. He says something about his family, but it’s hard to hear it properly. John takes a breather and starts talking to the people outside on the couch. They tell him to do green feathers next. Gaelan says again that he is so tired. Camilla wonders what John has to do in the punishment room. Jamie gives John some support! John wonders if Jamie got in trouble. He doesn’t think so. Comm break.

11:48pm: David is talking to Claire, Jamie there as well. They seem to be talking about a hotel. Cut to Gaelan and Krystal in the bedroom, but Camilla’s audio is still on for some reason making it hard to make sense of anything. Krystal seems a bit cold. Gaelan puts her doona over her. Rob and Camilla are also in the smaller bedroom. Camilla starts talking about sex, so Mike gladly cuts in and we go to a break.

12:00am: Krystal is putting makeup on! Gaelan says he doesn’t care if he can see a pimple on her face. They share a kiss. Heaps of people in the small bedroom now. Dave is in there, as well as Claire, Rob and Camilla still there. Claire is talking about being patriotic. Krystal says she didn’t get the tune right for something, but the thought was there. Claire tells David he might need to masturbate. Cut to the couch, Ashley and Jamie chatting. Jamie wants lots of beer. Ashley says that Jamie’s bday must be next Wednesday. Jamie says he wants nothing but beer, and he’s going to tell BB that. Ashley wonders whether it’ll be in the rewards room. Silence on the couch now. We head back to the bedroom. Claire is saying she wasn’t getting attention in the early weeks but gets plenty now. Claire says she found another lolly. David and Rob are talking about holding their penis’s. John has finished his task. Jamie tells him to scream as loud as he can. He can’t hear, but then realises and starts screaming very loudly. Jamie watches on amused. Gaelan comes out to see whats happening. Comm break.

12:14am: Ashley is eating something, and says they don’t taste as good as the others. Jamie starts telling a story that he had heard from Claire, and he makes it out to be really really boring. Ashley, still convinced that something isn’t right with his food, asks John to have a taste. Cut to Rob and David talking in the bedroom quietly as others have other conversations either side. I think they are talking about Jamie. They say he feels very attacked. Dave says that Jamie told him that if he has conflict with someone, he moves on and finds a new friend. Rob finds this weak. Rob says his isn’t going to tiptoe around him (really hard to recap when vision is not associated with the bloody audio). Dave says that this has to stay between them, then says that Jamie doesn’t like the way Rob talks about sex all the time. Almost impossible to make sense of this conversation as they are talking into pillows. Rob thanks Dave for telling him, and he respects that! Dave fears that Jamie will leave and everything will fall on a plater for Jamie and he won’t learn to be nicer to people for a long time. Rob says that if Jamie doesn’t calm down he’ll have to say something in front of the whole group. Rob prepares his speech for this occassion now. Rob says he wants to look like the adult and ask him really difficult questions so Jamie comes off looking like a complete wanker. Dave reckons you should always strive to be the better person in life. Rob says he likes taking people down with their own rules, as it’s more satisfying. Dave tells Rob ‘good luck.’ Rob yells out “rewards room” and wakes up Camilla! Comm break.

12:31am: Jamie says he would be happy to have lasted this long. He says it’s week 9. Ashley thinks this is a very hard show. Jamie says that apart from John and Ashley, and to some extent Gaelan, Jamie feels that everyone is being very careful around everyone. Jamie says he came in here to have fun, so he doesn’t care about trivial shit. Jamie is sick of people telling him that this place is a mess. He just thinks everyone should do their bit. Into the bedroom, John is talking to Camilla. Camilla commends Jamie for taking the nomination better this time. John says he just likes to have time to himself a lot. Camilla thinks that that is fine, and he is entitled to that. Camilla and John say they both loved the alone time you get in the rewards room. Jamie and Ashley are talking about who will win. They say the couldn’t care less who wins and the money. Ashley calls it “monopoly” money. Ashley says that BB is pretty tough on them with the fines this year. BB immediately gives Ashley a $5000 fine for discussing the prizemoney! All they can do is laugh. Ashley can’t work out why he got it. Jamie says that task day should be tommorrow. Ashley says thats 2 fines this week, the other being John calling BB “mate.” Ashley wonders what they are down to now. Jamie says “Oh, we’re fucked.” They think it’ll be around $300,000. Jamie says he couldn’t give a flying f***. Ashley agrees, although I’m not sure he really means it. Jamie says he would be happy with $5000. He says that money isn’t really that important for him at the moment. He just needs a bit to move out and enough to get a meal and thats enough for him. Krystal comes out and talks about the fines, and then goes back into the bedroom to hit the sack. Ashley immitates Krystal’s “goodnight guys”. Gaelan comes out and they repeat the convo on how they got fined. Comm break.

12:45am: Fair few people in the main bedroom now preparing to have a pillow fight by the looks of it. Dave jumps on numerous beds. Claire just wants to sit still or something. Lots of laughter. Pillow fight commences between Claire and Dave but doesn’t last long. Claire sits on the bed and looks at the plasma, saying she is waiting for her TV show to start. Dave says they’ll wait together. Claire comments on the TV show she is watching, and Krystal joins in. The guys tell her not to play along. Gaelan says he’s going to sleep, and says goodnight. Out to the couch, Ash, John and Jamie chatting away. Ash says thats the first fine he’s got while having a conversation. John talks about how Camilla and Jamie are probably the highest in getting fines. Krystal and Gaelan are at the bottom end of the scale according to John. Claire still saying her show is boring. Dave tells her to piss off. Camilla and Dave head to the bathroom. Dave is concerned he is running out of toothpaste. Rob is shaving in there as well. Rob complains that Dave is very bitter, and tells him to relax. Back out to the couch. John says that in the first week 9 votes you might not be up. But now there is less votes, 9 is defintitely up. John says that he did the maths and something can happen, but we’ll never know cause comm break comes on.

1:02am: On the couch with the three again. John says the crowd was huge, saying that the past eviction would have to have been the biggest. Jamie says that he is scared talking to Gretel with others on the couch during noms or something because he doesn’t like thinking others can see him talking. John says when he talks to her he jokes to overcome the nervousness. Ashley says he’ll love it when the crowd is screaming. Jamie thinks that no one could be hated and survive an eviction. Jamie wonders who Ashley was up against when he was up. He was up the week 5 were up. He says Anna knew she was going because she didn’t think she had a place in the house. Ash says that Anna and Katie were really the only 2 chick friends he really liked in the house. John says that Rob has been here 6 weeks now. They talk birthday’s again, so we head into the bedroom. They seem to be talking religion. Camilla says that her dad is very religious, and she respects that, especially because her dad doesn’t pressure her into believing any of it herself. Camilla says she is waking up again now and wants to play, but Claire tells her to keep her hands on the pillow. They really want the lights out! They seem to be singing nappy ads now. Great conversation this. Comm break.

1:18am: Boys still the only ones still out in the main part of the house. John wonders when they came into the house. Ash says April 22nd. Ash says that John and him are here until almost the start of July. John says that the first week of August the show will wrap up. Back to the bedroom with Gaelan and Krystal. Lots of laughter. Krystal wants a story from Gaelan, and he says he will but she must shut her eyes. Gaelan starts his ridiculous story, being nice and sweet then tries to scare her. Lots more small talk which isn’t worth recapping in the slightest. Back to the couch. Jamie says that he is putting on weight in here because he doesn’t have the stuff he needs to maintain his muscles etc. John asks Jamie about muscle soreness etc. Ashley says that he’ll have to start going to the gym after BB. Comm break.

1:31am: Still with the boys. Still talking muscles. John says he did weights for two months straight and didn’t really get much better at it, according to him not being able to lift higher weights. He says he could do more sets though. Jamie says that Dino always use to say he couldn’t do them when he could. Jamie use to tell him to try all the time. Jamie tells him that if you keep trying eventually it’ll become comfortable. Jamie tells the others how he went back to the gym after he felt he needed to. He says he slowly got better and better and lifting more weights, going 3 days a week. He says that they need to keep going and keep trying to get bigger weights etc. John says that he used to like going to the gym by himself, but he wouldn’t mind going with a partner now. Jamie is back talking about nominations. He says that he was called out last twice now on the list of nominees. John thinks it’s to build the suspense and get the suprise reaction. Ash says he’ll definitely get a membership when he gets out wherever he is. They make comment that they think they have all improved with the weights. Jamie says that if he went a week without weights he would get skinny as. Comm break.

1:48am: Boys are in the bathroom just getting ready for bed. They head to the bedroom. Lights are out in the bedroom. Everyone now seems settled in bed and the room is silent. At 1:51am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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