Day 51 Uplate

11:38pm: Katie and Jamie are doing the dishes together. Jamie says that they will see people for who they are. They seem to be talking about someone in particular. Katie says she wants to go to the rewards room, and Jamie says that they will get it this weekend. Katie says that if John won, he would try to give it to them, but Jamie says that BB wouldn’t let them. Katie decides to make a deal with Jamie – saying that if one of them goes, the other should try to get evicted the week after. Katie seems to have been joking, but Jamie says that he would try to get evicted if Katie had gone. He says he would have so much fun doing it, because he would know that there was a reason behind it. Katie likes the plan. Katie says that Mikey got people to vote for him. Katie asks Jamie if he wants to stay to the end. Jamie says no, not really anymore. Katie says that Jamie is stronger than he thinks, and says that he will always have John to talk to. Katie thinks she might go back to bed after Aerobics tomorrow. Jamie says they should just go all badass. Katie says she is upset because her mates voted for her. Jamie says that they aren’t her mates, he says he doesn’t like any of them. He says the people he nominates, he doesn’t like. He says they aren’t his friends anymore, any of them. Katie tells him to be careful. Katie says she thinks they have signed their death warrants tonight, Jamie saying “looking like dickheads.” They really seem depressed. They talk about how Jamie has stacked the dishes and other useless stuff. Katie says that there is one person here who doesn’t like them. Jamie says he knows. David walks out from the diary room, and Katie wonders if he had a cry. Dave says he didn’t. Katie says she’ll go in there one day. David says that she doesn’t need to because everyone loves her out here. They talk about something they’ve just cooked or something. David says that when he was shopper chef, he never made this much mess. Jamie agrees. Katie says that at the end of the week they’ve been here for 8 weeks. David says he’s been here for long enough.

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