Day 46 Uplate

11:22pm: Jamie and Katie are discussing manners. Jamie says that with his ex girlfriend, and he was at her place, his ex’s mum thought Jamie was too nice, but when they were at Jamie’s house, his mum thought the ex wasn’t polite enough. Katie says that she likes her already. Katie tells Jamie not to be polite to her, because she thinks of it as being fake. She clarifies that she thinks being too polite is seen as being fake. Jamie says that he wouldn’t change it. Katie asks if he’ll changed it towards her. Jamie says that he doesn’t even understand what she is saying. They keep talking in circles for a bit, then Katie says that she offered him her food or something. Very strange conversation. Katie wonders if Jamie is pissed off or angry. He says not at all, saying he doesn’t think he is overly nice. Katie says she worded it better talking about it to Dani. Katie says that they should agree to disagree. Katie says she probably looks so rude right now. Katie says she was bought up right though, please and thankyou and clean the dishes etc. Jamie says that he tries to get in first when thanking people for a meal or something because he doesn’t like people saying “Oh, this is lovely blah blah.” Katie wonders if he is like this on the outside. Jamie wonders if Katie thinks that he isn’t nice on the outside because he says he has had lots of different chicks. Katie says not to worry about anything, and says “you know what I mean.” Katie says that this is a conversation, not a fight. Jamie says he doesn’t know when his integrity came into question. Katie says she shouldn’t have bought it up. Jamie says that she changed the conversation. Katie says she doesn’t want Jamie to be fake, but then says “you can’t be fake 24/7”. Katie says “you can tell me to shut up at anytime.” Comm break.

11:36pm: Back to the spa. Jamie is starting to get angry. He asks Katie if she is asking him if he is being fake in here. Katie says that he can’t be fake in here. Jamie says he doesn’t know whether he should be mildly amused or really hurt by all this. Katie says she shouldn’t have bought it up, she doesn’t think he is fake. A bit of silence in the spa now. Katie says she knows he’s a good person. Katie wonders whether to leave him by himself. Jamie says he has nothing to say. Jamie looks really upset by all this. Katie asks him what he thinks of her. Jamie says everything is fine. Katie says she won’t bring up anything like that again. Jamie says she should bring it up though. Jamie says that he didn’t think he would have his personality questioned, especially from Katie. Jamie tells Katie about a month ago that Dave asked him if he was always this nice or was he playing the game. Jamie says he was really pissed off at that. Jamie thinks that others should act as he does. He only wants to be treated as he would treat them. He says he has a bitch in the diary room so he can come back out and try to be nice to everyone again. Katie says that she is not wanting him to change, but she has to be sure that this is the real “Jamie”. Katie says she has a lot of time to think in this place, and she had thought about it. Jamie says he doesn’t like being questioned like this. Katie again suggests they just drop it. Jamie says “OK.” Jamie says she has pretty much striked at the core. Katie says thats just her, she can’t start really liking someone without knowing the whole truth. She says she doesn’t want to be completely heartbroken to find that he’s a tool on the outside world. Comm break.

11:55pm: In the bedroom with Gaelan and Krystal on a bed. Now cut to outside the diary room with Claire and Dani. Dani says she has had an alright day today. Claire goes somewhere and Dani is left by herself. Cut to the small bedroom again, Rob is talking about his step parent or something? He says that someone slapped him or something, and he really wanted to slap her back. Claire comes over to Krystal and Gaelan and starts planning a shopping spree in Melbourne or something. Dani is talking to Katie, with Katie filling her in on the outside convo with Jamie. Katie says “well I wasn’t going to stay in the spa by myself.” Just then we hear Camilla call out to Gaelan “Hey Gaelan, do you spend much time with your dad?”. Gaelan’s reply is “My dad’s dead.” We cut away at that moment out to the kitchen, where John, Ashley and Dave are. Talking about upper class people I think. Bit of mentioning of Noosa and Byron Bay. We cut back to the bedroom though. Lots of convo’s going on, very hard to figure out whats going on. Now, Katie heads to the sauna where Jamie is. Katie says she said it bad last time. Jamie nods. Katie says she just had to be sure he wasn’t being fake. Katie says she wants to trust him. Jamie says he can’t do ‘this’ any other way. Comm break.

12:07am: Jamie is saying he is scared to commit to people, and he’ll hang out with friends more. He says he wears his heart on his sleeve. He says he knows Katie is worried because of this, because he seems to distance himself from a relationship. He says that he can understand why she doesn’t ‘trust’ him, but he says she has nothing to worry about and that he really is trying this time. Jamie says he feels like crap sometimes because he knows he has to prove it to Katie. Mike cuts in. Out of the sauna when we return. They hug. Jamie wonders why they do this all the time. Jamie says that he thinks they are in the same boat sometimes. He expands by saying that he has things that Katie does which bother him, but he doesn’t want to tell Katie because then she’ll try to stop that and she won’t be herself. Jamie says he isn’t the jealous type. Katie says that he hangs around Dani heaps. Jamie says he doesn’t. Katie says that they aren’t getting into another fight though. Katie tells Jamie that he is perfect and that she wouldn’t think of anyone else as more than a friend while she had him. Jamie says that if he didn’t whinge with Katie he would go insane. Katie again apologises for bringing it up, saying she doesn’t want to change him either. Katie says that she can’t explain stuff as well as Jamie can put things. She says that he is pretty! Katie wants to have a shower, but Jamie wants to say something else. Katie interrupts that by kissing him. Jamie says that he worries sometimes when Katie says that he is ‘too nice.’ Jamie says that when people say that he feels like walking out there and picking an argument. Katie says she understands that nothing really pisses him off like she gets. Comm break.

12:29am: Jamie and Katie are in the bathroom chatting still. Katie says she is insecure and impolite. She says that Jamie is nice. Into the bedroom to Krystal and Gaelan. They are chatting about nothing on their bed. They get under the covers and start talking under there. Back to the bathroom. Jamie says he is pretty weak, and he runs away from things. Jamie says that he thinks he is always right and he has better rules that he lives by than anyone else. Jamie says that when he finds music he likes it until it reaches radio then he hates it because ‘he found it’. Cut back to the lovefest in the bedroom. Gaelan is talking about when he was with a chick who was 28. Krystal says she has been with a guy of 26. She says he was about as immature as she is! Comm break.

12:44am: Lots of people in the small bedroom just general chatting. Ashley play fights with Dani. John and Ashley both say they haven’t seen anything scary yet at all. Back to the bathroom where they are still talking. Jamie says thats thats about all of what he can talk about himself now. Katie wonders if Jamie wants to be the person he is inside this house. He says he really does. Back to the bedroom. Krystal is telling a story with Gaelan providing hand movements from behind her. It’s quite funny. It goes on for a damn long time though. All the housemates seem entertained though. Back to JamKat. Jamie says that he does understand where she was coming from. He says it does cut him deep because his friends will be watching and they might be unhappy seeing him wanting to change his ways. Jamie says he feels a lot better having said that. He says that he was worried about telling Jamie of his past. He says he was worried about cigarettes. Back to the bedroom again. Camilla wants everyone to come down to her town for a birthday. Dave says they should make it when they are all down for the Melbourne Cup, because they are close together. Comm break.

1:00am: Everyone has just wished Dani a happy birthday, seeing it’s clocked into a new day. Big Brother must have prompted it. Jamie and Katie have also joined everyone else in the smaller bedroom. Ashley cuddelss up next to her and David comes to the rescue of Dani because she ‘doesn’t like it’. With Ash cuddled up with Dani, John starts chating up Claire. They seem to be talking about animal porn?! Claire says that Krystal is the hottest in the house. They are talking about how some people found Tilli attractive. Others start joining in on the conversation. John says he wasn’t attracted to Anna much at all. Comm break.

1:12am: Still looks like everyone is in the small bedroom making it very hard to make any sense of conversations. They seem to be playing a game or something. Ashley is called to the diary room. Katie and Dani get up and go to the kitchen. Ashley comes back with batteries and they can’t believe they have got them again. Camilla thinks they are wasting batteries. Out in the kitchen Krystal comes and joins the girls. Krystal says she wants everyone to clear out of her bedroom. Katie says they’ll all come over to her bedroom though! Dani wonders how they’ll kick everyone out, and Krystal says she’ll do it. Dani and Katie talk about the milk in the house. Ashley says he loves it. He says it tastes like mothers milk. Dani decides not to try any. Dani admits she has never tried drinking tea. Dani says that she can’t wait for tomorrow. She says she just wants some costumes and a bit of music and she’ll be happy. Jamie comes out and Dani says that he looks like Peter Pan with his hair like that. Comm break.

1:29am: All seem to be back in the smaller bedroom. Ash and Katie mucking around, and not much else. Big Brother wishes Danielle a happy birthday. Stacks on Danielle!!!! Lots of screaming, and then the lights go out! Housemates sing Happy Birthday to Dani. Housemates start flitering out of the smaller bedroom and getting ready for bed. Dani says that she is pretty excited.

1:38am: In the bedroom some of the boys are playing throwing things in the dark. They are trying to hit the pole. They are really very close to it though! They hit it a few times. They then comes out to the kitchen. John, Jamie and Ashley are there. John wants to know where Ashley put the light cube, but Ashley won’t tell him. They all seem pretty tired and are just laughing not really saying much! Cut back to the bedroom, smaller one, someone saying they are sleepy. Camilla wants to get drunk tomorrow, and Claire says she thinks they all want to. Rob is trying to find something under Krystal’s bed, perhaps those cube things. Camilla wants to know what a cocksnap is!? A few more happy birthdays for Dani. At 1:45am, Dreamworld says goodnight!

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